This indict “How to make A bag Pussy” was created by one of our pussy researcher and contributor. I do recommend friend to offer Fleshlight a try. Yet if you prefer save that money because that a day or some condoms, then I’m on your side. In the meantime you have the right to learn how to do a bag pussy by adhering to the indict below. Enjoy.

~ Deon B.

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Some men’s sex toys, such as the Fleshlight, are rapidly obtaining a call for good quality and pure enjoyment, yet although men’s masturbation assets offer a good opportunity for sex-related release, the embarrassment of to buy them deserve to prevent men from enhancing their sex lives.

If there is a hazard of inappropriate exploration of masturbators, or purchase one is no something a guy wants to do, then an additional option is to build a homemade bag pussy.

What Is A bag Pussy?

A bag pussy is an man-made vagina, or other replica orifice, the men can use to masturbate with. Pocket pussies are additionally known as artificial pussies, DIY pussies or portable vaginas. Return the name vary, the product is basically the very same item.

What space Pocket Pussies For?

Whilst pocket pussies have the right to be used just for pleasure, there are other facets that do them useful. Because that example, males who desire to construct up sexual stamina have the right to use a bag pussy to raise your ejaculatory threshold before orgasm, and also those experiencing from premature ejaculation can use artificial vaginas to assist them critical longer.

Single guys may also find a bag pussy an excellent company if they room without a partner, and also couples deserve to use pocket pussies together for variety. They are also good substitutes in a relationship where penetrative sex is not possible. Examples of this include during menopause, religious preferences, pregnancy, as soon as no contraceptive is available, or time of menstruation.

Lubrication is Essential

When utilizing a pocket pussy, lube is essential. No man-made vagina will produce natural lubrication. The is feasible to cause damage come the dick without adequate lubrication, so select a great lubricant as soon as playing through an fabricated vagina to avoid any kind of trips come the emergency room. A torn foreskin will bleed and also will scare the victim to too much lengths.

5 Homemade pocket Pussies

The following five home-made bag pussies are an easy inventions making use of readily accessible household goods. They selection from the easiest quick build through to the more facility and time-consuming.

Simply follow the easy steps below for a custom made pussy, complete the optional procedures if desired.

Method 1. Bath towel Pussy

This suits: complete beginners and those without a an excellent deal that time or resources approximately the house.

You’ll need: A hand towel, a latex glove, elastic bands or belts.

1. Wrinkles a hand (small) towel into quarters.


2. Ar the latex glove on the towel, v the cuff hanging off one side.


3. Role the towel around the glove. This will take practice, as also tight a bath towel will result in difficult and frustrating penetration. Vice versa, if the towel is also loose, over there is no friction. Try rolling it number of times to uncover a an excellent fit.


4. As soon as the desired tightness is achieved, for sure the towel with rubber bands or a belt, to prevent it unfurling.


5. Peel earlier the glove cuff so the covers the towel edge.


6. Ar extra belts or rubber bands along the length of the towel to create tension.


If you are struggling to visualize the bath towel pussy, watch this video.

Or gain some inspiration.

Method 2. Cucumber Pussy

This suits: Beginners, and those that are looking for an easy method to build a bag pussy. It may likewise suit range seekers and also those who like a cool feeling roughly the penis.

You’ll need: Room temperature cucumber, spicy knife, duct tape, rubber bands.

Optional: Condom

1. Reduced one finish from the cucumber.


2. Cut the cucumber in fifty percent lengthways.


3. Open the cucumber up and also remove seed from both sides. When the seeds have been removed, take it out little amounts of cucumber flesh until both political parties fit snugly roughly the penis.


4. When the desired tightness is found, secure v rubber bands to store the desired tension.


5. Wrap the cucumber with insulation ice or Duct tape. In ~ this point the user is able to accommodate any tightness preferences.


6. If preferred, a condom have the right to be placed inside the cucumber. To perform this insert the condom prior to duct-taping the halves earlier together.


7. Stretch the condom rim over the cucumber edges and also fold back.


8. Even though the cucumber will certainly feel wet, lube is vital as it will certainly not remain wet for long.


Here room some photos to help you do the cucumber bag pussy.

Or shop some.

Method 3. Grandm Pringles / grandfather Pepsi

This suits: lovers of texture together the lining have the right to be quickly changed.

You’ll need: large soda bottle or empty tube of Pringles, two family members kitchen sponges, sellotape or duct tape, latex glove, spicy knife.

Optional: bubble wrap, rice, sandwich bags.

1. Remove the Pringles tube lid, or cut the bottom indigenous a soda bottle. If using a soda bottle, place several layers of Duct tape end the spicy plastic edge to avoid any kind of cuts.


2. Make a glove sandwich with the sponges. Place one sponge down, location the glove on top, and then place the remaining sponge ~ above top.


3. Traction the gloves cuff out, so that it hangs over the edge of the sponge.


4. Push the gloves sandwich within the Pringles pipe / soda bottle so that is level through the opening. There should be no gaps and also the sponges need to squash together. If they perform not, find an additional container or pad the existing one with record kitchen towels.


5. Traction the gloves cuff apart and slip it earlier over the pickled in salt of the container, so the sheet is totally concealed.


6. Tape the securely into place.


7. If a Pringles tube has actually been used, cut a little hole in the base to prevent any suction construct up.


Optional. For texture, location squares of bubble wrap on optimal of the sponges prior to they are pushed into the container. Alternatively, usage rice filled plastic sandwich bags.

If you’re having actually trouble visualizing the bag pussy, try watching this video for inspiration.

Method 4. Happy birthday Pussy

This suits: Someone who wishes to quickly dispose of evidence, and also likes something bigger to host on to.

You’ll need: four balloons, latex glove, container bigger than a Pringles pipe that will certainly fit 4 partially inflated balloons, such as an within bathroom bin bucket, duct tape.

1. Place the balloons within the container through the inflation feet hanging outside.


2. Punch a little air into the balloons.


3. Place a latex glove right into the middle of the balloons, v fingers pointing inside, and the cuff protruding from the top.


4. Punch up the balloons to the wanted tightness, and tie the end to stop air escaping.


5. Ice the bound balloon end to the exterior of the container.


6. Cut the ribbed cuff indigenous the latex glove, together this permits it come stretch.


7. Big the gloves cuff out, pull it end the balloon ties, and also down the container edge so the opening is smooth.


8. Tape into position.


Here space some images, to assist you visualize the process.

Method 5: Silicone Pussy

This suits: Those that don’t mind wait for their pleasure, and also those that are in search of a multi use pocket pussy.

You’ll need: A candle bigger 보다 a penis, sharp knife, silicone sealant.

1. Measure up the penis width and length versus the candle.


2. Draw markers right into the candle approx 25% smaller than the measure up penis.


3. Cut off two sides that the candle lengthways in ~ the 25% mark.


4. Reduced off the continuing to be two sides to produce a solid rectangular shape.


5. Smooth the sides under so the candle resembles a carrot, yet keep its girth in ~ 25% smaller.


6. Covering the candle in silicone sealant, approx fifty percent an inch thick.


7. Leave for number of weeks until the silicone is totally dry.


8. Eliminate the candle and dispose that it, or if a effective size, keep it for more silicone pussies.


9. The continuing to be mould is the bag pussy. It deserve to take number of attempts to get the correct sizing, however it’s precious the effort, together it have the right to be re-used.


Optional: cut notches right into the candle to include texture to the mould.

Tips On just how To make A bag Pussy work For You

Hands-free Options

By your nature, bag pussies are little and compact. This renders them great for travelling and also storing discreetly, however it’s not satisfying if the user is looking for something to gain hold of.

It’s feasible to combine a bag pussy in a homemade ‘hands-free’ an equipment by placing that in the body of a bath towel stack. That also feasible to placed the bag pussy in a rolled duvet it is secured v a belt. This provides the user an option of lying on optimal or was standing up.

Other alternatives include the gap in between sofa cushions or the stairway rails. As soon as the user is looking out for a hands-free option they come to be numerous.

Adjusting the Temperature

Unless the user likes a cold emotion on the penis, it’s desirable to add some warmth come the bag pussy because that a an ext realistic feeling.

This have the right to be excellent in number of ways.

1. Soak towels in hot water, or if possible, immerse the whole object in a hot bath.

2. Leave it in the sunlight, top top the warm water tank, or top top a radiator.

3. Use a warming lube.

4. Microwaving a bag pussy is one option, yet this have to be done through caution. For sure there are no metal parts and also that the within of the pussy is no roasting hot afterwards.

Safety Advice

As v all DIY projects, building a bag pussy has actually its dangers. Be cautious of:

1. Sharp Edges. Ensure that all spicy edges are closely covered in Duct ice or covering in a soft call body. Paper, card and plastic can supply nasty cuts, as deserve to rough edge of silicone. Never ever use glass to do a bag pussy for evident reasons.

2. Vacuum. Physics demonstrates that friction builds a vacuum. This can result in a case where the penis becomes stuck within a masturbator. This is why intact bottles have to never be supplied as a masturbation aid. Ensure the all home constructed pocket pussies have vacuum releasing holes. Soda bottles and also Pringle pipe must constantly have a tiny hole reduced in the bottom. Some vacuum is desirable as that replicates the emotion of a genuine vagina, but too much vacuum will be uncomfortable and also at worst, painful.

3. Friction. Friction can cause nasty burns, and it’s simple to get carried away in the moment. Friction burns have the right to arise from any non slippery surface, such as the towels, balloons and also silicone options detailed above. Constantly use lube come ensure friction does not build up, and be sensible about the contact surface. Condoms and latex gloves space the finest contact surface ar options, but buy great quality, especially latex gloves as the cheap execution tear easily.

Benefits that a Homemade pocket Pussy

Homemade bag pussies room the preferred masturbation help for part men because they space custom constructed to to the right the user’s shape. Any type of kinks, bends, or size worries can be worked around. Tightness concerns are accommodated v a bespoke bag pussy too. Shop bought portable vaginas are excellent, yet sometimes the homemade technique suits better, particularly if the user likes to include textures and also temperatures to the experience which are past what the market have the right to offer.

Homemade bag pussies room a good choice for those who have actually inquisitive youngsters or a companion who disapproves that sex playthings too, as they are conveniently made with no one-of-a-kind resources. Lock can also be easily disassembled or merely thrown away after use. The trouble with a Fleshlight or similar masturbator is that they are obviously sex toys. If over there is no discreet location for such possessions, then a homemade option is the only route come follow.

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Do-it-yourself portable pussies are ingenious and easily made, however if the crafting, adjusting and latex gloves don’t appeal, then a great halfway alternative is the Fleshlight construct your very own kit. This permits the user to produce a masturbator come their own preference, however negates the need for balloons and also Pringle tubes.