You should know exactly how to inflate your exercise ball because most of them come deflated. We provide step-by-step instructions including a round sizing graph (below).

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When inflating an exercise round the most crucial item to have is a round pump. The suitable ball pump provides the project much much easier & safer. The ball regularly comes will certainly a round plug, a ball plug remover and also an adapter that deserve to be used with a cycle pump.

1) your exercise round should have come through a plug, a small white large needle-like object v a level white head that fits into the hole of the round to organize the waiting in the ball. The plug may already be within of your exercise ball and should then be taken out of the ball prior to attempting to inflate the ball. Often it is attached come the side of the round in a small plastic bag or videotaped to the next of the ball. Once you have the plug out of the ball, friend will desire to lay your exercise sphere out top top the ground, allowing most that the folds come come out. The practice ball should be flat and the hole must be open. Make sure your ball is at room temperature prior to proceeding to fill the ball.

2) If you have actually a sphere pump, you can insert the guideline of the pump in the hole and also start to inflate the ball. If you perform not have a specially make pump, you might use a cycle pump or a compressor to inflate your ball by attaching an adapter (usually offered separately). The adapter can be identified from the plug, due to the fact that it is threaded on one end. The threaded finish attaches to your bike pump or compressor and the other finish inserts within the ball. Begin filling your round with air.

3) make a mark on the wall or ~ above a garden stick to wherein your ball need to inflate to. You deserve to use the graph below. Part exercise balls have actually a sizing overview with them.

4) fill the ball to a level the you feeling is comfortable utilizing the 90-degree edge rule. If you are sitting top top the round with your feet flat, your hips and knees should form a 90-degree angle through each other. Do NOT over INFLATE THE BALL! to fill to ~80% or so that you can dent the ball around 6″ if you stick her finger in the ball. Let that sit because that 24 hours before filling to 100% so that you have the right to dent the sphere ~2” if girlfriend stick her finger in the ball. Friend should be able to push the round in 2” as soon as the exercise ball is totally inflated.

5) check often through the note you made to ensure you space inflating the ball to the appropriate size. As soon as you end up inflating the ball to the correct size insert the round plug. The plug must be flush v the surface ar of the ball.

6) What can you carry out if the ball you purchased is larger in diameter than the sit guidelines? The price is to no inflate your ball as much. For example if friend purchased a 65 cm. Ball and are just 5’ 1” tall, right the ball using the 90-degree dominance in sitting. If your exercise round is under-inflated, the ball will not be together firm, yet you will continue to enjoy the services of the practice ball.

7) allow the exercise sphere sit overnight because it might stretch slightly. If the exercise ball has actually stretched, to fill the round so the you deserve to dent the ball around 2” if you stick her finger in the ball, or deflate the exercise ball a small if needed. Girlfriend should be able to push the sphere in 2” when the round is completely inflated.

8) Warning: never inflate your ball greater than its labeling maximum diameter. Carry out not inflate as soon as the temperature is higher than 90º F/32º C or less than 65º F/18º C.

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9) If girlfriend have any type of questions write us at or speak to Linda for details at (864)346-0945.

Ball Sizing Chart

45cm sphere – 18″ great for human being 4’6″ to 4’8″55cm ball – 22″ good for civilization 4’8″ to 5′ 4″65cm ball – 26″ an excellent for human being 5’4″ to 5’9″75cm sphere – 30″ good for human being 5’9″ – 6’4″85cm sphere – 34″ an excellent for civilization over 6’5″95cm – 38″105cm – 42″120cm – 48″