How carry out I mute a ar of the audio timeline, I have actually a separate video music clip come play and also I don"t want the various other audio playing.Using Vegas pro 15.

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How I perform it utilizing VEGAS agree 14 is to right click the audio track and then choose "Insert/Remove Envelope" and from there select "Volume" ( or change + V). This will certainly insert a line under the center of her audio track. Walk to wherein you desire to mute (or to decrease ) her audio and click on the line. Dual click on that line and also that will produce a "control" point that friend can readjust the audio with. Depending on what you want to carry out you"ll probable have to create an ext control clues close together in the very same manner. Pulling them under to the bottom the the audio track (in a sharp step choose fashion) will decrease the volume. I believe Derek has actually a an excellent tutorial on how to do this.
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This old accuse shows just how to be very an exact in adjusting Audio Volume.Even despite it was made v Vegas Movie Studio, the will likewise work the very same in vegas
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