Note: If you carry out not remember her User i would or Password, or experience an issue signing in, see recoup Your User id or Reset her Password.

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Access the Sports and Events home window by performing the adhering to steps.

Click Products.From the drop-down menu, click TV.From the menu, click On Demand.Using the peak menu, choose Sports & Events.

Using the food selection on the left-hand next of the window, pick one of the following.

Upcoming EventsEvents top top DemandMLS direct KickMLB Extra InningsNBA organization PassNHL center Ice


Click on the occasion or sports package friend would choose to view.

If friend select…Then…

Click Order Now.Note: If you are not signed right into, you will certainly be motivated to do so.

On the details page, the present times for the event display. You have the right to place the stimulate at her convenience, or you deserve to follow the directions to Watch Now come order the event on your receiver.The price detailed on the Pay-Per-View Listings and also Details pages is not accurate for your place until you sign in v your major Account Holder username and password.


Sports PackageVerify your service deal with is correct, climate click Continue.Choose the payment an approach as a solitary payment or spread charge, climate click Select.Note: The solitary payment technique is selected by default.Click Continue to Checkout.


Follow the home window prompts come verify and also confirm her order.

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Result: her PPV occasion or sporting activities package has been included to her account. At the time of the event, tune your TV to the mentioned channel for the event noted under How come Watch.

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