8.1 Lake Hylia

Progress at this pointTotal LifeHeart PiecesTokens
New in this sectionHeart Pieces:#23, #24, #25Items:Golden Scale

Before us make our method to the following dungeon, the Fire Temple, there space some goodies for us to collect. Keep in mind that this ar is totally optional, so skip front to 8.2 to continue onward with the key quest.

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~ Scarecrow’s track ~


If you didn’t obtain this earlier, now’s a good time. In Lake Hylia together a child, there are two Scarecrows between the Lakeside Laboratory and the Fishing Pond. If girlfriend play her Ocarina because that the one top top the lower tier, you have the right to make your very own song. Make sure it’s miscellaneous you’ll remember. Next, come ago here in the future and talk come the lower Scarecrow again. Beat the tune to him to activate the song, allowing you to usage it a particular parts the the Overworld.

There are particular points in the video game where Navi will certainly fly to the center of nowhere and turn green. These places you have the right to either beat the song of Time to do a Time Block appear, or the Scarecrow’s tune to do Pierre (the various other Scarecrow) appear so you can Hookshot to him.



There is a Heart piece that we can collect by the Lakeside Laboratory. It requires you to either have the Scarecrow’s track or have planted the Magic bean by the lab. Either one of them will allow you to reach the heart piece.

Heart item #23

Just outside the Lakeside activities at Lake Hylia, we desire to gain on top of the building. You can do so by talk the Magic p Plant that has grown, or by playing the Scarecrow’s Song and also using the Hookshot. Climb the ladder to with the heart piece.



~ Let’s walk Fishing ~

Lake Hylia

At this point you deserve to return come the Fishing Pond to get an ext goodies. The water in ~ Lake Hylia is not filled up, so you can’t with the Fishing Pond by foot. Instead, you deserve to use the Magic bean Plant or you can play the Scarecrow’s Song. Either way, walk ahead and also enter the Fishing Point.

Fishing Pond


After payment the male behind the counter 20 Rupees, you’ll be given a fishing pole and can fish because that as lengthy as you like. This details mini-game can quickly lead to hours of fun trying to discover the greatest catch. Fishing together an Adult is virtually the same as a Child, other than the fish are a bit bigger.

The largest fish is constantly right in the center. I extremely recommend climbing up and also standing on peak of the log close to the center of the pond. Actors the line and also then reel it in. As soon as the fish bring away hold, I discover the best an approach is to never ever let walk of the A button. Host down and to the left top top the circle pad. Just never release either the A-Button or let walk of the circle Pad. It might take time, but usually connect will be able to capture the fish. If it it s okay away, you’ll have to leave and come ago to try again.

It can be frustrating if the Fish obtain away, but don’t worry, it’s not just you. The other piece the advice I’d provide is DON’T fear THE FISH! If you do, they will swim to the deepest component of the pond and you won’t have the ability to catch them. Just keep at it making use of this an approach and you’ll eventually catch a huge fish. If you capture a fish that is thirteen pounds or more, display it come the male you’ll success the golden Scale.

Catching the Hylian Loach

You have the right to optionally record the largest Fish at the Pony, the Hylia Loach. It’s entirely optional and there is no genuine reward, however a fun challenge. This particular Fish will not appear everytime you get in the Fishing Pond. You’ll need to enter, salary the man, take it a look at if the Fish is there, and also if not, then leaving and try it again. I typically play the Sun’s tune each time to take it it come the following day, to provide it a much better chance because that the Fish come appear.

Eventually, the gigantic Hylian Loach will appear, however it is at the really bottom that the pond and also cannot it is in reached. You’ll need to discover the Sinking Lure. The Sinking attract can be discovered at one of these four locations. It transforms each time, yet I uncover that is most often by the narrow stream of water. The Sinking lure is invisible, so simply walk around the area until you are able to discover it.


The good news is that once you obtain the Sinking Lure and spot the Hylian Loach, you will certainly definitely be able to catch him, without having actually to leave the Fishing Pond. It can take a long time, yet you’ll get him. With the Sinking Lure, after ~ you cast your line, if you push no buttons, the lure will drop to the bottom that the pond. Unfortunately, it an extremely easily attracts various other fish. If another fish catches on the line, just press no buttons until the fish division free.

You desire to fall the Sinking tempt so it is right close to the mouth that the Hylian Loach and just let that sit there. The Loach doesn’t move really often, however once the starts moving, over there is a possibility it can bite at the lure. If the does, automatically press and hold A to start reeling him in. More times than not though, the Loach will just swim far to a different location. Reel in the line and once again toss it so that lands close to the Hylian Loach and also just wait.

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Once the Loach bits the line, never let walk of the A-Button. From over there just organize down-left on the circle pad. The Loach could wiggle roughly for a lengthy time, but as long as friend don’t release the one Pad and also don’t let go of A, you more than most likely will have the ability to reel in the fish. Just keep in ~ it until you capture the huge fish. If you show it to the Fisherman, that will provide you 50 rupees, however says that he will release it back into the wild, as result of its rarity.