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these days, if you travel to Ireland, you"ll uncover that practically everyone speak English. However, traditionally, a variety of the Celtic people, an ethnolinguistic team who can be discovered in Wales, Scotland and Ireland, speak another language, recognized as Gaelic.

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Gaelic is an old language, and there room fewer 보다 75,000 speaker worldwide. However it"s a funny language to learn and also if you take trip to a Gaelic-speaking area, it deserve to be advantageous to know how to say part words, such as a classic Gaelic farewell.

Facts around the Gaelic Language

When human being think the "Gaelic" or "Irish" your mind could go come four-leaf clovers and scenes from game of Thrones. Yet it"s much an ext complex, and the history is fascinating. The Gaelic language is a Celtic language, i beg your pardon is a language family members that includes Indo-European, Romance and Germanic languages. The language originated from the Gaels people, a subgroup that the Celts, who pertained to Ireland and also then traveled to Scotland whereby they to be natives in mainland Europe.

These days, the 2 main varieties of Gaelic language space Scottish Gaelic and Irish. Although in ~ one allude the Gaelic language talked in Scotland and also Ireland were an ext or less the same, there"s a lot of of debate if they can still be referred to as the same language today.

While part people think that Irish and also Scottish Gaelic are simply various dialects, others think that castle are completely different languages, and also a speak from one might not be able to understand a speaker from another.

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Scottish Gaelic Goodbye

Now the you know that both Scottish and also Irish Gaelic space different, it"s essential to recognize that also the most an easy words, like "goodbye" may not be the same in both languages. In Scottish Gaelic, come say "Goodbye," you deserve to say "mar sin leat" which should be pronounced as "mar shin lat." note that this is an informal way of speak "farewell."

"Goodbye" in irish Pronunciation

To say goodbye in ireland (otherwise periodically referred to as "Irish Gaelic" yet never by the Irish), is "slán" which can be pronounced favor "slown" v a spicy accent ~ above the start "sl" sound. Literally, "slán" converts to "safe." It"s a much shorter version that the entire phrase "slán abhaile" (pronounced "sloan ah-bai-yeh") which converts to "safe home." speak the reduce version instead is prefer saying "bye" vs. "goodbye."

Other traditional Gaelic Farewells

In enhancement to the an easy farewells in Scottish Gaelic and also Irish, over there are numerous other ways to to speak goodbye in this languages:

Scottish Gaelic:

beannachd leat: equates to "see you" or "blessings be through you" beannachd leibh: converts to "farewell" or "blessings be v you." soraidh: equates to "goodbye" or "see you later."


Slán agat: pronounce "slawn agut." This is a method to speak goodbye come someone who is staying at the place you are about to leave. Slánleat:Pronounced "slawn lyet." This is a method to to speak goodbye come someone the you will just be far from because that a little while. Something like, "see girlfriend soon" or "see you in a bit." Slán go fóill: express "slawn guh-foyl." This is a means to say goodbye to someone that converts to "safety because that a while" or miscellaneous like, "hope to see you soon" or "I can"t wait to see you again!"

How to learn Gaelic

If you"d like to learn much more than just these traditional Gaelic phrases, climate you should think about taking a class in the language, one of two people by moving to Ireland or Scotland wherein these languages space still spoken to some degree. Girlfriend can also take the end some publications from the library or clock YouTube lessons online. Because many people think that this languages room dying, it"s best to begin the language sooner 보다 later.