Imagine something for this reason delightful the your tastebuds literally give thanks to you for eternity. Yeah, you"re tasting a crepe. Crepes are kind of like a cross between a pancake and also a tortilla. They"re thin, you can fill them v just about anything, and also they can either be sweet or salty—it"s all up to you! But, how do friend actually pronounce "crepe" anyway? 

Now, I understand what you"re thinking. How can something therefore perfect stir up so much controversy? People throughout the unified States simply cannot pertained to a conclusion. Is that "crape," "creep" or "crehp?" Or is the something totally wild and also French sounding? Here"s how to pronounce "crepe" for this reason you deserve to stop arguing about it.

What space Crepes?

Hailey Maher

First off, you shouldn"t be ordering crepes at a restaurant if friend don"t understand what lock are. As previously mentioned, they"re quite delicious no matter what you"re craving. My an individual favorite crepe is the Nutella flavor. The rich, chocolatey goodness will certainly lighten any kind of mood and also leave you running back for more.

For a simpler option, many people like lemon juice and also sugar on their crepe. Wanting something much more savory? No worries. Friend can even get ham and also cheese top top a crepe. The options are truly limitless, definition you have the right to enjoy this treat because that breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack time! So go ahead, reap those caramelized apologize crepes, blueberry lemon crepes, and even vegan crepes. 

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The beginning of Crepes

Amelia Hitchens

The French certainly did us a solid by inventing crepes ago in the 12th century. Ever since then, crepes have actually been appreciated in France and around the world. But, together food travels approximately the world, for this reason do civilization with different ways the pronouncing various words. 

I an initial started love crepes when I spent a semester in France critical year, and let me phone call ya, my people was be crazy upside under by this things. I just couldn"t get enough of them. Luckily because that me, my French professor totally prepared me for ordering crepes in ~ restaurants and also cafés. All I had to to speak was, "je voudrais une crêpe." simple right? but I had actually to beg the question, how do ns pronounce "crepe?"

What"s The Verdict?

Nikki Kasal

The reality is, Americans are saying the WRONG. Every time friend order a "crape," "creep" or "crap" in ~ Bob Evans, your waitress will certainly understand, yet a Frenchman somewhere is shaking his head in disbelief. In order to please any kind of Frenchman, express "crepe" choose "crehp."

Not fairly convinced? Well trust me, as soon as you recognize the truth, it"s tough to let the go. One time I actually ordered a "crehp" at Bob Evans and also the waitress literally request me if I supposed "crape" favor "crAAApe?" the being said, this much more accurate pronunciation can take some obtaining used to.

Marie Chantal Marauta

Now that you know just how to express "crepe," don"t be fear to display off your skills the following time friend order in ~ a restaurant or café. ~ all, the French will be proud, and also you get to gain a crepe.

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It"s a win-win. No must thank me. I"m just trying to make the world a much better place, one crepe in ~ a time.