Violet City

Let"s very first explore Violet City a bit. In the residence at the southwest edge of the city is a kid who"s willing to profession his Onix because that a Bellsprout.Now you must visit Sprout Tower, which is in ~ the northern finish of the city.

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Sprout Tower

Sprout Tower is an exciting tower featuring a swaying beam.Take the ladder to the 2nd level, whereby you"ll fight a Sage. Relocate downa level by taking the ladder on the top-right corner, pick up the Parlyz Heal,go left, fight another Sage, and also head increase the ladder. Pick up the X Accuracyand monitor the path. You"ll fight another Sage. Head increase the ladder again.After picking up a Potion and fighting three more Sages, you"ll have actually tofight the last Sage.

Rival had just finished battling him and also leaves. Before fighting Elder Li,pick up the Escape Rope ~ above the right. As expected, Elder Li isstronger than the other Sages, however that shouldn"t it is in a problem for you.After beating him, he"ll give you TM 70 - Flash. Now it"s time come hit the gym!

Violet Gym

The Violet City gym specializes in Flying type Pokemon.Enter the gym, step onto the platform, and also the lift will certainly take you very high up.Defeat the 2 trainers (or, optionally, prevent them by taking the translucentpaths) and also you"ll be able to battle Falkner, the gym leader.

Falkner supplies a lv. 9 Pidgey and a lv. 13 Pidgeotto. The Pidgeotto might be a littletough, due to the fact that it"ll keep using Roost to recover. ~ you loss Falkner, he"llaward girlfriend your first badge: the Zephyr Badge. This badge enables all Pokemonup come lv. 20 to follow you and allows you to usage Rock Smash outside of battle.In addition, he"ll give you TM 51 - Roost.

When you leaving the gym, Professor Elm calls and asks you to satisfy his assistantat the Pokemon Mart, i beg your pardon is right next to the gym. His assistant is the closestperson come the entrance inside the Pokemon Mart. Speak to him, and also he"ll provide youan Egg, i beg your pardon will at some point hatch as a Togepi after around 2,500 steps.

When you leaving the Pokemon Mart, a Kimono Girl will strategy you, tell friend totake an excellent care the the Egg you just obtained, and leave. Afterwards, leaving thecity through heading northwest onto course 32.

Route 32

Talk come the fat guy and he"ll provide you HM 06 - absent Smash. Friend won"t beable come go any type of further due to a to dance Sudowoodo impede the path. Instead, goback to Violet City and also head south to obtain onto the various other side ofRoute 32. Prior to leaving Violet City, pick up a Ylw Apricorn.

Head south. A bald male will offer you Miracle Seed. You"ll have plenty of opportunitiesto fight other trainers and also level up your Pokemon on route 32. Along the way, you"llbe maybe to choose up a Repel, a Great Ball, and also TM 09 - cartridge Seed.Since this is a rather lengthy route, there"s a Pokemon center halfway through whereyou deserve to heal your Pokemon prior to you get in the cavern ahead. Before entering thecave, stop the absent to pick up a Shell Bell.

Union Cave

Head right west and pick increase the X Attack. Head north and also down the steps.Go west, pick up the hidden X Speed on the an initial rock you see, and also pick up TM 39 - absent Tomb at the dead end. Walk north to choose up a X Defend.Now head back up the steps. Head south, adhering to the windy path and battlingthe trainers. Follow me the way, you"ll be able to pick up a Great Ball, aPotion, a hidden Parlyz Heal in a tall rock previous the Firebreather,and one Awakening before exiting the cave. Top top the various other side is route 33.

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Route 33

It"s rain on route 33! pick up a Pnk Apricorn and aBlk Apricorn. Head west just a small and you"ll be in Azalea Town.