Map reset script

This is a user runnable manuscript that will reset your map to one of the starter maps for the modpack you space playing. That achieves this by backing increase or deleting the current civilization folder and then make a copy of among the starter maps.Here"s an instance of the maps which have resetable maps:

The AftermathAgrarian SkiesAgrarian Skies 2Project Ozone2BeehappyCrash LandingGalactic Science

Here"s an instance for resetting maps top top Agrarian Skies 2


Running the script

Run the manuscript by going to the Console in the Multicraft control Panel, typing in the command and hitting go into or clicking ‘Send’.

The command is in the complying with format (examples are additional below):

builtin:script resetmap <-d|-b MAPTOKEN>Options:-b back-up existing ‘world’ folder-d Delete currently ‘world’ folder


Here space the MAPTOKENs because that Agrarian Skies 2. You deserve to reproduce this perform in the console by running the command with no arguments:

builtin:script resetmapTOKENMap Name
BONI_NORMALboni – Normal
SWEET_EASYSweetReminice – Easy
MYST_NORMALMyst_Plazas – Normal
MORVY_NORMALMorvy head – Normal
DEFAULT_PLATFORMDefault communication – Normal
If there is a problem you should get an error message. If you obtain the command syntax incorrect, it will either offer an error or just present the MAPTOKEN list.

Reset the map and backup her old world (Using SweetReminice together an example)

builtin:script resetmap -b SWEET_EASYThis will:

Stop the serverRename the ‘world’ folder on her server come ‘world_DATETIME.backup’, whereby DATETIME is the date and also time the the backup is made in the style YYYYMMDD_HHMMSSCreate a new ‘world’ folderSet the people name ~ above the control panel to ‘world’Copy the contents of the ‘SweetReminice – Easy’ folder into the ‘world’ folder

Delete the map and backup her old world (Using SweetReminice as an example)

builtin:script resetmap -d SWEET_EASYThis will:

Stop the serverDelete the ‘world’ folder on your serverCreate a new ‘world’ folderSet the human being name ~ above the regulate panel come ‘world’Copy the components of the ‘SweetReminice – Easy’ folder right into the ‘world’ folder

If you are still having troubles with resetting a map contact support.