You don"t need to spend many money on new kit to ride faster. Instead below are our tips to make your bike quicker for free


There"s no doubt that a clean bike is a quick bike. Not only carry out you get the emotional advantage of looking down and seeing your pride and joy glinting in the sunlight between your legs, yet keeping the mud and grime ameans from your drivetrain and cables, especially during the winter months, will certainly make your bike more reliable and also save you money on replacement components in the long run.

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Now, cleaning your bike deserve to be a appropriate pain, and also I need to say that I don"t always exercise what I preach. The most basic method to save your bike clean is to get right into a regimen. Take 5 minutes after each ride simply to give every little thing a quick wipe dvery own, and also then schedule in a much more thoturbulent clean after the significant weekend ride. And never let your bike obtain also dirty, as the dirtier it gets, the even more hassle it"s going to be to clean.

Now you"ve scrubbed amethod at that drivetrain and acquired it so shiny that it looks favor new, you"re going to want to make sure it"s running smoothly as well. A well-lubed chain will make your drivetrain even more effective, interpretation that none of your initiative is wasted with mechanical inefficiency, and will additionally decrease the amount of grime that the chain picks up on wet rides.

However before, making certain the chain is properly lubed does not suppose slapping on as much lube as you possibly can to the allude wbelow the chain is even more white than silver. Slowly add the lube to the inside of the chain while rotating the cranks, and once you"re done be sure to wipe off any kind of excess.

3. Lower the front end

Here at Cycling Weekly we"re convinced that boosting aerodynamics is the most basic means to ride faster. In reality, we"ve done experiments that present that aero is quicker whatever before the terrain. However before, if you do not want to splash out on a flash brand-new aero bike, then you deserve to still make gains by lowering the front end and riding in a reduced, more aerodynamic position.

Assuming you"ve got spacers between your stem and also the headcollection, this is straightforward enough to execute. Sindicate rerelocate the fork, take out a spacer or two, and then rearea the stem, placing the spacers back on over.

However before, be careful when you"re doing this, as your body can not be able to cope with a sudden, radical readjust in place. So reduced the front finish in increments, and work on your adaptability to store injuries at bay.

4. Make sure your saddle height is right

It sounds simple really, yet it"s impressive the variety of cyclists, regularly with years of experience behind them, that ride with their saddle either too high or too low.

Having a saddle that is not set to the appropriate elevation deserve to not just cause injuries and also discomfort, but will additionally make you slower, decreasing the efficiency of your pedal stroke and not allowing you to put complete power with the pedals.

As a preeminence of thumb, the distance in between your bottom bracket and also the optimal of the saddle must be your inseam measurement minus 10cm; so if your inseam is 80cm then your saddle elevation will be 70cm.

But make certain to make allowances for your pedal system, so if you"re making use of Speedplay pedals through incredibly little stack then you"ll need your saddle slightly reduced.

5. Adjust pedal tension

Clipmuch less pedals are probably the least commemorated development in cycling. Undoubtedly, it"s feasible to argue that the boost in average speeds in the Tour de France in the late 1980s and early 1990s was down to the enhanced performance that clipless pedals readily available (although other, much less legitimate, performance enhancements might have actually had actually an impact too).

The poor news is that if you do not appropriately change your pedal stress, then you may too be using toe clips.

Different pedals systems will certainly have actually different means to adjust the spring anxiety, so you"ll must perform your very own study here, but make sure you change it to provide a small amount of float to prevent injuries, while still holding your cleats firmly once riding out of the saddle.

6. Check your tyre pressure

Of all the tips on this list, making certain your tyres are at the appropriate press is not just the easiest, yet can additionally give your the greatest benefits as well.

Having tyres that are as well soft will certainly suppose an increase in rolling resistance, interpretation you need to occupational harder to save up your average rate, and additionally leaving you at an boosted threat of pinch flats.

But before you go whacking your tyres approximately 120psi, it"s not necessarily the situation that the greater the push the much faster you"ll ride.

Running a reduced tyre press of about 90psi might not be as quick on smooth roads, however will expect increased grip, permitting you to go round corners quicker, and boosted comfort, decreasing fatigue in your legs over long miles.

7. Make sure your gears are effectively adjusted

Poorly adjusted gears have the right to destroy any type of bike ride. In fact, I have to admit to turning for house after just a mile or two on a pair of occasions once my gears have actually been skipping everywhere the location.

Making certain your gears are functioning effectively will boost the efficiency of your drivetrain, and also leave you more confident to put the power dvery own, specifically on steep gradients, understanding that you"re not unexpectedly going to be thrown into another sprocket.

Now, unfortunately adjusting your front and rear derailleurs is a much more complicated procedure than I"ve got space to cover right here, so you"ll have to head over to our web page on the topic for a complete step-by-step overview.

However the excellent news is that you will not need any kind of unique tools and also also if it"s a little fiddly, it"s within the capabilities of also the many inept house mechanic.

8. Make certain your brakes are effectively adjusted

Properly adjusted brakes will certainly provide you more confidence through the corners

Making sure you have the right to speak correctly can not seem prefer the many apparent method to make you ride quicker, however if you have the right to brake later on going right into corners, and also bring even more speed out of the other side, then you"ll conveniently check out your average speed increasing, particularly if your ride is taking in some snaking descents or little, technological lanes.

Especially over the winter your brake pads are going to wear pretty easily, so as they do so make sure you tighten the brakes to keep them the very same distance from rims, interpretation continual braking performance.

It"s also worth checking the brake cable for stretch or indications of wear, although if you"re maintaining your bike clean then hopecompletely this shouldn"t be as well much of an concern.

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