Do you want to learn some vacation songs top top the recorder?Are you in search of fun ways to enhance your recorder-playing skills?Jingle Bells is a forever-popular tune many students love discovering to pat on the recorder. It has actually some complicated parts come it, which is why I decided to think back over my year of to teach music and also recorder to help you out v the Jingle Bells recorder sheet music and instructions on exactly how to beat it. The solder Bells notes for recorder uses the notes D, E, G, A, B, C, high D, and high E. The rhythms room simple, however the leaps in the melody make this a fairly challenging Christmas song. Let’s dive right into the melody and how to play it. Warning! Cambridge released an article detailing the vacation song’s questionable background as a Minstrel song. For this reason, ns don’t recommend to teach it in schools any type of longer. 
Jingle Bells Recorder NotesJingle Bells Recorder sheet MusicHow come Play solder Bells ~ above The Recorder#1 grasp The very first 2 Measures#2 C-B convert Time#3 Repeat but Note The Ending#4 put The Chorus Together#5 practice The Leaps#6 put Them with each other One at A Time#7 first Run that The Verse#8 2nd Ending that The Verse#9 placed The verse Together#10 perform The entirety Song! Final Thoughts

Jingle Bells Recorder Notes

The note on the recorder for this Christmas tune are the toughest component of discovering it. The rhythms aren’t hard, and the students recognize the melody so well from just listening come it over the years, they’ll have the ability to pick it up pretty quickly, as long as castle know exactly how the note go. The recorder note are: DEGABCHigh DHigh EMost the the notes space easy. Usage the starting person recorder fingering chart at the finish of this ar to aid learn them if you don’t already. The trickiest note below will it is in high E. To pat high E, you should finger a low E with a twist. The front fingers are the same. You’ll covering the 1, 2, 3 holes with your left hand and also the 4, 5 holes with your appropriate hand. Your thumb is still on the ignorance hole, but to do a note jump up an octave, you’ll need to use the half-hole technique. Cover only fifty percent the hole v your thumb. This might take practice to perfect, however move your thumb off the hole slowly and slightly intensify her air till the keep in mind jumps up. Take the moment to run from low E come high E simply by relocating your thumb. This will assist in the long run. 

image basic recorder fingering chart

Jingle Bells Recorder paper Music

Take a look at the paper music because that the recorder in this section. Take note of the different sections and their labels. The labels in this example are because that helping v the practice procedures in the directions of the following section. The notation is courtesy the, which you should inspect out! 

How come Play jingle Bells top top The Recorder

In this section, I’ll go over the step I take to teach this song to others (when I supplied to teach it). Reference the paper music as regularly as needed. If girlfriend want an ext holiday song on recorder, check out the Recorder Christmas tunes book. It has actually a ton of fun songs, and each song has actually the letters composed right into the keep in mind heads for simpler reading and also learning. 

#1 grasp The very first 2 Measures

The very first two steps are quite simple, for this reason let’s begin with a win. The tricky part is going native B-D-G-A. Practice this component slowly and get it solid. It shows up a couple of times, so it’s worth it to invest the time making sure it’s solid. 

#2 C-B switching Time

Now, we’re looking in ~ the next parts. At this point, C come B convert is most likely pretty easy for you. If it’s not, slowly alternate between C and B to acquire that feeling down solid in your fingers. 

#3 Repeat however Note The Ending

After this, the whole thing repeats…except the ending. Take a look at the finishing of the repetition. It practically seems stepwise, yet you’re skipping B. In fact, this was just how I very first learned it together a kid. D-D-C-A-G. 

#4 placed The Chorus Together

Before moving on come the verse, you should make certain the chorus is solid. Start slow and also make certain each fingering is sure, and also each keep in mind sounds good. Small mistakes now will turn into huge mistakes once you placed the whole song together. Some human being stop here with finding out the song. That’s OK. The city gets lot harder, so if this is every you’re able come play, don’t worry. For civilization who want to understand the entirety song or want a challenge, stop step right into the verse. 

#5 exercise The Leaps

The leaps are the hardest part of the verse in my endure teaching this song. We’re now in the B section. At the begin of each measure up is a two-note leap. Practice this leaps just until you’re comfortable with them. 

#6 placed Them with each other One in ~ A Time

Now, take each measure up one in ~ a time. Slowly placed the leaps along with the diminish pattern. Don’t relocate on to the next measure till you pat the current one good 4 times in a row. Move ~ above the following measure and also do the very same thing till you complete the very first ending. 

#7 first Run of The Verse

Starting slow-moving and speeding up on repetitions, beat the verse with the an initial ending. Make certain it’s heavy here, and you play through confidence. This may take part time to master, yet once you do, your project is virtually done. 

#8 2nd Ending of The Verse

The whole verse repeats! If you spent the time mastering the vault steps, you’re nearly done. The only thing that alters is the 2nd ending. Practice this part until you’ve acquired it down. 

#9 placed The city Together

Now, pat the whole verse v the an initial and second endings. If you spent time making certain the earlier steps were excellent correctly, this should be easy. 

#10 execute The whole Song! 

Now, that time come play the entirety song! You may want come go v it once or twice, saying and also showing the fingerings very first before you in reality play it. Congrats! you learned just how to play solder Bells on the recorder. For those that prefer finding out visually, check out this video: 

Final Thoughts

I expect you uncovered the instructions and Jingle Bells recorder paper music helpful. The high E and the jumping of the notes make this song rather challenging, however if you just play the chorus, it’s not bad at all. If you want to discover the entirety song, simply take her time and also be patient. Practice makes progress. 
Zach VanderGraaffZach VanderGraaff is a K-5 music teacher with Bay City Public institutions in Michigan. He"s a Past-President that the Michigan Kodaly Educators and also Executive Secretary the the Midwest Kodaly Music Educators Association.

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