Saying farewell is never ever easy. What is also scarier is saying goodbye in Tagalog knowing full well that your expertise on it is still no enough! with that being said, this short article will walk girlfriend through how you have the right to express in the Tagalog language few of the typical parting words in both formal and casual contexts. Even if it is you are learning this bittersweet word as a method to connect with your friends or just mainly exhausted of saying the plain-old “goodbye,” you do not have actually to problem anymore since we gained you covered. Prepare to “Filipinize” yourself v our smart list of Tagalog sport for words “goodbye” below.

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In the Tagalog language, the most common translation because that the parting native “goodbye” is “paalam.” that is a combination of 2 words: “pa” i beg your pardon is often used to look for permission, and “alam” which directly translates in English together “to know.” next from gift an interjection, this word might be tricky because it is also used together a verb come let someone know something. Take note of the instance below:



*Note: while this is the conventional translation for “goodbye,” Filipinos seldom use this ax in daily conversation. This indigenous is handy for both formal and casual contexts.

With the being said, at any time a Filipino says “paalam” the signifies the he or she is (1) letting you know that she wants to go and also (2) is asking for her permission come go. Nevertheless of the context, the usual response for goodbye in Tagalog is “sige. Ingat ka” which way “ok. Take care!”

But that’s no all! Similar come English, over there are miscellaneous ways through which you deserve to bid taking leave in Filipino. In the coming sections of this article, we will walk you through the variations offered in formal and also casual contexts. ~ all, speak the not correct thing might actually violation someone!

For instance, if you are around to bid your boss farewell, you cannot just quickly say “sige” as that will certainly sound disrespectful and also too casual! So, you much better take keep in mind of ours list below to store yourself for sure from the feasible repercussions.

How come Say goodbye in Tagalog (Formal)

In Tagalog, there are four smart ways to say goodbye in a formal setting. Intend you have actually been reading our articles on how to say good morning or thank you in the Tagalog language, you’ll identify right away the word “po” i beg your pardon signifies that the expression is polite and also respectful. It may be supplied when conversing with older individuals and people of authority.



How come Say goodbye in Tagalog (Casual)

Of course, there are numerous times through which you need to bid farewell once conversing through close friends, relatives, and family members. To arm you up v the not blocked terms and also slangs you can use because that these situations, you can take keep in mind of our perform below.


*Note: come look much more native, you may include a rapid nod when using any of the variations over as you speak goodbye in Tagalog.

Sample scenario

Now let united state say a native suddenly comes to you for a rapid chat. A typical conversation may be structured in the style below.

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Learning basic phrases in the Tagalog language

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