Yes, I have actually seen the help here around the pan cycle. The doesn"t work-related for me—it just goes to yellow. Is there any kind of other method apart indigenous dismantling my PS3?

I had actually to rotate it upside-down, tilt the down, organize the strength button and the eject strength at the same time in order because that it to provide me mine dvd. Pretty lot put my PS3 right into submission.

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It functioned perfectly because that me...... Plug the end the PS3 keep ur finger ~ above the eject button and plug in ans switch on .......whammmm!!!!!! there come ur DVD ...out... The easy...

I"ve tried all of the over but it hasn"t functioned for me

Im wondering when i gain thisYLod fixed. Am i able come Still keep the DVD once its repaired?Please respond ASAP

I too had the same problem with a grounding disc ns tried every the techniques to remove the disc yet I figured with my playstation having actually the ylod anyways ns figured what much more damage might I do by removed the blu beam drive and also opening it myself be prepared if u decide to effort this there are about a dozen or therefore screws holding everything together






If hold the eject button and pressing and HOLDING the power switch till the power light is green does no eject the disc, It may be the drive is DUFF or simply jammed for part reason.

THIS overview should be your following option.

Pull the journey out and see if there is anything obvious.

PlayStation 3 Yellow irradiate of death (YLOD) resolve Kit may additionally be worth consideration.


How come eject jammed CD disc of PS3 Slim - rapid & Easy way with 1 hand !

sometimes manual and force eject don"t occupational . I"ve made my own means of ejecting that . You obtain 2 discs and force castle in to obtain the 3rd out just make sure bottom one doesnt go in an ext than optimal .

its worked every time. Don"t waste her money.

Definite fix.

Turn turn off system.

Hold eject bottom down and also turn it earlier on.

This will put your disc back into PLSY position.


Hold one more disc just slightly in the key tray, girlfriend should carry up heavy on the disc within the system.

Hit the eject button, wait half a 2nd and then take the end the disc you"re holding. It should organize the tray open long sufficient for the consistent eject.

Should come out then.

I tried this 4 times prior to it worked.

Turn turn off the PS3 by removing the power cord.

Put your finger top top the Eject button and also hold.

While maintaining your finger on it, turn on the PS3.

Wait for 10 to 30 seconds (during this time, the fan will be louder than usual) and release.

Your video game disc need to be ejected.

You may need to do this a pair of times

I go what girlfriend said male none of them works, i think i have actually a difficulty in mine ps3 , so here"s what ns did ns pressed eject switch then entered edge of new CD game in instance there"s something not opening when ejecting procedure & it"s worked."

hey thanks btw (y)

Best troubleshooting cheat ever! My son was devastated when he realised his 2 year old sister had stuck many DVDs in, fan trick did nothing. Place 1 disc in part method in and pressing eject gained 2 discs come come out, pressing eject acquired a third disc out. Say thanks to YOU!!!

This method details a means that you can use a an enig compartment. It"s also detailed here: -- it"s the way that operated for me

The most effective means to get your key unjammed native the bowl tray the a PS3 is to usage a bar burrito card, a largely reliable tool in maneuvering the disc the end of the bowl tray.

You must press both buttons at the very same time, you will certainly hear some beeps and also hopefully it will spit out the disc.

The answer from MICHAELPALACIS(below) was absolutely point out on. I removed 4 DVDS indigenous the machine.

Thank You!

Sometimes manual and also force eject doesn"t job-related . I"ve made my own way of ejecting it: You obtain 2 discs and force castle in to acquire the third out. Just make certain bottom one doesn"t walk in an ext than peak .

This operated every time. Don"t waste your money.

How to manually eject a disc native PS3 slim: ns watched this video and was the only thing that helped for me

How can I ever get two added discs in??

There appears to it is in something blocking it.

Btw; how deserve to i be sure that there is a disc stuck in it? probably there"s an additional problem just avoiding me come insert a disc.

When I desire to beat the device says there"s no disc..

I fixed one component of teh matter. Dismantled the PS and component of the blueray player and managed to gain the key out.

However, currently still ns can"t get a key in anymore. There"s a white pen or something impede it.

Any principles how to resolve that?


swithch off the console unplug it. Again plug that in and also before convert it on store your finger on the power botton ( keep it over there till her DVD is ejected) currently SWITCH that ON...the player will certainly run in high speed and after a couple of seconds DVD will be ejected. Enjoy.....

On the underside the the playstation where the screw for tough drive is the cover is bigger and pops the end leavening one hole through your hard drive screw and and anothef with no visable screws if you placed your driver in this hole and turn it will manually eject might need to revolve upside under to gain disk in ideal position worked for me as soon as fan test would not unfortunately my kid had additionally put 2p in it through the 3 stuck discs so I had to dismantle one yway

I make the efforts a couple ideas, what functioned for me was transforming the switch turn off in the back. Holding the power and also eject same time and also switching the back power top top again.

Don"t they have actually the screw top top the bottom because that ejecting the disc ns remember this as soon as I offered to deal with the YLOD.

Press and also hold the power and also eject switch at the exact same time, ~ confirming the blu-ray drive is no at fault. If this doesn’t work, change your pan and try again.

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Hope this helped. This is what ns did for my blinking red irradiate problem, and I lastly have my Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare disk back.

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