Although we"d love for everyone to be able to keep playing v us, we know that there might come a time when you"d like to delete your account. In this article, we"ll summary the actions you"ll must follow to submit an account deletion request, and give girlfriend a tiny bit an ext information about the process.

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Before we get started, if you would favor to submit a inquiry to delete a football Stars account, please follow the steps in exactly how to delete your Soccer Stars account.

Submitting your request

If girlfriend would prefer to delete your account you will need to send a request via our internet Form. By letting us know specifically what you require from the alternatives provided, we"re able to acquire the process started faster.


Verifying you as the account owner

For us to be able to continue, you will additionally have to send united state some security details from her account, which will permit us come verify you together the account owner.

Security is really important come us and also we need to be absolutely certain you room the owner of her account before we have the right to proceed with any kind of requests. Since of that, please make sure that you store track of all your vital details so that if needed, we"re may be to easily verify her identity.

The details we call for for the deletion procedure are:

Game name:Email address of her account (if applicable):Nickname:Your country and also state/province:Approximate date of development of this account:The factor for your request come delete your profile:If you made purchases, please send a receipt of your last purchase.

If her account is connected with Facebook, we additionally suggest the you send united state your on facebook ID. Please check out our other short article “How to discover your on facebook ID” for additional instructions.

The account deletion process

The deletion process normally is composed of the complying with steps:

REQUEST: you, the player, send united state a request informing that you would choose to delete your account and administer the details requested above.VALIDATION: the team member cross-checks your information with our interior database. If the data matches, us initiate the deletion procedure and notify you the the deletion has actually started.DELETION: every the documents of your account will certainly be deleted.FINAL NOTIFICATION: when the deletion process has been deleted, we notify you that the procedure has been finished.

Additional points come remember about the process:

Once the deletion procedure has started, it is not possible to publication the request and the account will certainly be deleted.We try to delete your account as soon as possible but in any type of case, we will carry out our best to finalise the deletion in ~ 30 days. We will keep you to update if we need to expand this for any kind of reason.

Extra details to keep in mind

Unless the account you space requesting come delete is one old account the is associated with several gamings (i.e 8 ball Pool and Soccer Stars), we will certainly delete only the game account the you request united state to delete.

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Deleting your account will certainly fullyerase all records of its visibility from our system. That is not possible to recoup the account as soon as the deletion procedure has finished.Please note that few of our partner may proceed to process your data for their own purposes in accordance through their own policies (e.g. If you determined to accessibility our games through facebook or Google). Please contact them straight if you likewise wish come delete your documents with them.This process does no delete the game from your mobile device - you"ll should do that yourself. If you open the game again native your an equipment and start playing, a brand-new game account will be created and also if the attach from Google or on facebook was not damaged from your side, the new account might connect with facebook or Google.

For a much more detailed explanation that what happens v your data and some generally asked questions, please visit Permanent Deletion the my game account - What does it mean?

We hope that this has simplified the deletion process. If friend have additional questions, you re welcome don"t hesitation to get in touch with us. If you"d ever before like to begin playing again, merely redownload or reopen the game and start fresh!