How numerous of girlfriend couldn’t wait come rip open up your Fun dive candy packets once you were a kid? ns couldn’t get sufficient of the tangy powdered candy with that recognizable white liquid stick.

Over the years it has come to be one of my favourite candies. For this reason here’s every little thing you ever needed come know about it. Is your mouth-watering?

Here’s every little thing you might want to know about Fun Dip. And when you’re excellent reading, inspect out exactly how you deserve to make funny Dip in ~ home!


This write-up was initially published ~ above September 1, 2019 and also has currently been updated with even much more info and links come yummy recipes utilizing this delicious candy.

Fun Dip candy is Awesome!

If I need to choose in between chocolate or a sweet-tart candy, I will certainly skip coco every time. While Nerds liquid is mine all-time favorite, funny Dip is a an extremely close second!

While ns don’t see as well many youngsters eating Fun Dip as frequently as we supplied to as kids, lock are really popular during certain times the the year (Halloween and Valentine’s day come to mind) plus they room a clip at pretty much every tiny League snack bar.

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It’s such a straightforward candy however has a rich history that I discover super interesting. And Fun emboldened is good for more than just a sugary candy fix. The is actually a supervisor cool cooking recipes ingredient! It seems weird, right?

It’s not. Fun Dip have the right to put one awesome turn on dessert recipes, like my Cherry funny Dip Flavored Whipped Cream!

So let’s dive right into some major Fun dip facts!


What is fun Dip?

Fun dive is a flavored and also colored powdered sugar candy (similar come Pixy Stix). This liquid comes in packets comprise 1 powder along with a white candy stick. In part occasions, you can uncover packets through multiple flavors!

How to Eat funny Dip

There are a few ways to eat funny Dip. You have the right to pour it directly into her mouth together they did earlier in the day. Or, you have the right to enjoy it through the very delicious Lik.A.Stix liquid stick.

All you need to do is lick the stick and also then emboldened it right into the powdery kindness scooping together you walk (kind of favor a spoon). The powder will stick to the stick when you carry it to her mouth for another sour/sweet serving.

And once you’re done v the powder, you deserve to eat the stick! The stick has a soft vanilla flavor however mostly tastes sugary.


Fun dip History

Learning around Fun Dip background has been so fun! native its original type of flavored sugar dubbed Lik-M-Aid, come a multi-flavor liquid treat v a stick the we know as fun Dip, this liquid holds a location in a lot of memories for united state moms and also dads.

Do girlfriend know just how this funny candy was created though? organize on tight, my friends. I am around to blow her mind.

The motivation for this candy was actually a drink mix that was made by the Fruzola liquid company. The mix was a sweet and sour street powder mixture the you would certainly pour directly into water and also drink.

At part point, the company took notice that instead of pouring the mixture right into water, youngsters were eating it in powder form. The company then decided to redesign the powder and market it as Lik-M-Aid for the kids to eat directly. It’s now recognized as Lik-M-Aid fun Dip.

Want to recognize a pair more funny facts about Fun Dip?

The drink mix the Fun Dip was influenced by to be actually created to competitor Kool-Aid.

Recently, Wonka was sold to or became component of Nestle Candy. I couldn’t uncover an official website for the candy.

Who created Fun Dip?

Fun dive powder was invented by the Fruzola liquid Company. Funny fact: till 1989, fun Dip was actually called Lik-M-Aid and did no come v the Lik.A.Stix candy stick choose it does currently (how did anyone also eat it without that?).

It was currently that the was relocated to the Willy Wonka brand the candy and given the sweet new name and bonus liquid stick.

When Was fun Dip Made?

Okay, this is whereby it gets tricky. The an initial patent for fun Dip (or Lik-M-Aid as it was recognized then) remained in 1952. Although, there room rumors that are swirling approximately the web that claim that the candy has actually been about since the 40s.


Fun dip Flavors

Fun Dip seasonings that space the simplest to find are Cherry and also Raspberry/Apple and grape indigenous time to time. Several more flavors have actually been made gradually although they space not all currently obtainable now. And also some room seasonal and created for minimal time periods.

Original funny Dip flavors


Most usual Fun emboldened Flavors

CherryGrapeRaspberry/Apple (this is the flavor that is blue once dry, yet turns green on her tongue or the stick)

Dulceria fun Dip Flavors

Mango Lime v a Tamarind rod (Dulceria collection)Cucumber Watermelon v a Lime stick (Dulceria collection)

Other spices have consisted of orange, lemonade and also a mystery flavor. And I’ve even seen springtime flavors choose watermelon and strawberry.


Where to Buy fun Dip

If you are trying to figure out where to buy fun Dip, it mostly depends top top the size of fun Dip the you are shopping for.

Fun dive Ingredients

A single Fun dive package has 50 calories and 13 g of carbohydrate (13 g sugar).

Ingredients of fun Dip (straight native the package): Cherry: Dextrose, Maltodextrin, and also less 보다 2% that Citric Acid, calcium Stearate, herbal Flavors, Red 40 Lake. RazzApple: Dextrose, Maltodextrin, and also Less than 2% of Citric Acid, Calcium Stearate, herbal Flavors, Blue 1, Blue 1 Lake, Yellow 5.

For those v allergy concerns: per their packaging, fun Dip candy is totally free From: dairy, egg, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, mustard, sesame, peanut, sulfites, soy, wheat, barley, oats, gluten, mollusks, celery & lupin

What is the fun Dip pole (Lik-a-Stix) made out of?

That delicious funny Dip stick (Lik.A.Stix), is for many, the best part of funny Dip. Go you recognize that over there was actually a petition started for the Wonka Candy firm to begin selling the Lik.A.Stix independently from funny Dip?

While it appears to it is in virtually difficult to uncover the ingredient to these tasty, white-colored liquid sticks, us do recognize that they are made the compressed sugar.

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Many people are trying to find a cooking recipes to do their own candy sticks, but I couldn’t come across anything even close come it! oriental Trading agency sells white candy sticks however I haven’t tested them so I’m not certain if they room close!

I to be by no method a funny Dip expert, however I love learning about how my favourite candies to be created!

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Fun Dip is fun, tasty, and also memory-inducing. ~ holidays, such as Halloween and Valentine’s day we constantly have a lot of left over. That method more sugary goodness because that us, or, far better yet, we gain to create more desserts featuring the fun candy.