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Learn how to acquire Charmander in any kind of Pokémon game!

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What Is a Charmander?

Charmander is a Fire-type starter Pokémon featured in the original Pokémon Red, environment-friendly and Blue. Charmander has two evolutions—Charmeleon and Charizard—and looks closest to a bipedal salamander v a tail. It has a fire burning at the finish of its tail the is fabled to reason Charmander to die if it goes out. Charmanders room not discovered in the wild, and also are virtually exclusively starter Pokémon.

Compared to its companion starter Pokémon (Bulbasaur and Squirtle) Charmander is taken into consideration the most complicated to start with; the an initial two gym leaders in the Kanto an ar (Brock and also Misty) battle with Rock and Water-type Pokémon, both of i beg your pardon Charmander is not reliable against. However, the greater the level of the Charmander, the an ext powerful Fire-type moves it deserve to learn. And also when Charmander’s evolution Charmeleon evolves right into Charizard, it deserve to learn the HM02 Fly.


Charmander deserve to evolve right into a an effective Fire-type Pokémon.

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Pokemon GameGame Location


Starter Pokémon in Pallet Town


Starter Pokémon in Pallet Town


Obtained native Trainer on course 24

Selecting Charmander as a Starter Pokémon

The easiest method to obtain Charmander is to pick it together a starter Pokémon in the obtainable Pokémon games. Starter Pokémon are readily available to the player at the start of the game’s pursuit by the Professor in the player’s hometown. Players have actually the choice of choosing a Fire, Water or Grass-type starter Pokémon together their very first Pokémon; your in-game competitor will automatically choose a starter Pokémon that has actually a kind advantage end the player; because that example, picking Charmander will cause the player’s competitor to pick Squirtle as their starter Pokémon. In Pokémon Yellow, football player are given Pikachu together a starter Pokémon, they execute not have a choice.

Did you Know?

While the player in Pokémon Yellow must select Pikachu as their starter Pokémon, lock can uncover the original starters on your journey: Bulbasaur is uncovered in a house in Cerulean City, Charmander on course 25 and Squirtle after beating Lt surge in Vermillion City!

There are currently six Pokémon gamings where the player can select Charmander together a starter Pokémon; without these games, football player will have to trade to attain Charmander, or get the Pokémon in the Pal Park or bag Transfer. These games include:

Pokémon RedPokémon BluePokémon FireRedPokémon LeafGreenPokémon XPokémon Y

In each of these games, the player have the right to simply begin the video game with Charmander. When Charmander is chosen, however, the player is unable to obtain Squirtle or Bulbasaur because that the remainder of the game. These Pokémon would need to be traded in between Pokémon games. Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue likewise feature various Pokémon because that the player to capture.


Pokémon Red and also Pokémon Blue permit the player to start out with Charmander!

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The games Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen room remakes of the two initial games: they feature the exact same starter Pokémon , the very same Kanto an ar and the same as whole plot. However, lock are easily accessible on the video game Boy breakthrough system, included Wireless Adapters (to change the older connect Cables supplied for trading) and also had some in-game updates together well. In both of this games, the player has the same option to choose Charmander as their starter Pokémon.

Trading Charmander to various other Pokémon Games

The ability to profession Pokémon with various other trainers and also games is vital aspect that Pokémon games. No single Pokémon video game offers every one of the Pokémon in the national Pokedex; completing her game’s Pokedex will need trading Pokémon through others. In games where Charmander is not accessible as a starter Pokémon, you might need to trade with another trainer to achieve it. You will should trade to gain Charmander in the complying with games:


Charmander Generation II

The only way to trade Charmander in Pokémon Gold, silver- and Crystal is the usage of the “Time Capsule”. The moment Capsule enables trade “back in time” with the initial games: Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow. If the player owned an original video game with Charmander as a starter Pokémon and also either Pokémon Gold, silver- or Crystal, they might trade Charmander indigenous one game to another. Commerce is possible via link Cables.


Pokemon GameGame Location








Starter Pokémon in Pallet Town


Starter Pokémon in Pallet Town

In Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, trading through the first- and second-generation games is not compatible; these gamings cannot trade Pokémon with any kind of of their predecessors. To acquire Charmander via trade, players have the right to trade v owners of Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. Trade via the gamings Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire is done with connect Cables as before; owner of Pokémon Emerald are able come trade through the updated game Boy advanced Wireless Adaptor feature.

The later on Pokémon gamings all attribute the capacity to trade, but do not depend on it. As Nintendo DS games, these versions have the right to trade Pokémon end the integrated Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Trades deserve to be excellent locally between two games, long-distance between two football player or through multiple players via the internet connection. But there’s more: this games also have the ability to import Pokémon from Generation III games (Game Boy advance games).


The Nintendo 3DS enables wireless trade v the more recent Pokémon games.

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Pokemon GameGame Location


Pal Park, Trade


Pal Park, Trade


Pal Park, Trade


Reward from Professor Oak after beating Red, Pal Park, Trade


Reward from Professor Oak after beating Red, Pal Park, Trade

Catching Charmander in the Pal Park

The Pal Park was presented in the five Generation IV Pokémon games. The Pal Park enables the carry of Pokémon native Generation III gamings on the video game Boy breakthrough to the Generation IV game. The chosen Pokémon space transferred come the park, whereby the player have to then re-capture them. This transfers room permanent; once the Generation III Pokémon have actually been uploaded to the Generation IV game, they space there for good. The Pokémon gamings that have actually this Pal Park attribute are:


The Pal Park is located on route 221 in the Sinnoh Region, and in Fuchsia City in the Kanto region (in the old Safari Zone). In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, the Pal Park can be accessed just after the player has obtained the HM03 Surf, the Relic or Fen Badge, and also only ~ the player has seen all of the Sinnoh Pokémon and also has acquired the nationwide Pokedex. In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, the nationwide Pokedex is likewise needed to access the Pal Park.

Pal Park enables players to take part in a "catching show" of moved Pokémon.

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In this way, a player might transfer a Charmander from Pokémon FireRed or LeafGreen (or any other Generation III game) to a Generation IV Nintendo DS game. As the Pal Park is separated into 5 zones—Field, Forest, Mountain, Pond and Sea—the Charmander and also other moved Pokemon have to be found and also captured in their corresponding locations; a transferred Charmander would be found wandering in the Field.

Charmander Generation V

Pokemon GameGame Location


Poke Transfer


Poke Transfer

Black 2

Poke Transfer

White 2

Poke Transfer

Catching Charmander in the poke Transfer

The Generation V Pokémon games have a feature comparable to the Pal Park called Poke Transfer. With this, players deserve to transfer Pokémon indigenous Generation IV gamings to their Generation V game. Similar to the Pal Park, as much as six liked Pokémon room imported indigenous the Generation IV video game to the Generation V game and then recaptured, this time through a timed mini-game; players capture their Pokémon utilizing a Pokeball-shooting bow. Pokémon not recorded in time are transferred back to the Generation IV game. Poke carry is accessible in:

BlackWhiteBlack 2White 2

Players can access the bag Transfer function in the Poke transport Lab on route 15. It is usable after the storyline the the video game is complete and the player has actually received the national Pokedex. There is no border on how many Pokémon the player deserve to transfer per day, but it may only be excellent to 6 Pokémon at a time. As with the Pal Park, transporting a Pokémon native Generation IV come Generation V this way is permanent.

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Pokemon GameGame Location

Pokemon X

Second Starter Pokemon

Pokemon Y

Second Starter Pokemon

Omega Ruby


Alpha Sapphire


With the punctured Transfer, there space no specific regions to find for your moved Pokémon in: as soon as you transport your Charmander, you merely need to success the mini-game to obtain it. In the Poke transport mini-game, the Pokémon hide behind bushes, popping their heads up or dance from bush to bush. The player needs to shoot them v a bow shooting one-of-a-kind Pokeballs to catch them and complete the transfer. The Poke move is less of a hassle than the Pal Park, and also makes transferring large numbers that Pokémon simpler and an ext fun. If you have a Charmander ~ above a Generation IV Pokémon game, you’ll have no trouble relocating it come your brand-new Generation V game!

Charmander Generation VII

While not obtainable in Sun and also Moon, Charmander is found on course 3 in Ultra Sun and also Ultra Moon by players through Island Scan. Players can use Island Scan after getting 100 points native scanning QR codes. The scanner searches the island the player is currently located on for rare Pokémon. If used on a Sunday at route 3, Charmander will certainly be found!

No matter what Generation Pokémon game you have, it is feasible to acquire your very own Charmander. It may require part trading with friends, your older gamings or other civilization online, yet even you can have your own original Fire-type starter Pokémon!

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