The WPL file format is a record format the you room most more than likely unfamiliar with, offered that that is mostly associated with Windows, and also not the other major operating systems. In this guide, us will introduce this file format, as well as showing you how to open up it on miscellaneous devices.

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WPL files are just playlists of songs or videos that have the right to be played by windows Media Player. They have the right to be used in windows Media Player 9.0 and later. However, you have the right to open such documents using several various other applications that allow users to listen to and also view media data. Because WPL is a Microsoft proprietary format to store playlist information, the is not very common ~ above the Android, iPhone and also macOS ecosystems. However, us will show you exactly how you can easily open lock on those operation systems.


Part 2: exactly how to play WPL record on Android

By default, Android will certainly not natively assistance WPL playlist files. Yet the good news is that the Android ecosystem has actually millions of developer who space working on countless apps, which need to make recognize an application that can open WPL files easily. Android apps are also easier to install, and also you can acquire them from the Google pat Store, the developer website or even websites that specialization in Android apps. Another benefit of Android has shared storage, which means once you download the application which opens up WPL playlist videos, it will scan the whole storage because that them. If you must transfer much more WPL videos which may be contained on your computer, the process is pretty much easy too (you have the right to transfer them v Bluetooth, or through the traditional copy/ paste method using a USB syncing cable).

VLC Mobile is one Android app we would certainly recommend because that you if you have to open WPL video clip playlist files. That is a complete port that VLC media player to this platform. What that means is it have to open any video or audio container the is supported by the desktop version of VLC, in this case, it must open WPL documents without issues. It will support network streaming, including HLS. That will support subtitles, even if it is they are embedded or external. The coolest function is the audio equalizer and also filter. There space many much more features built right into this app. To open WPL playlist records on Android, follow the easy procedures below.


Step 1: Download and install VLC Mobile indigenous the Google play Store, the developer website or any participating distributor.

Step 2: carry your WPL videos to the Android device. You can transfer data to an Android device through Bluetooth, or through the timeless copy/ paste an approach via the USB syncing cable.

Step 3: open up VLC Mobile and refresh it to scan the new content. Once it finishes, you should see all the videos contained on the maker in this video clip player, consisting of your WPL playlist videos.

Part 3: just how to play WPL document on iphone

To open up WPL documents on iphone phone or quite much any type of iOS-based operation system, you will require a third-party application that deserve to support this video paper format. The factor behind this is iOS does not support WPL videos by default. Countless apps are easily accessible on the app Store the can easily open the WPL playlist videos for you, for example MX Player mobile, VLC mobile, mPlayer etc. Personally we would extremely recommend you shot mPlayer, which follow to the developer can play almost any media format, there is no the need for conversion. It uses an effective hardware acceleration engine so that greater resolution videos can play smoothly.

Moreover, it have the right to play your video files save on computer in Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive directly within the app. It additionally supports subtitles in the SRT format, and also you can likewise download subtitles for her videos and also movies directly within the app. IOS does not support shared storage, as such in terms of transferring WPL papers from your computer system to the iPhone, you can do so v the WiFi direct technology, or with iTunes/ Finder sync depending v the operating mechanism you are using. Therefore, if you great to open your WPL playlist videos on her iPhone by using mPlayer, monitor the easy procedures below.


Step 1: Download and also install the app on her iPhone native the Apple application Store. Make sure you have the exactly credentials for your iTunes account, and in rare instances they might ask friend to provide payment information, as such have that all set too.

Step 2: beginning the app. As soon as you have downloaded the app, beginning the app and also agree to every user agreements and also follow all the onscreen prompts.

Step 3: carry your WPL videos. You can do this with iTunes or Finder in the way you would carry data come apps had on any iOS device. If you prefer wireless transfers, use the WiFi move feature constructed right into the mPlayer app. You can find it in the settings ar of this app.

Step 4: reap your videos. If friend follow every the procedures, your WPL playlist videos should transfer to her iPhone successfully. Once transferred, they can be opened straight by the mPlayer app.

If you like to open up all your videos making use of the native iOS apps, or if the is inconvenient because that you come download apps that end up consuming your storage, the finest thing because that you would certainly be to transform the WPL videos to video formats that are natively supported by iOS (for instance MP4 or MOV video). Numerous software devices can easily do the conversion job for you, yet video clip Converter is by far the finest solution because that you in regards to all your video converting needs.

Part 4: how to play WPL record on both Windows and also Mac

WPL is a video clip format the you may have actually never heard of, particularly when your tools revolve about the Android or macOS operating systems. Also if you are using home windows to i beg your pardon this document format is associated with home windows Media Player, it is not really common to view this extension. In the event that you have actually videos that space in this record format, you could find your computer system failing to open up them, specifically if you usage macOS. Therefore, us will now introduce complimentary a video player that have the right to easily open up WPL files, as well as over 180 other video clip and audio formats combined. Blu-ray Player is that video clip player, i beg your pardon is additionally one that the couple of video players that supports Blu-ray formats, no issue it is from the regions A, B or C, and also DVD discs from an ar 0 to 6. For instance, you have the right to play an ar A Blu-ray bowl in Europe easily with this program. Blu-ray Player is 6-in-1 media playing software, that have the right to play any video smoothly also if you space using one older computer for your leisure and enjoyment. In various other terms, that will supply quality-lossless video images v resolutions of 720P, 1080P, 1080i and also 4K (2160P), which is achieved through hardware acceleration and also other progressed technologies developed right right into the software.

We are likewise aware that you would want to gain your videos v high-quality audio, and also this software application supports advanced audio decoding technologies like Dolby, DTS, AAC, TrueHD, DTS-HD (including 5.1, 7.1 channels), etc. Now just follow the steps listed below for part tips on exactly how to usage the software.


Step 1: open up your WPL playlist video clip files

When you room on the key interface, load any type of of her videos, DVDs, or Blu-ray movie from the computer by clicking the “Open File” button. Girlfriend can also drag the video clip files right into the program, and also you should see them detailed on the playlist.


Step 2: set your WPL playlist video’s subtitles

After you have loaded any kind of of her videos or movies, the software will automatically play it. During the playback, ideal click the screen and you’ll uncover several tabs appear, such together Subtitles, Audios, etc., select Subtitles tab and also then friend may allow subtitles.


Step 3: Customize video settings

Repeat the procedure in the vault step and choose video clip Settings instead, in i beg your pardon you can customize the video parameters together you like.

Part 5: Other beneficial WPL players because that your reference

In enhancement to the above-mentioned options to pat WPL clearly on either windows or Mac, right here we will provide a bonus section to present other valuable WPL football player for her reference.

1. ALLPlayer

If you room obsessed through subtitles, you certainly want to offer this media player her thumbs up. ALLPlayer is the most well-known program for watching movies v subtitles. The plays all styles of movies. The great side of this regime is that also if over there is a trouble with opened the file, that updates the recent codecs. The program also automatically searches for corresponding subtitles in every languages. As for playing back WPL files, friend may directly drop lock onto this media player.

2. Zoom Player

Zoom Player is quickly grabbing our attention for its an effective features. As one of the many sophisticated, flexible and an effective media players for Windows computers & Tablets, Zoom player is currently dominating particular loyal fans across the globe. Utilizing zoom player"s smart play technology, you might play ago WPL in a straightforward way with reliability and smooth motion.

3. VLC

VLC is just one of the most usual media players and also it is one open-source platform, meaning that it will receive continuous input native techies everywhere the world. This renders VLC a very popular and powerful media player for both beginners and progressed users. To stream WPL files, VLC is the right place.

Part 6: exactly how to transform WPL come MP3

Considering the fewer media players assistance WPL files, we think it is additionally a good option for you to convert the WPL to MP3 audio (or another paper format of your choice), because that maximum compatibility through your wanted media player. There space two alternatives for you, which space to use an online converter, or to usage a expert converter. AnyConv WPL come MP3 Converter is an online converter that you can use because that this task. That is also easy come use, as all you have to do is drag and drop the corresponding WPL records on the main page, and after a couple of minutes your stuff have to be all set for download. Here is exactly how to carry out it:

Step 1: find the WPL records on her computer, then open your browser and also visit the AnyConv WPL come MP3 Converter website.

Step 2: one of two people drag and drop the file, or click “Choose File” on the page to pick the WPL files.

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Step 3: Wait because that the website to finish the conversion. Once done, you will certainly be listed with a download link.