B.C.'s dental regulators space going come court in a bid come shut under a DIY denturist that allegedly offered Craigslist to market false teeth made the end of craft store modelling clay.

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A B.C. Supreme Court petition has this Facebook picture of Matthew Ronald Block and also his girlfriend. A exclusive investigator insurance claims Block offered to fit him v an synthetic tooth. (Facebook)

B.C.'s dentist regulators are going come court in a bid to shut down a DIY denturist that allegedly used Craigslist to sell false this made out of craft store modelling clay.

In a petition filed in B.C. Supreme Court, the colleges of dental surgeons, dental technicians and also denturists are combine to seek an injunction preventing Matthew Ronald Block from operation out that his Richmond apartment.

'Temporary flipper type false tooth'

According to records filed in the case, Block came to the authorities' attention last August after boasting in a Craigslist ad of having actually "invented a short-term flipper kind false tooth" to assist his girlfriend overcome a dentist abnormality.

"She is able to do whatever she would through a typical smile favor eat, kiss, sing etc," the ad said.

"The idea that others might be in comparable situations and also would advantage from my assistance has been in the earlier of my mind for several months."


A private investigator cases he to be told his fabricated tooth would certainly be made of 'Sculpey', a modelling clay no usually associated with dentist fixtures. (Sculpey)

The ad, i m sorry has since disappeared, available to sell individually fitted teeth for $100 each.

The court filings incorporate an affidavit from exclusive investigator Michael Lantz, that was hired by the college of dentist Surgeons to follow up ~ above the Craigslist ad.

Lantz cases he make an appointment with someone named Matthew, that promised the artificial tooth would certainly be made come fit "snugly" there is no the use of glue or a drill.

"Matthew likewise confirmed that he is no a dentist," Lantz wrote.

'Dirty latex gloves' and also 'Sculpey'

The investigator visited Matthew at his apartment, wherein he claims he was shown impression trays made the end of aluminum foil: "He advised me the he would fill the trays with a clay product and also have me bite right into them."

Lantz insurance claims that 'Matthew' told the he provided a non-toxic polymer clay dubbed 'Sculpey', i m sorry he then baked in the form of a tooth and also painted through glaze.

"After an internet search, i ascertained the this is a modelling clay frequently used in arts and also crafts. The clay is not recommended because that items that will certainly come into call with food or beverages," Lantz wrote.

"The respondent then placed dirty latex gloves on and began kneading the clay."

At this point, Lantz claims he declined Matthew's offer to make a partial denture top top the spot.

"The respondent then advised me that he was functioning on a full collection of dentures the he described as a 'snap on smile'," Lantz wrote.

"He confirmed me what showed up to be a complete upper set of this that could be clipped on come a person's real teeth."

Lantz claims Matthew's girlfriend then gotten in the room, showing him her synthetic tooth and becoming "argumentative" when the investigator said he wanted to perform a little much more research.

According to his affidavit, Lantz asked Matthew if he had a many of solution to the Craigslist ad — "to i beg your pardon he responded 'surprisingly yes'."

The can be fried Court petition follows several high profile efforts to shut under rogue dentists operation out of suburban settings.

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The dental colleges insurance claim the plot governing your professions prevent unqualified civilization from do or fitting dentures or fabricated teeth. 

None the the allegations have actually been proven in court. Block could not be got to for comment.