Most toilet paper holders are held in place with screws that are hidden from view at first glance. If your toilet paper holder extends from the wall, look on the underside of the mounts. Typically, there will be screw holes visible. You can loosen these screws with a small Allen wrench or screwdriver. Recessed toilet paper holders typically have screws behind the roll of toilet paper that attach to a wall stud. Ceramic toilet paper holders are commonly glued to the wall and must be removed by cutting through the adhesive with an oscillating tool.

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How Do You Remove a Toilet Paper Holder with Hidden Screws?

You can access most hidden screws on toilet paper holders from the underside of the toilet paper mount. However, some are hidden in other areas. First, remove the roll of toilet paper to allow a better look. Then, get down to floor level and inspect the underside of the mount. Is there a visible hole in the underside of the mount? The screw is located there.

Remove the toilet paper roll and holder rod.Inspect the holder mounts carefully, including the underside of the mounts.Look for a hole or visible screw head.Once you find the screw hole or head, use an Allen wrench or screwdriver to loosen the screw.Tilt the mount forward to remove it from the wall bracket.Unscrew the wall bracket from the wall.If there are no screw holes, your holder may be glued to the wall.

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Once you’ve located the hidden screws, the job gets easier. Experiment with this Allen wrench set or a small screwdriver to find what fits the screw head. Turn the screw counterclockwise to loosen it. Then, the mount should come free of the wall mount. Most wall mounts are affixed to the wall with visible screws. Remove these screws. Then, the work is done.