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There are many women the end in the human being that choose to it is in fat. Likewise there space even more that want to get fatter and also need the assist of a man................

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Do you prefer the large women and ecspecislly the one that desire to obtain fatter......Well this is a test the will see how large you will fatten friend girl feedee to.WILL SHE BURT OF every HE FOOD YOU feeding HER? it"s as much as you.....

Created by: note johnson

So you just started date a girl and she is a feedee and also she asks when you want to begin helping her allow me gain the auto keys were going come burger king I"m all all set to begin Let"s go get some ice-cream So you and your girl have been dating for atleast 4 months and your girl has gained virtually 200lbs and is currently 330 and also is quiet gaining, what is her reaction come this? Wow that"s warm Woh to be not also close to her goal Wow ns can"t wait to see you when your end 500You are at the mall v your girl shopping for some brand-new pant and she"s having actually trouble detect some new pants and also you say... Wow if your having trouble currently let"s check out what the like when you need aid to gain them ~ above Let"s see... Girlfriend won"t require any an ext donuts for today Let"s obtain those elastic pants they are an excellent for gaining weight You have noticed her girl seems to have a large hanging double belly as soon as you walked by the bath room to watch you girl weighing she self now that friend think around it just how much carry out you think she is going come weight? ns hope it"s high sufficient to cause an error Ohh atleast over 400lbs maybe it"s walking to be a reduced number therefore I deserve to cheer she up by offering her a belly rubYour girl currently it"s at the emergence of 400 and is 496.9 and is therefore excited to go to 500 what will you execute to celebrate? You do her a nice fatty dinner You journey her to a fast-food joimt to get her stait to 500 You go online and get a recipy to do her a really fattening cakeYou have now been dating you girl feed for over a year now and you are having actually fun fattening her up yet there"s one problem she won"t fit in any type of of her cloths... fine she can sqeaze in them and also just make them explode I"ll walk to among those online plus dimension wear shop She had to have 4th pizza in ~ the restaurant Your girl is now 567 and is having some troubles walking and getting up for her couch and also bed carry out you think she have to still proceed gaining? fine I"ve got to my score no so quick shes not fat enough yetYou and your girl are planning to walk to a personal beach the no one generally goes to,but she doesn"t recognize what type of bathing fit she desires to undertake what perform you think. ns think full so you deserve to hide many of your ship I think a bikini it shows every one of you rolls so perfectly Nothing simply let her fat jiggle in the waterYou and also your girl room at a movie keep in the mall and your girl it s okay stuck between two movie rack that were as well close together what execute you do? Squeeze her side fat and manuver she to one more are of the store Laugh at her trying come jiggle her method out to speak if you your were any bigger friend would have pushed one of the racks overYour girl in at 621 and is really having some trouble walking and is waddleing every were, and the other problems prior to but she doesn"t want to loosened any weight... How around a motorized scooter for you cultivation body Well i think girlfriend look so sexy when you waddle im sorry but, lets gain you top top a dietYou space again to buy for brand-new clothes and also when you room at the it is registered the lady exploring your girls brand-new clothes she provides you girl a typical look and also eyes in ~ her spanned belly ~ above he it is registered table what room will girlfriend say come the lady in ~ the register... Lady ago off she have the right to put her ship on the table if she desire to i told she she should loosened weight Hey that will just be me once Im done fattening she upIt"s been nearly two years due to the fact that you began dating and your girl is in the stage of obeseity yet its fine through the both the you and also you room stuffing your girl one night with a special fast weight acquiring ice-cream and her belly is simply laying ~ above the table due to the fact that her yet is making her sit up greater and she claims she feels like shes going come burst and also she now 700Lbs I"ll placed it back in the refrigerator for uou to complete tomorrow Wait girlfriend still gibberish finished all of it fine that"s sufficient for currently well proceed in one hour once your belly gets softer

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Quiz topic: exactly how will ns fatter mine girl up

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