The KONG Laser Cat Toy takes button cell LR44 batteries. They are contained with the toy and additionally pretty basic to change down the road.

by top top Oct 11, 2017 Report

The silver switch will must be pressed come activate the laser toy.

by on Aug 14, 2018 Report

The battery compartment have the right to be found on the ago of this laser cat toy. The battery door must slide down with the use of your thumb to open, by using some pressure and also sliding it off. Us do indicate holding that vertically when doing so, as otherwise the keychain can acquire in the way.

by top top Jul 8, 2021 Report

I chosen the little mouse shaped toys that it seems to be ~ to last forever. Ten hrs on 3 batteries, seems choose it will burn the end quick! have the right to anyone discuss battery life? us play around 15 minute every night! Thats only 40 job!

For consistent light up this toy requires the silver button to remain pressed.

through ~ above Nov 22, 2019 Report


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