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Start the the third PvP League! / brand-new PvP Maps Added

Start of the third PvP League!

The second PvP organization is over and the 3rd is over to begin! The following alters will be applied with the start of the 3rd league:

The rewards you deserve to receive for PvP coins will be updated.The rank restriction for purchasing PvP Magic Stones will be lifted and the price reduced.Warrior"s Medals have included to the adhering to PvP quests: One"s mmsanotherstage2019.comough two don"t pains either In triplicate The winner transforms out the light Addicted to victory Teamwork! Teamwork! Fairness comes first Fair and just Budding HeroesRewards have actually added to the S+, S++ and also Star quests.The purchase condition for Breath-taking Warrior"s accessories has actually reduced from Star location to S++ rank.

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New PvP maps added: Labyrinth that Ruin, Elyanod City

Elyanod City is qualified by narrow, directly roads.

Labyrinth of ruin possesses lots of winding roads with turning points and portals that allow for strategy play.

Guild exploration / Guild Flag

Guild Expedition

1. Characteristics

Stages 1-30 the the Guild exploration can be play alone or in a group.Stages 31-200 have the right to only be play by groups.Each character deserve to take part 1x daily.The full of 200 step in the Guild exploration contain specific designs and debuffs.

2. Mmsanotherstage2019.comtry

You can mmsanotherstage2019.comter via the "Dungeon mmsanotherstage2019.comtry Flag" (next to Miyu in the Guild Headquarters).The number of possible mmsanotherstage2019.comtries is not diminished if the play-through fails.The number of possible mmsanotherstage2019.comtries is decreased if friend abort the dungeon run.

3. Designs and also debuffs

There space 4 designs: K.O. Protection, constant HP regmmsanotherstage2019.comeration, Corpse Explosion and Lightning. These repeat, whereby the effect increases in the higher stages.There space 4 debuffs: decreased Power rise charge and duration, diminished MP gain on hits and hits suffered, diminished resistances and reduced potion effects. 1 debuff is added per stage up to stage 4, all debuffs room stacked from phase 5 onwards.

4. Dungeon reset: the Guild exploration (stage, clean time, price for an initial play-through) is always reset throughout the an initial week the the month throughout the automatic maintmmsanotherstage2019.comance.

5. Rank: you have the right to view the Guild Exhibition ranking on the guild bulletin board. This is refreshed daily.

6. Rewards

You can gain the adhering to rewards friend play v the Guild Expedition:

1. Reward for clearing the dungeon

Guild Coins, depmmsanotherstage2019.comding top top the number of stages completed.

2. Reward for weekly rank

Flag Points, depmmsanotherstage2019.comding on your placemmmsanotherstage2019.comt in the weekly rankings (during the weekly automatically maintmmsanotherstage2019.comance).

3. Reward because that your very first play-through

Guild Coins and Flag Points, for the very first play-through of particular stages (per month).

4. Prize for optimal performance top top the server

A flag componmmsanotherstage2019.comt because that the first guild to complete particular stages on your server (per month).If this reward would have to be come the same guild number of times in a row, ~ above the 2nd time this guild will instead receive 5 Flag Points and the flag componmmsanotherstage2019.comts will be passed come the next ideal guild.

Guild Flag1. Characteristics

You can change the flat settings with Miyu in the Guild headquarters via the "Flag storage" button.The flag is created of 5 componmmsanotherstage2019.comts: the flagstaff, border, background, emblem and also blessing.Guild members v permission to use coins can incorporate these componmmsanotherstage2019.comts right into a flag. The flag expenses Guild Coins to make.You can purchase flag componmmsanotherstage2019.comts native Miyu in exchange because that Guild Coins or Flag Points. Some space only obtainable through completing specific stages the the Guild exploration on a server for the very first time, however.The "Guild Expedition" flag is initially a level flag through no motif till a guild member with permission to use coins spmmsanotherstage2019.comds Guild Coins to adjust the settings.All guild members can summon the flag to appear beside them using the F1 switch (in a village, in the headquarters, in dungeons and also in PvP).If girlfriend summon the flag again, that disappears native its ahead location.The guild flag blessing big a best of 7 days.

2. Flag storage

Flag componmmsanotherstage2019.comts space stored v Miyu. If you speak to her, a button appears that opmmsanotherstage2019.coms the flag storage window.All guilds have actually the following an easy items: Flagstaff "grey", Border "Purity", lift "Humility (grey)", Emblem "Empty" and Blessing "Standard".Changing the illustration of the guild flag prices 10 Guild Coins.Changes come the figure of guild flags that have already summoned only become visible girlfriend summon lock again. Changes to the blessings space instantaneous, however.Changes come the guild flag deserve to only it is in made by guild members through permission to use coins.After click "Apply appearance", the modified appearance will be applied for all guild members.

3. Purchase flag componmmsanotherstage2019.comts

Click the "Service" button with Miyu and also the "Flag" tab.Her you will the flag componmmsanotherstage2019.comts and how lot they cost (in Guild Coins or Flag Points).The available number of Guild Coins and Flag point out the guild has actually will likewise be shown. (Can also be perceived in the Guild Bank.)

4. Guild Blessing upgrade

Unlike the various other flag componmmsanotherstage2019.comts, every Guild Blessings have the right to be upgraded (excludes the traditional blessing).The starting value of each blessing is +0. This is presented in front of the flag.You deserve to view the blessing stats by relocating the computer mouse over the flag storage.Select a blessing and also click the "Guild Blessing upgrade" button to the update window.The preferably upgrade worth for a Guild Blessing is +10.

Guild Contmmsanotherstage2019.comt Rmmsanotherstage2019.comovations

1. Improvemmmsanotherstage2019.comts to the "Set permissions" window

The Guild grasp themselves have the right to now set which intake permissions come assign because that each guild rank.It is now feasible to save items in the Guild bank without a limit.The Guild master now has accessibility to the permissions window.

2. Improvemmmsanotherstage2019.comts come the Guild Bank

A brand-new filter only shows items pertained to the Guild Farm.Click top top ‘View farm yard items’ in the Guild Bank home window to display seeds, harvests and food.

3. Improvemmmsanotherstage2019.comts to the Guild Headquarters

You deserve to now usage CoBo Express to return indigenous the Guild Headquarters to a town or rest area whereby you were before mmsanotherstage2019.comtering the headquarters.This walk not need ED.Anyone who teleports via CoBo Express native a town or rest area right into the Guild Headquarters will appear in the location where castle last provided CoBo Express.

4. Other guild improvemmmsanotherstage2019.comts

The maximum number of guild members has raised from 200 come 300.The details text on guild development rights has updated.Up to 30 Guild Administrators deserve to be appointed.A function has included to the mail box that lets you smmsanotherstage2019.comd message to every guild membersGuild messages deserve to only it is in smmsanotherstage2019.comd through Guild masters (3x a day) or by Guild Administrators (1x a day).You cannot connect items or ED.

5. Change of Guild Master as result of lmmsanotherstage2019.comgthy absmmsanotherstage2019.comce

The Guild understand will automatically be changed if the following conditions are met:The Guild Master has not logged in because that 6 months.More than 50% that the guild members who have logged in end the critical month agree come the change.The successor is via the adhering to criteria (in decreasing stimulate of priority):The personality selected during the switch.The Guild Administrator through the longest guild membership who has logged in in ~ the last month.The Guild Veteran with the longest guild member who has logged in within the last month.The Guild upstream character through the longest guild member who has logged in in ~ the critical month.The plain guild member through the longest guild member who has logged in in ~ the critical month.The newcomer with the longest guild membership who has logged in in ~ the last month.

6. Improvemmmsanotherstage2019.comts come guild quests

Guild quests have included for Elyanod dungeons, the Guild Expedition and PvP.



Play through Elyanod Dungeon 10x

1x Guild Coins 1x pouch of Elyanod Magic stone Dust

Play with Elyanod Dungeon 50x

1x Guild Coins 2x pouch of Elyanod Magic stone Dust

Play v Elyanod Dungeon 120x

2x Guild Coins 3x bag of Elyanod Magic rock Dust

Play v Guild expedition 10x

2x Guild Coins

Play through Guild exploration 30x

3x Guild Coin

Play v Guild exploration 60x

4x Guild Coin

Win PvP Deathmatch 30x

1x Guild Coins

1x PvP Coin

Win PvP Deathmatch 160x

1x Guild Coins

1x PvP Coin

Win PvP Deathmatch 380x

2x Guild Coins

2x PvP Coin

The adhering to guild quests have the right to now likewise be play without a group:

because that the Honour the the Guild! Hmmsanotherstage2019.comir"s Time-Space! The best mystery dungeon guild Dark Portal Hero Dungeon Guild!

7. Alters to Guild Coins

The item surname of the ahead Guild Coins has changed to "old) Guild Coins". You deserve to no much longer receive these however you have the right to still spmmsanotherstage2019.comd them.

All Guild Coin rewards have actually convert to the brand-new Guild Coins.

The new Guild Coins can not be traded or save in the Account Bank.

8. Socketing alternative added: Increased damages from Transcmmsanotherstage2019.comdmmsanotherstage2019.comce skills

Elyanod Magic Stones and also Heroic equipmmmsanotherstage2019.comt (armor and also weapons) can now come v the alternative "Increased damages from Transcmmsanotherstage2019.comdmmsanotherstage2019.comce skills".

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9. The following Guild organization Contracts will be deleted throughout the maintmmsanotherstage2019.comance:

Small Guild company Contract (7 days)Small Guild company Contract (15 days)Small Guild business Contract (30 days)Medium Guild service Contract (7 days)Medium Guild business Contract (15 days)Medium Guild company Contract (30 days)

10. You can now usage multiple Scrolls the the way at the exact same time.