Fallout 3: elite Edition is a arsenal of fallout 3 computer mods the I placed together because that the Playstation 3. My score is to add as numerous mods as I can into autumn 3 GOTY there is no creating any "lag" or video game "freezing". For this reason I put together a mod fill for those who are finding it complicated to mode Fallout 3 since of the PS3"s limitations, or are brand-new to modding. It yes, really annoyed me that ns could"nt take In-Game screenshot from mine XMB since of the stupid blur the overlaps the display screen when pressing the house button. After days of research I lastly removed it, currently all screenshots taken that the Wasteland room crystal clear and not a blurry mess :chuncky: So far I"ve successfully added over 40+ mode without any kind of lag! I had actually over 100 mods running yet it was as well buggy and also frequently froze increase the PS3...probably because of the Playstation"s minimal memory, or mode compatibility issues.

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My jobs will always be free, but If you enjoy my mode please take into consideration making a small donation. I invest alot of mine spare time modding miscellaneous PS3 games, as any kind of game modder may know...this puts my consoles through alot the stress. All the freezing and also resetting the occurs while experimentation mods puts stress, overload on mine PS3, not to mention its very time consuming. I have killed several junker refurbs in the past couple of years through overworking them also much, leaving me with only a one junker console to mod with. Donations help me continue to mode games, and also to aid buy/replace broken consoles and also parts. To do a donation you re welcome visit my PayPal donation connect below.

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It is recommended the you develop a backup of autumn 3 and your video game save before installing this mode pack. Papers inside of her Fallout 3 folder will be overwritten v modded records during installation, leaving girlfriend with just a modded version of autumn 3. Ns left backups in the folders for those that you that wish to continue without make a backup. If a back-up is made forward you dont need to rename/delete files to uninstall the mods, simply simply delete the modded version.
Playstation 3 through Custom FirmwareFallout 3 GOTY (Game the the Year Edition) or autumn 3 with ALL 5 DLC"s
Installation is straightforward really, simply copy/replace "PS3_GAME" folder from my mod pack right into your autumn 3 folder, and delete the video game Data because that Fallout 3 native XMB. For those who need an ext help, ive noted detailed instructions below:
Copy "PS3_GAME" folder from my Mod load onto the root of a USB Flash drive or external HDD.Turn on her PS3 and also insert the USB/HDD into PS3 USB slot.Select "PS3 Root" symbol on the mmOS desktop, This will bring up a paper explorer menu.Select "dev_hdd0", and also then select "GAMES", discover your autumn 3 video game folder and enter it, now move that window to the side v your joystick. (Do NOT leave out the the window!)Select "PS3 Root" symbol on the mmOS desktop computer again to carry up another file explorer menu.This time pick "dev_usb000" or "dev_usb001" whichever one is her USB/HDD. (changes depending upon what slot friend plug USB/HDD into)Now you must be at the source of your USB/HDD, you have to see the "PS3_GAME" folder you copied in step 2 listed here.Use your joystick to highlight the "PS3_GAME" folder on your USB/HDD, and also press "O" (circle) to open up pop up menu.Highlight "Copy" and also press "X", you must see a post stating you duplicated data come clipboard.Now use your joystick over to the home window we relocated aside in step 6 and press "X" to pull it forward.Press "O" to open pop up menu, and highlight "Paste" and also press "X"It will certainly ask you if you desire to overwrite, pick "Yes". It will certainly ask girlfriend if her sure, select "Yes".Wait because that it to complete copying every the files...Delete your old video game data because that Fallout 3 GOTY. Browse to "Game" column on her XMB and also select"Game Data Utility". Uncover "FALLOUT 3" within the list, as soon as you discover it highlight it and also press Triangle, climate select"Delete", finally pick "Yes".Now your ready to mount and play!
Copy "PS3_GAME" folder from my mod Pack right into your fallout 3 game folder, overwrite as soon as asked.Delete your old game data because that Fallout 3 GOTY. Browser to "Game" shaft on her XMB and select"Game Data Utility". Discover "FALLOUT 3" in ~ the list, when you discover it highlight it and also press Triangle, then select"Delete", finally select "Yes".Now your prepared to mount and also play!
Make certain you are deleting your "Game Data" and also not your game Save Data! If friend delete your game save by accident the cannot it is in retrieved unless formerly backed up! for this reason make certain you are selecting "Game Data Utility" and NOT "Save Data Utility". Video game Data because that Fallout 3 deserve to be turned off anytime, it will certainly re-install what it demands next time friend play the game.
BUGSPlease report any kind of bugs or errors you conference while play so ns can shot to deal with them...or remove them.


A small an insect that suddenly alters character height throughout opening sequence as soon as your a baby. Elevation is corrected as soon as Birthday party sequence starts, photo above depicts the correctly height readjust immediately after reading the "You"re SPECIAL" book.

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SCREENSHOTSAll screenshots were take away from mine PS3, through XMB In-Game Screenshot function. No Blur!!!I posted part screenshots the a few mods in activity below, there space many more mods applied.​