How come say cute in French? There space plenty of vocabulary you can use, but which one is ideal for your situation?

Do you want to speak a baby is cute? unique cute? Or room you talking around someone that is.. Sexy cute? perform you desire to be charming while saying it? Formal? or funny?

How carry out you speak cute in French then? Well, let’s uncover out, shall we?

In this article, I’m giving you plenty of examples, in context! for the pronunciation, friend can likewise follow this video. Over there is an ext vocabulary native in the article, for this reason make sure to check out too.

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Author : Marie Drouvin

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Cute in French : Mignon

The very first way come say cute in French, and also the many standard method is mignon.

In most case you would usage cute in English, you can use mignon in French.

Tu es mignon : You space cute

Mignon is actually the masculine kind of the noun. It’s the one you room going come use through masculine gender words – prefer bébé because that example.

Le bébé est mignon. : The infant is cute.

No issue the sex that the baby, if it’s a boy or a girl – the noun bébé is masculine.

And for this reason you’ll use the masculine variation of the adjective mignon.

We’ll watch the feminine variation in a minute.

But, prior to that, you’re also going to usage the masculine variation for situations.

C’était mignon. : It to be cute.

Any sentence you’ll begin with c’est or c’était.

And, finally, if you want to describe a group – as lengthy as there is at least one masculine or one masculine gender word in the team – you’ll usage the mrs mignon.

In the many – mignonS.

Vous êtes mignons. : girlfriend (plural) space cute.

Ma soeur et mon frère sont mignons. : mine sister and my brother are cute.

Now, you’re walking to need the feminine variation of mignon too.

Mignonne : cute (feminine)

You’re walk to use it to describe women or girls.

Tu es mignonne : You room cute (here you are certainly addressing a mrs or a girl)

But you’re likewise going to usage the feminine version of cute through nouns that are of the feminine grammar gender.

For example: fille (daughter), fourchette (fork), jambe (leg), tasse (cup),…

Sa petite fille est mignonne. : Her small daughter is cute.

J’ai acheté une tasse supervisor mignonne. : i bought a supervisor cute cup.

Another situation where you’d use the feminine version is because that groups created of only females or grammar feminine words.

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For example: a group of cup (des tasses), a team of girls (des filles), or 2 legs (deux jambes).