You’ve bagged you yourself a Spanish boyfriend or girlfriend and also you’re prepared to declare your true feelings, yet you’re unsure the the best way to perform so in your language. Never ever fear, even if it is you’re in search of a low-key phrase to signal your interest or a cool declaration of your eternal love, we can help you navigate the choppy waters of romantic in Spanish.

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Handily, or confusingly, depending on which means you look at it, Spanish has actually two paragraph that average ‘I love you’. In general, dare quiero is supplied in a slightly much more casual method (its other meaning is ‘I want you’, for this reason you are telling her love in a nice method that you desire them), conversely, te amo is much more a cool declaration the true love. Both unit volume are right for irreversible relationships.


You want to play the cool, perhaps it’s early days and you don’t want to fear them far by dropping the L-word therefore soon. Me caes bien, or ‘I favor you’ is a friendly method to display your interest without coming on as well strong. That a an excellent way to check the water and see if they prefer you back before diving into more romantic language.

Perhaps suitable phrase to whip out before you suggest or on your wedding work ‘you’re the love of mine life’ is seriously romantic and should just be used when girlfriend really are in love. Certainly not one for a first date.


This sweet phrase, an interpretation literally ‘you’re my half orange’ is the equivalent of ‘my various other half’ or ‘my heart mate’ in English and is a good line for a permanent girlfriend or boyfriend.


A Valentine’s Day clip perhaps, ‘I love friend with all of my heart’ should be booked for long-term, significant relationships. It is a deep statements of love that you don’t want to whip out too soon.


‘You look at beautiful/handsome tonight’ is a an excellent compliment because that a day early in the relationship. That doesn’t have actually creepy connotations and shows girlfriend are certainly into your partner.

OK, it’s no strictly romantic, yet you want to invite your date inside after a night out. Use this phrase, an interpretation ‘would you favor to come in?’ to signal your interest. It might innocently mean you are inviting castle in because that a drink, or hint that you have actually something else in psychic entirely, relying on how you speak it.


‘I’m crazy about you’ could not be ideal for the an initial date, however could be right to signal how solid your feelings are a few dates into your relationship.

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These renowned Spanish pet names can be used for both romantic and also familial relationships. ‘My love’, ‘my darling’ and also ‘my sky’ are some of the many regularly offered when Spaniards desire to describe their other halves.

You’re all set to take it the plunge and propose marital relationship to your significant other. This an easy phrase walk the job; currently you just need to decide wherein is the most romantic place to popular music the question…