Gardening in the Sims 3 is a skill for planting seeds and also growing produce. You can sell the fruits (and vegetables) of her labor,with the hardest-to-grow plants being more valuable than others. Becoming better as a gardener can assist you flourish higher-qualityproduce. You can also use the points you prosper to chef meals.

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List of Plants

NameLevelRarityWhere come FindExpansion Pack
Apple Tree0uncommonSeeds, apple tree on various other lots, apples native supermarket
Cherimola Blan Grapes0commonWorld Adventures
Grapevine0commonSeeds, grapevines on various other lots, grapes from the supermarket
Lettuce0commonSeeds, lettuce tree on various other lots, lettuce indigenous the grocery store store
Renoit Grapes0commonWorld Adventures
Tomato0commonTomatoes native the store, tomato seeds
Avornalino Grapes5commonWorld Adventures
Lime5uncommonLimes native the store, unknown usual seeds
Meloire Grapes5uncommonWorld Adventures
Onion5uncommonOnions from the store, unknown common seeds
Plum5uncommonWorld Adventures
Pomegranate5uncommonWorld Adventures

Potato5uncommonPotatoes indigenous the store, unknown typical seeds
Watermelon5uncommonWatermelons indigenous the store, unknown usual seeds
Bell Pepper7rareUnknown rare seeds, bell peppers on other lots, bell peppers from the store
Cherry7rareWorld Adventures
Cranerlet Nuala Grapes7rareWorld Adventures
Death Flower7specialGraveyard, fishing, scientific research career opportunity, unknown unique seeds
Flame Fruit7specialUnknown special seeds, catacombs, scientific research career opportunity
Garlic7rareUnknown rarely seeds, garlic native the store
Gralladina Fran Grapes7rareWorld Adventures
Life Plant7specialUnknown distinct seeds, gardening opportunity, science career opportunity
Money Tree7specialUnknown distinct seeds, fishing, criminal job opportunity
Pomelo7rareWorld Adventures
Cheese8specialCheese from the store, cheese from other Sims" refrigerators
Egg8specialEggs native the store
Burger Patty9specialBurger patties indigenous the store, citizens patties from various other Sims" refrigerators
Steak9specialSteak native the store
Omni Plant10specialAfter completing The Omnificent plant opportunity, order seeds via the mailbox

Learning the Gardening Skill

From a book - There space a couple of gardening skill books that you have the right to read through to boost your gardening skill.Read these at the library come learn more quickly.From a class - The science facility provides a §400 course on gardening. You will rise in gardening levelafter hanging out there a while.From gardening - If you have tendency to a garden, water the plants, harvest the produce, weed plants, or do various other gardeningactivities, girlfriend will slowly increase in level. The plants that need a higher level the gardening will give you a higherskill boost when friend harvest them.

Finding ingredient to plant

You deserve to plant any kind of develop to grow a plant from it. Also, you can find seed scattered roughly town.They look at like little yellow objects ~ above the ground. They have the right to be daunting to see, so watch because that them as you play.

If you gain the arsenal Helper lifetime reward, friend can collection it to present seed locations, which provides finding seedsand various other collectibles extremely easy. Simply switch the collection Helper to show seeds, then zoom out to the mapview to see icons representing the seeds, i m sorry you deserve to instruct your center to walk to. As soon as you are close tothe seeds, they will certainly sparkle, back you have to unpause the game before they will begin sparkling.

Also, you will periodically get methods that will teach your Sim how to plant unusual things favor cheese, eggs,and steak, or will offer you rare seeds or produce.

The auto-sprinkler

To save your garden growing, you should water it. Her Sim can do this if girlfriend instruct him or her to have tendency Garden,but it takes a lot of time. To avoid having actually to do your sim water the garden, you can buy a sprinkler.However, you have to manually rotate it on and off, and while it"s ok to have actually the sprinkler going all day long, youmight gain sick the the noise. I have actually heard that having actually the sprinkler ~ above all the moment will increase your Sims"bills.

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To deal with that, if your center is handy, he or she have the right to upgrade the sprinkler to make it auto-water. Once it auto-waters,it transforms itself on in ~ 4AM and turns turn off at 7AM. This provides sure the your plants acquire watered both before and aftertheir development phase, which avoids them from ever wilting.