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Is it possible to retrieve the security code through out acquisition it to the dealer.Thanks for the help

You"ll need to obtain the radio"s serial number by one of two people pulling the to review it ~ above the earlier or by adhering to this procedure: take it the serial number to her dealer v proof of ownership if necessary and they can attain the password for you. There room usually two security codes because that the same serial number, depending upon whether the radio was made by Alpine or Blaupunkt. I"ve had actually no trouble obtaining both serial numbers because that the radios on two Z3s.

I don"t think friend will have the ability to avoid asking the dealer for the code. I"m not conscious of anyone else the could carry out it. To gain the serial number, hold down the "m" switch on your radio for around 5 seconds and it should screen the code. It worked on mine. Is your radio displaying password ----
or CODE WAIT ? If the latter, it means that an untrue code has been entered and also will require a different procedure.Here"s a subject I recently started ~ above the same topic:
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Thanks for the reply"s. Ns did the procedure and also instead the S/N,I gain " AREA USA". I eliminated the unit, yet not sure out of all the numbers which one is the S/N. Any aid would be appreciated.

if you host down the m switch on the radio girlfriend will get the s/n. THen contact the dealer and also give him the serial and he can provide you the code over the phone. I did this last week and didn"t price me a thing. Over there will most likely be 2 password one for blaupunkt and one because that Alpine. Blaupunkt worked for me, however it might be different for you. PS If the first try doesn"t work shot the second number. If the doesn"t work contact the dealer and ask because that the number again, and maybe they will certainly *find* more. This means you shouldnt acquire locked the end of the radio and have come wait. Permit me understand if you desire my dealers number LOL.

Your serial number need to contain one x and also seven digits. Obtain your defense code indigenous the dealer and see if that will work. I"ve never had the "Area USA" show up when disconnecting and reconnecting the battery cable on one of two people of my Z3s.
Radio Code and also Other Displays
I think the information below will aid you acquire past the "Area USA" display. Come scroll v the various screens press the + button on the left upper part of the radio.The following is from my 2002 3.0i Z3. Other Z3"s I"ve had display slightly different information together you scroll v the functions.
The "Radio Code" is an antitheft device. If someone steals the radio the code must be entered to activate the radio. Likewise, if the car"s battery walk dead or is disconnected because that safety reasons during organization the radio will prompt friend to go into the code when power is re-applied.The radio will display:CODE - - - - -Enter the 5-digit Radio Code using the radios preset buttons. This number also appears on her Radio code card assuming you have one.After entering the fifth digit press the > button and also the radio will activate. Any kind of presets girlfriend had before the strength loss will certainly return. Apparently a capacitor in the radio holds that information.To retrieve her radio***8217;s serial number without removing it from the dash. Enter the radio***8217;s programming/service mode. To execute this, turn on the radio then, host down the M button on the left lower part of the radio***8217;s faceplate for around 10 seconds. The screen will change to the radio***8217;s serial number. Come scroll through the various screens press the + switch on the left upper section of the radio. To gain out of programming/service setting turn the radio off by pressing the volume control.The adhering to information is no in the radio owner***8217;s manual. When in programming/service setting you deserve to scroll through a range of displays. The only display screen of any real importance is the GAL. There is no information around GAL in the owner***8217;s manual. Please review below.The following displays are available:SN 19941629 ***8211; appears on the Radio code cardGI 45GAL 4HI 321403> center 111100D> SIP 141401Station Signal toughness is DisplayedDSP 0 V 00 AREA USA see 3 AF MAN########### (blank screen ***8211; watch explanation below)Explanations the Radio display screen SymbolsSN is the serial variety of the radio itself essential to obtain the Radio code if you lose the card. Contact a BMW dealer, tell them the radio serial number and also show your registration. Castle will obtain your code from your computerGI ***8211; no ideaGAL (adjustable 1,2,3,4,5,6 making use of radio preset buttons). This set the speed sensitive volume control. The higher the number the loader the radio volume immediately becomes as you hit 40mph. The compensates because that wind noise due to the top being down. As soon as you slow-moving to listed below 40mph it returns to your original (idle) setting. I have actually used it as high together 5 in summer and also turned it down to 4 in winter as soon as the optimal is up. Collection to ideal meet your needs.HI ***8211; no idea. As soon as in this setting pressing the > arrow the display alters to SIM ***8211; no idea - press > again and it changes to SIP ***8211; no ideaStation signal stamin is presented ***8211; you can readjust the station and also the screen will show you the signal strength of that station.DSP probably means Dolby Surround Processing, or Digital Signal Processor, DSP does not use to this design radio in a Z3.AREA is adjusted using the preset switch 1. Area describes the nation where the radio is to be used. Pushing preset switch 1 scrolls through the adhering to options; USA, CANADA, OC+RDS (no idea), JAPAN, NO AREA, EUROPE. Note, the tuning increments change based on the country. In the USA, every FM frequencies finish in odd numbers i.e.: 101.5 and also 98.7. Ns other nations FM and also AM increments room different.VIEW (adjustable 1,2,3,4 using the preset buttons) 3 is brightest various other than the I have no idea.AF Auto (something)? Well, I know it doesn"t stand for Auto Focus.

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########### empty display provided to check the LEDs. By pushing radio presets 1, 2, 3, 4 the display scrolls with a collection of fads so that any type of bad LEDs are straightforward to see.