This was a great reader inquiry on Haitian creolian words they have the right to teach their child their family’s native language.

My father and also his whole side of my family members are Haitian. Unfortunately he didn’t teach me or my siblings the language so we have had to try to find out on our own. I just had my baby and I desire to talk to my boy strictly in creole. There space a few things that i say come him in English ns would prefer to know exactly how to speak them in creole.

30 creolian Phrases because that Parents come Speak through their Children

30 Haitian creole Phrases for her Baby

1. Those wrong? – Kisa kap fe ou mal?2. Room you ok? — Èske ou byen?3. Are you sleepy? — Èske ou gen dòmi?4. Did girlfriend poop/pee? — Èske ou dare poupou / pipi?5. Space you hungry/ thirsty? — Èske ou grangou / swaf dlo?6. Is everything ok? — Tout bagay ok?7. Concerned mom/dad. — Vin jwenn manman / papa.8.Go to mom/dad. — Ale jwenn manman / papa9. Perform you require a diaper change? — Èske ou bezwenn chanjman daypè?10. The time to adjust your diaper. — Li lè pou chanje daypè ou.11. It’s time come eat. — Li lè pou manje.12. It’s time for a nap. — Li lè pou dòmi.13. That time because that bed. — Li lè pou kouche.14. The time for a bath. — Li lè pou beneyn.15. Do you want milk? — Èske ou vle lèt?16. Room you finished? — Èske ou fini?17. Permit me wash your hair — kite m ‘lave cheve ou.18. Stop crying, whatever will be ok. — Sispann kriye, tout bagay anfom.19. Say “mom/dad” — Di “manman / papa”20. Provide mom/dad a kiss. — bay manman / papa yon bo21. Give mom/dad a hug. — bay manman / papa yon akolad.22. Look at mom/dad. — Gade manman / papa.23. Look at the…. — Gade nan ….24. Do you desire your pacifier? — Èske ou vle souson ou?25. Carry out you desire to play? — Èske ou vle jwe?26. It’s time come read. — Li lè pou li.27. I love you my tiny King — Mwen renmen ou ti wa mwen28. I’m sorry — Mwen dezole29. How are you? — Kijan ou ye?30. What happened? — Kisa ki car pase?

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