In WoW Classic, Night Elves could want to get to Stormwind and also the eastern Kingdoms to quest or satisfy up through their friends. Together those of us who have actually done this run will certainly attest, gaining there is… interesting.

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Step 1 – leave Teldrassil

Before friend leave, think around your armor. One strategy is friend take turn off all your armor and also stow it in her bank. You are going to it is in running v zones whereby the inhabitants may it is in skull level come you. Broken armor costs money to repair — money which you could not have actually a lot of of. Relying on your level, you’re going to die — often, a lot. Repeatedly. You’ll be able to pick increase your gear once you obtain to Ironforge. Or, probably don’t take it off your gear, especially if you’re do the run at a greater level. After ~ all, maybe you can, with some judicious assaults — or the aid of civilization questing in the area — kill some of these dangerous mobs. The lot of endure you’ll get — as well as drops — might be worth whatever you’ll pay in repairs. The choice is yours.

Take the portal indigenous Darnassus come the docks and ask the gryphon grasp for a ride to Auberdine — or you can take the boat to Auberdine. One of two people works.

Step 2 – Auberdine to Menethil

At The lengthy Wash acquire on the watercraft to Menethil Harbor. It’s the one to the south, or ~ above the left if your earlier is come Auberdine.


Step 3 – Menethil come Loch Modan or “The great Wetlands Corpse Run”

Pick up the flight path in Menethil — steel you yourself — and run the end of town. This is going to be the part which tries her patience.

The first thing to do is acquire past Bluegill Marsh and also murlocs ~ above one side and also Blackchannel marsh packed v raptors ~ above the other. Just beyond the first bridge, wherein you deserve to see a graveyard off to her left, a couple of murlocs hover close. The very same is true the the raptors to the right. Most mobs continue to be out the aggro variety but as you strategy the hills, there are raptors who room close come the road. If friend have any type of kind of speed boost, it will be handy due to the fact that you have the right to outrun both.

Once you leave the murlocs and also the raptors behind, friend might too be slathered in BBQ sauce. From here — close come Whelgar’s Excavation Site, until you with the second road come the left, i beg your pardon takes you come Raptor Ridge — crocolisks are spreading the word you’re on the road. If you’re law this operation as level 25-30, you’ll still pull crocs, yet you should have the ability to defeat them. Listed below this level — and especially if you’re level 3-20 — they are comparing notes around where lock ate you.


Learn to love corpse runs

If you have never excellent a repeated corpse run, you will learn how to perform it on the Wetlands road. It’s quite simple really. WHEN, no if, girlfriend die, open up up your mini map and also take note of wherein your human body is. Release. Now, open up the map and note wherein the graveyard is in relationship to where you died.

There is a chance — slim, but a opportunity — the closestly graveyard to her corpse is in former of you. It’s worth the rez sickness to proceed on your way rather 보다 going backwards towards your body, especially if girlfriend tossed your gear in the bank. Note: low levels don’t have rez sickness.

If you discover yourself at a graveyard behind whereby you died, operation forward, past your body, until you reach a allude where the “Resurrect now” switch disappears. Earlier up till it reappears, rez, and run prefer the dickens. You’re going to hear that horrible snorting noise that a croc rising out the the fen come come after you. Simply keep going and shot to obtain maybe 10 procedures from where you critical died.

Another problem along this roadway are Angerfang Orcs top top the right near the second left. There are guards along the road right into the encampment. If you space trying to gain away native a croc and run also close come them, lock take end from the crocs. Fortunately (?), there is a graveyard along the roadway where you can find you yourself rezzing in prior of her body.

Once you happen the second left, you space in Mosshide Fen. You’ll view gnolls off to the left yet they don’t get close to the road. Those crocs, however, room still comes up out of the fen come eat you. This is walking to continue until the road reaches the lake. When there, you’re going to readjust crocs because that spiders.


Step 4 – Loch Modan to Dun Morogh and Ironforge

Huzzah! You made it through Wetlands. Travel v the tunnels into the hills, but watch out. Top top the right between tunnels 2 and also 3, are a bunch the level 20 humanoid mobs i m sorry love Night Elf brined in Wetlands swamp water. There is a quest to kill them, however you’re also low level to gain it yet. They are right beside the road. Sometimes, your fatality puts you in the graveyard at Thelsamar — which is good, because you deserve to just take the res indigenous the graveyard and also keep going.

Once you’ve make it come Dun Algaz, you execute not need to run v Loch Modan to obtain to Dun Morogh. At Algaz Station, take it a right and run with Northgate Pass toward Ironforge. However, I imply running to Thelsamar to gain the trip path.

The great thing about Loch Modan and Dun Morogh space the variety of guards along the road. You deserve to drag something toward a guard and also they aid kill it. If you want, from Thelsamar proceed on the road toward Southgate guard Tower, turn right, and run with that tunnel. The connects in Dun Morogh through the road from Northgate Pass.

From here, simply run along the road. Friend should be able to — uneven you’re much less than level 10 — death anything which attacks.


Step 5 – Ironforge come Stormwind

Once in Ironforge, you’ll must head come the Deeprun Tram to end up your journey to Stormwind, which is located in Tinker city on the east. Be certain you head into the an excellent Forge and also get the trip path before you board the tram!

You will get a decent amount of suffer doing this trek. Also, don’t forget come either get your gear from the bank, or fix if you’ve chosen to wear your armor.

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Congratulations! friend made it and the best part is, you’ve picked up the trip paths so girlfriend don’t have to run the roadway to get ago to Menethil.