Croatian joint (English come Croatian)

Croatian has no q, w, x, or y sounds, and also it also has no silent letters. Every letter in every word must be plainly pronounced. So, don’t problem too much around speed. Speak slowly and clearly, and also you’ll it is in okay.

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The letter j doubles together a ‘y’ sound, like it walk in plenty of European languages. If you view it composed anywhere, remember that a y, no a j. You’ll also see ‘Dž’ and ‘Ž’ a lot. The an initial is a kind of difficult j sound, like in ‘fudge’.

The latter is a soft j or z sound, similar to in ‘pleasure’. One last point to remember: the letter c by chin is a ‘ts’ sound, no a ‘k’ sound. Remember these pronunciation rules and you’ll be fine!

Here, you can find a perform of Croatian words v audio.

Basic Greetings in Croatian

Knowing these basic Croatian phrases and also words method you’ll have the ability to say hello and also goodbye to anyone you meet, make friends much more easily, and seem an ext approachable come locals. Being able to blend in is better for everyone, and also you have the right to do the with just these couple of words.

Hello – Bok

Good morning – Dobro jutro

Good day – Dobar dan (the most typical phrase and the one I constantly use)

Good evening – Dobra večer

Goodbye – Dovidenja


Basic Croatian Phrases

Adding a tiny politeness and also friendliness to her greetings and also farewells have the right to go a long way. If you’re walk to it is in visiting the very same shop or coffee shop a few times, you’ll want to it is in friendly with the staff, so walk in v a few friendly basics!

Yes – Da

No – Ne

How room you? – Kako si?

What’s her name? – Kako se zoveš?

Nice to fulfill you – Drago mi je

Sorry – Žao mi je

Excuse me – Oprostite

Please – Molim

Thank you – Hvala (definitely learn this one!)

I nothing understand – Ne razumijem

Do you speak English – Govorite li engleski?

Where can I discover the toilets? – Gdjeje zahod?


This is one the you hopefully won’t need, yet you’ll be glad to have actually it if you do! rather often, we can forget to discover information about medical aid (like each country’s emergency number) yet it’s for this reason worth knowing these points if ever before you need them!

Help! – U pomoć!

Fire – Požar

Stop! – Stani!

Call the police! – Pozovite policiju!

Go away! – Pustite me na miru!


Basic Croatian for Eating and Ordering Food

When you go to a restaurant, a many questions can obtain thrown earlier and forth, so these phrases can save friend a huge headache when you get to a coffee shop or restaurant.

And if you out through friends and family or you satisfy some locals the you desire to eat and drink with, remember to say ‘Živjeli!’ as soon as you begin drinking. This is the Croation variation of ‘cheers!’ and also roughly translates to ‘good health!’

Can I watch a menu please? – Mogu li dobiti jelovnik?

I’m a vegetarian – Ja sam vegetarijanac

How much is it? – Koliko je to?

Can I obtain the bill/cheque please? – Mogu li dobiti račun?

That was great! – Sve je bilo odlično!

Breakfast – Doručak

Lunch – Ručak

Dinner – Večera

Water – Voda

Wine – Vino (you’ll desire to psychic this one)

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Whether you in a vehicle or on foot, questioning for directions can solve friend a many confusion and also wasted time. Fortunately, you only need the questions, due to the fact that answers room usually given with a most hand signals.

How perform I get to the…? – Kako ču doci do…?

Could friend tell me wherein … is? – Możete li mi reci gdje je …?

Left – Lijevo

Right – Desno

Train station – Żeljeznička stanica

Bus station – Auto busna stanica

Airport – Aerodrom

Museum – Musej



Shopping is a pretty minimal thing, and also you can acquire by through a ‘thank you’ / hvala. But here room some useful phrases simply in case.

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How much is this? – Koliko je to?

I want to to buy this – Żelim platiti

Keep the change– Zadrżite

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Croatian Numbers

Numbers are offered everywhere, indigenous ordering in ~ a restaurant to prices in a shop or as soon as buying tickets right into a museum or top top a bus.