There are many words for "correct" including 改める, 正す, 訂する, but it"s not clear when to use those words or which is "correct" in this context.

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文章を<直>{なお}してください is fine. You can also say 書いた文を<訂正>{ていせい}してください because 訂正 gets used a lot and implies that you gotta correct something. You don"t use <正>{ただ}す, <訂>{てい}する in daily speech and <改>{あらた}める is used for intangible things like behavior or speech.

PS for the Korean version look at the very bottom of this page.


<訂正>{ていせい} means fix an error and implies that you know there is some error. When a worker creates a piece of work (designs a poster, writes a manual, makes an excel spreadsheet) and you find an error, you can tell them to「訂正してください」 which is the same as 「直してください」

<添削>{てんさく}, recommended in the comments, means to go over someone"s writing and correct it if necessary, and may apply to your case. You can use it for written papers and exams, but not for math tests (where the error would be a math error as opposed to spelling or grammar)

If you are not sure which to go for, I suggest saying something more general like


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