A collection of helpful phrases in Malagasy, a Malayo-Polynesian language talked mainly in Madagascar.

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English Fiteny Malagasy (Malagasy)
Welcome Tonga soa (inf) Tonga soa e (frm)
Hello (General greeting) Manao ahoana (inf) Manao ahoana e (frm)
How are you? Fahasalamana? (inf) Manao ahoana ny fahasalamanao? (frm)
Reply come 'How space you?' Tsara fa misaotra, ary ianao?
Long time no see Ela izay a! Ela tsy nihaonana
What's your name? Iza no anaranao?
My name is ... Ny anarako dia ...
Where room you from? Avy aiza ianao?
I'm from ... Avy any kind of ...
Pleased to fulfill you Faly mahalala anao Faly mahafantatra anao
Good morning (Morning greeting) Manahoana Manahoana tompoko ô (frm) Salama Akory
Good afternoon (Afternoon greeting) Manao ahoana e
Good night (Evening greeting) Manao ahoana e
Good night Tsara mandry o Tafandria mandry Tsara mandry dia manaova nofy tsara Tafandria mandry dia manofisa tsara Tafandria mandry dia manofisa mamy
Goodbye (Parting phrases) Veloma Mandra-pihaona (see friend later); Rahampitso indray ary e (see friend tomorrow)
Good luck! Mirary soa e!
Cheers! an excellent Health! (Toasts provided when drinking) Mirary fahasalamana e!
Have a pretty day Mirary anao tontolo andro mahafinaritra
Bon appetit / have actually a pretty meal Mazotoa homana!
Bon trip / have a an excellent journey Soava dia!
Do girlfriend understand? Azonao ve?
I understand Mazava
I don't understand Tsy azoko
I don't know Tsy haiko Tsy fantatro
Please speak much more slowly Afaka miteny miadana kokoa ve ianao?
Please say the again Afaka averinao ve azafady?
Please write it down Afaka soratanao ve izany?
Do girlfriend speak English? Mahay miteny anglisy ve ianao?
Do you speak Malagasy? Mahay miteny malagasy ve ianao?
Yes, a little(reply come 'Do friend speak ...?') Kely fotsiny (ihany)
Speak come me in Malagasy
How do you to speak ... In Malagasy? Ahoana no fiteny hoe ... Amin'ny teny gasy?
Excuse me Azafady Azafady kay
How lot is this? Ohatrinona ity?
Sorry Azafady
Please Azafady
Thank you Misaotra Misaotra betsaka
Reply to say thanks to you Tsy misy fisaorana
Where's the toilet / bathroom? Aiza ny toilety? Aiza yn kabone? (mainly in the countryside)
This gentleman will pay because that everything Ny lehilahy ity mandoa vola amin'ny zavatra rehetra Ity lehilahy ity no mandoa ny zavatra rehetra Ity no mandoa ny rehetra
This lady will pay because that everything Ny vehivavy ity mandoa vola amin'ny zavatra rehetra Ity vehivavy ity no mandoa ny zavatra rehetra Ity no mandoa ny rehetra
Would you like to dance through me? Afaka entiko mandihy ve ianao?
I miss out on you Malahelo anao aho Manimanina anao aho
I love you Tiako ianao
Get fine soon Sitrana haingana Sitrana haingana e
Go away! Mandehana!
Leave me alone! Avelao ho irery aho!
Help! Mila fanampiana!
Fire! Misy might ô!
Stop! Mijanona!
Call the police! Miantsoa polisy!
Christmas greetings Mirary noely sambatra Tratry ny Krismasy Tratry ny Noely Mirary Krismasy
New Year greetings Arahaba tratry ny taona Taona vaovao tonga lafatra ho anao'
Easter greetings Tratry ny Paska
Birthday greetings Miarahaba anao nahatratra ny tsingerin-taona nahaterahanaoTratry ny tsingerin-taona nahaterahanao
Congratulations! Arahabaina!
One language is never enough
My hovercraft is full of eels

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