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Hi everyone. Ns was no able come get ago on the internet and also these forums for a while, however I am as soon as again functioning on my van and also in require of part advice. Ns am trying to eliminate the alternator and also I can"t get the belt tensioner to relax the serpentine belt. I have actually the 3.3L engine. I"ve do the efforts loosening that 15mm bolt, and then pushing under on it, but it won"t budge. I"ve turned the bolt favor 3-5 transforms now and also still can"t make it swing under out that the way. Am ns doing something wrong? perform you think the tensioner is simply rusted in place? could I take the alternator off even with stress on the belt? I"m pretty irritable here. I spent hours working on that this week and also can"t obtain the belt off. You re welcome help!

It is make me quite curious. Maybe the hinge action is rusted together however I haven"t heard that it, and also if that"s the case then it"s no really putting any tension ~ above the belt. Ns am not sure if sprayin any type of penetrant will certainly actually obtain it in where it"s needed however you might try. If the belt is quite old why not cut it off and also put top top a new one? Then once there"s no belt girlfriend can gain a far better run in ~ the tensioner. Girlfriend are putting the wrench in the right place and transforming in the best direction, right? placed the 15mm wrench on the bolt head in the middle of the pulley and pull so it hinges down toward the former of the van. I m really sorry to humiliation you through this, just covering every possibility because I"m not there. I uncovered that the wrench is too quick for me to get any type of leverage. Adding a pipe to prolong it give me the required leverage, however it then starts front of the wiper tray and also I can turn it only a bit prior to it access time the motor mount. Therefore I acquired a 15mm equipment wrench, reduced off the various other end, welded ~ above a ar of another wrench, making the long enough to get leverage but quick enough come fit under the wiper tray therefore I can start my pull means back by the firewall, offering me enough swing to acquire the arm down enough to actually do anything. When I have it as much as I have the right to go, i prop it in that positin by put a drill bit of suitable length in between it and a rib top top the alternator to hold it when my equipment wrench goes earlier up for another bite.

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