A few things to remember before you begin: 

Ensure the your router is associated to the Internet and that the SSID Broadcast attribute of her router has been enabled.Take keep in mind of your wireless network name (SSID) and also password.

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Step 3:Tap any kind of of the north connections.QUICK TIP: If you have to clear up any type of of your wireless profiles, tap Erase Settings under the connection. If you're utilizing Nintendo DSi™, madness the link then pick Clear Settings.




Step 4:Tap find for an accessibility Point.



Your machine should begin scanning for obtainable networks. 



Step 5:Tap on your router's wireless network name (SSID).Step 6:Enter the wireless network's password utilizing the onscreen keyboard when prompted. Insanity OK once done.QUICK TIP: If your wireless network is

 Open, you might skip this step.



NOTE: The Nintendo DS™ and DSi™ lite versions just support

 WEP security. The DSi™ have the right to support both
 WEP and 
WPA but not WPA2.Step 7:Tap OK ~ above the pop-up box to test your settings. 


If you have collection the proper settings, you need to see a link successful message. Her Nintendo DS™ or Nintendo DSi™ need to now be linked to the wireless network.

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YOU additional ACKNOWLEDGE the THE SOFTWARE and ANY connected PROGRAMS and also DOCUMENTATION room NOT CERTIFIED for EMERGENCY response OR to plan OR suitable FOR use IN cases OR atmospheres WHERE FAILURE, hold-up OR ERRORS OR INACCURACIES IN THE DATA OR INFORMATION listed BY THE SOFTWARE might LEAD come DEATH, personal INJURY OR major PHYSICAL OR ecological DAMAGE, including WITHOUT LIMITATION IN connection WITH THE operation OF nuclear FACILITIES, AIRCRAFT navigating OR interaction SYSTEMS, AIR traffic CONTROL, LIFE support OR tools SYSTEMS. YOU know THAT THE PRODUCTS and also SOFTWARE room NOT component OF and also DO not CONTAIN A THIRD-PARTY MONITORED EMERGENCY an alert SYSTEM. mmsanotherstage2019.com DOES no MONITOR EMERGENCY NOTIFICATIONS and also WILL no DISPATCH EMERGENCY AUTHORITIES come YOUR residence IN THE event OF an EMERGENCY. mmsanotherstage2019.com CUSTOMER support CONTACTS cannot BE considered A LIFESAVING SOLUTION and also THEY room NOT A SUBSTITUTE because that EMERGENCY SERVICES. Every LIFE THREATENING and also EMERGENCY instances SHOULD BE directed TO THE suitable EMERGENCY an answer SERVICES IN your AREA.

It is your obligation to ago up her system, consisting of without limitation, any kind of material, info or data that you may use or possess in connection with the Product or Software, and also mmsanotherstage2019.com shall have actually no legal responsibility for your failure to ago up your system or any type of material, info or data.

Some mmsanotherstage2019.com Products and Software might monitor energy usage in the home. mmsanotherstage2019.com does not guarantee or promise any certain level of power savings or other monetary benefit from the usage of the commodities or software application or any kind of other feature. Actual energy savings and any connected monetary services vary based upon factors past mmsanotherstage2019.com’s control or knowledge. Indigenous time come time, mmsanotherstage2019.com might use the software application to administer you with info that is distinctive to you and your energy usage and also suggests an possibility to save money on power bills if you take on suggestions or functions of the Product or Software. You acknowledge that this information is not a guarantee of really savings, and also you agree not to seek monetary or various other remedies indigenous mmsanotherstage2019.com if your savings differs. All information listed to friend by mmsanotherstage2019.com is noted “as is” and “as available”. Us cannot guarantee the it is exactly or as much as date. In situations where it is critical, accessing info through the software program is no a substitute for direct access of the information in the home.

13. Basic EXCLUSIONS and also LIMITATION the LIABILITY: part JURISDICTIONS execute NOT allow THE exclusion OR LIMITATION OF implied WARRANTIES OR that LIABILITY because that INCIDENTAL OR consequential DAMAGES, for this reason THE FOREGOING constraints OR EXCLUSIONS might NOT use TO YOU. THIS agreement GIVES YOU specific LEGAL rights WHICH differ FROM JURISDICTION come JURISDICTION. To THE MAXIMUM degree PERMITTED by APPLICABLE LAW, IN NO event SHALL mmsanotherstage2019.com, that is AFFILIATES, ASSOCIATES, DEALERS, AGENTS OR companies OR THEIR corresponding OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, EMPLOYEES, LICENSORS and ASSIGNS BE liable FOR any type of INDIRECT, EXEMPLARY, PUNITIVE, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL loss WHATSOEVER (INCLUDING but NOT minimal TO loss FOR lose OF profits OR REVENUE, FOR service INTERRUPTION, FOR an individual INJURY, for LOSS of PRIVACY, because that LOSS OF ability TO usage ANY third PARTY products OR SERVICES, FOR fail TO MEET any kind of DUTY consisting of OF an excellent FAITH OR that REASONABLE CARE, for NEGLIGENCE, and FOR any OTHER PECUNIARY OR other LOSS WHATSOEVER), regardless OF THE concept OF LIABLITY (CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE) developing OUT that OR IN ANY method RELATED to THE use OF OR inability TO usage THE SOFTWARE, also IF mmsanotherstage2019.com OR SUCH other ENTITIES have actually BEEN recommend OF THE opportunity OF together DAMAGES. IN NO event SHALL THE TOTAL accumulation LIABILITY that mmsanotherstage2019.com, that is AFFILIATES, ASSOCIATES, DEALERS, AGENTS OR suppliers TO YOU because that ALL loss EXCEED THE LESSER of FIFTY DOLLARS ($50.00) OR THE PRICE friend PAID because that THE PRODUCT, THE software OR THE MEDIA comprise THE SOFTWARE. THIS LIMITATION IS CUMULATIVE and WILL not BE increased BY THE presence OF an ext THAN ONE incident OR CLAIM. THE FOREGOING limitations WILL use EVEN IF any WARRANTY OR REMEDY detailed FAILS of ITS important PURPOSE. Nothing IN THIS section IS plan TO limit THE LIABILITY, UNDER APPLICABLE LAW, the mmsanotherstage2019.com IN relationship TO fatality OR BODILY INJURIES.

IF friend LIVE IN THE europe UNION, recommendations TO "SPECIAL, INDIRECT, CONSEQUENTIAL, PUNITIVE OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES" chandelier MEAN any kind of LOSSES i beg your pardon (I) to be NOT sensibly FORESEEABLE by BOTH PARTIES; (II) WERE known TO YOU but NOT to US; AND/OR (III) WERE fairly FORESEEABLE by BOTH PARTIES but COULD have actually BEEN prevent BY YOU such AS, FOR example (BUT without LIMITATION), LOSSES caused BY VIRUSES, MALWARE OR other MALICIOUS PROGRAMS, OR lose OF OR damage TO her DATA.

The warranties and remedies set out in this agreement are exclusive, and, come the level permitted by law, in lieu of every others oral or written, to express or implied.

14. EXPORT manage LAWS: friend agree the the use of the software application is subject to U.S. And also local export control laws and regulations. Friend represent and also warrant the you space not a citizens of one embargoed or “terrorist supporting” nation or a prohibited or restricted end user under applicable U.S. Or neighborhood export and also anti-terrorism laws, regulations and lists. You agree come strictly comply with all export regulate laws and regulations and also agree not to export, re-export, divert, carry or disclose any portion of the software application or any related technical details or materials, directly or indirectly, in violation of any applicable export regulation or regulation.

15. U.S. Government USERS: The Software and user documentation qualify together “commercial items” as identified at 48 C.F.R. 2.101 and also 48 C.F.R. 12.212. All U.S. Federal government users obtain the Software and user documentation with just those civil liberties herein that use to non-governmental customers. Use of one of two people the software application or user documentation or both constitutes commitment by the U.S. Federal government that the Software and user documentation space “commercial computer software” and also “commercial computer system software documentation,” and constitutes acceptance of the rights and restrictions herein.

16. General TERMS. If any part of this commitment or any type of of its terms is uncovered to it is in void or unenforceable by regulation in a particular jurisdiction, such portion or state shall be interpreted and enforced to the maximum extent allowed in together jurisdiction, and the continuing to be provisions or any part thereof will stay in complete force and effect. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between mmsanotherstage2019.com and you with respect to the Software and your use thereof and supersedes any type of conflicting or extr terms had in any purchase stimulate or elsewhere. No delivery of this commitment may be waived, modification or superseded other than by a created instrument embraced by mmsanotherstage2019.com and also you. However, the mmsanotherstage2019.com Privacy plan referenced herein is subject to readjust in the manner defined in that document. mmsanotherstage2019.com may administer translations that this agreement as a convenience come users. However, in the occasion of a problem or inconsistency in between the English and also any non-English versions, the English variation of this covenant shall govern, come the extent not prohibition by local legislation in your jurisdiction. Any suppliers of mmsanotherstage2019.com shall be direct and intended third-party beneficiaries that this Agreement, consisting of without limitation with respect to the disclaimers the warranties and limitations ~ above liability set forth herein. Other than as set forth in the coming before sentence, a human being or entity who is not a party to this covenant shall no have any type of right to enforce any type of term of this Agreement. No fail or hold-up in exercising any kind of right or remedy shall run as a waiver of any kind of such (or any kind of other) ideal or remedy. The language the this agreement shall no be construed strictly because that or versus either party, nevertheless of who drafted together language or to be principally responsible for drafting it. The rights and obligations under this agreement are no assignable by you, and also any attempted assignment shall be void and without effect. This covenant shall bind and inure to the advantage of the parties and also their successors and permitted assigns. In the event of any legal proceeding between the parties arising out the or regarded this Agreement, the prevailing party chandelier be entitled to recover, in enhancement to any type of other relief vested or granted, that is costs and also expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ and expert witness’ fees) occurs in any type of such proceeding.

If friend are situated in the joined States, section 17 applies to you:


(A) GENERALLY. Subject TO i 17(D) BELOW, YOU and also mmsanotherstage2019.com each ACKNOWLEDGE and also AGREE THAT any type of CLAIM, dispute OR CONTROVERSY between YOU and mmsanotherstage2019.com arising OUT that OR RELATING come (1) THIS AGREEMENT, consisting of THE VALIDITY the THIS SECTION, and also (2) YOUR usage OF software program AND/OR PRODUCT(S) UNDER THIS agreement (COLLECTIVELY, THE “DISPUTE”) chandelier BE solved EXCLUSIVELY and FINALLY by BINDING ARBITRATION ADMINISTERED by JAMS, A NATIONALLY recognized ARBITRATION AUTHORITY, PURSUANT to ITS password OF actions THEN IN effect FOR CONSUMER-RELATED DISPUTES. YOU understand THAT there is no THIS supplication YOU would certainly HAVE had A ideal TO LITIGATE A dispute THROUGH A COURT before A JURY OR JUDGE, and THAT YOU have EXPRESSLY and also KNOWINGLY WAIVED THOSE RIGHTS and also AGREE rather TO RESOLVE any DISPUTES with BINDING ARBITRATION IN ACCORDANCE through THE PROVISIONS the THIS SECTION.

(B) ARBITRATION PROCEDURES and also FEES. prior to SUBMITTING A insurance claim FOR ARBITRATION, one of two people PARTY SHALL first NOTIFY THE various other PARTY TO shot TO deal with THE DISPUTE. IF THE conflict IS NOT resolved WITHIN 60 job OF such NOTIFICATION, then THE case WILL be SUBMITTED because that ARBITRATION. THE ARBITRATION OF any DISPUTE OR claim SHALL BE carried out IN ACCORDANCE through THE climate CURRENT and APPLICABLE rule OF JAMS as MODIFIED by THIS AGREEMENT. THE ARBITRATION shall OCCUR before A single ARBITRATOR, WHO have to BE A RETIRED referee OR JUSTICE, IN among SIX local VENUES continuous WITH THE venue PROVISION BELOW. Whether OR no YOU PREVAIL IN THE DISPUTE, SO lengthy AS YOUR claim IS NOT discovered TO be FRIVOLOUS through THE ARBITRATOR together MEASURED BY dominance 11(b) of THE commonwealth RULES OF civil PROCEDURE, friend SHALL BE licensed has been granted TO it is in REIMBURSED because that YOUR prices OF ARBITRATION, in ~ THE single DISCRETION of THE ARBITRATOR. IF THE ARBITRATION compensation IS equal TO OR higher THAN THE AMOUNT girlfriend DEMANDED IN her ARBITRATION CLAIM, mmsanotherstage2019.com will PAY FOR your REASONABLE and ACTUAL ATTORNEYS’ FEES YOU have actually INCURRED come ARBITRATE THE DISPUTE, add to A MINIMUM recovery OF $2,500. Any kind of DECISION OR award BY THE ARBITRATOR rendered IN one ARBITRATION PROCEEDING SHALL it is in FINAL and also BINDING ON each PARTY, and also MAY BE gone into AS A referee IN any type of COURT OF experienced JURISDICTION. IF one of two people PARTY brings A conflict IN A COURT OR various other NON-ARBITRATION FORUM, THE ARBITRATOR OR JUDGE might AWARD THE other PARTY that is REASONABLE COSTS and EXPENSES (INCLUDING however NOT minimal TO ATTORNEYS’ FEES) occurs IN obtrude COMPLIANCE v THIS BINDING ARBITRATION PROVISION, consisting of STAYING OR DISMISSING such DISPUTE. Any kind of ARBITRATION SHALL it is in CONFIDENTIAL, and NEITHER YOU, no one mmsanotherstage2019.com no one THE ARBITRATOR may DISCLOSE THE EXISTENCE, contents OR results OF any type of ARBITRATION, other than AS may BE compelled BY regulation OR FOR functions OF ENFORCEMENT OR appeal OF THE ARBITRATION AWARD. Referee ON any ARBITRATION AWARD may BE gotten in IN any COURT HAVING appropriate JURISDICTION. IF ANY part OF THIS ARBITRATION i IS established BY A COURT TO it is in INAPPLICABLE OR INVALID, then THE REMAINDER shall STILL it is in GIVEN full FORCE and EFFECT.

(C) WAIVER of CLASSWIDE CLAIMS; small CLAIMS COURT. Neither YOU nor mmsanotherstage2019.com candlestick BE entitled TO join OR CONSOLIDATE cases IN ARBITRATION by OR against OTHER consumer OR ARBITRATE any CLAIMS together A REPRESENTATIVE OR MEMBER that A class OR IN A private ATTORNEY basic CAPACITY. YOU understand THAT there is no THIS provision YOU may HAVE had actually A best TO ARBITRATE A dispute ON A CLASSWIDE OR REPRESENTATIVE BASIS, and THAT YOU have actually EXPRESSLY and also KNOWINGLY WAIVED THOSE RIGHTS and AGREE instead TO ARBITRATE only YOUR very own DISPUTE(S) IN ACCORDANCE v THE PROVISIONS the THIS SECTION. Notwithstanding THE over AGREEMENT come ARBITRATE DISPUTES, YOU and also mmsanotherstage2019.com every ACKNOWLEDGE and AGREE the EITHER PARTY MAY, together AN alternate TO ARBITRATION, bring AN INDIVIDUAL action IN tiny CLAIMS COURT TO deal with A DISPUTE, SO lengthy AS SUCH tiny CLAIMS COURT does NOT administer FOR OR permit FOR JOINDER OR CONSOLIDATION that CLAIMS.

(D) governing LAW; INJUNCTIVE RELIEF. THIS covenant IS come BE construed IN ACCORDANCE WITH and GOVERNED by THE legislations OF THE STATE the CALIFORNIA there is no GIVING effect TO any kind of CONFLICT the LAW rule THAT WOULD cause THE application OF THE regulations OF any type of JURISDICTION come THE RIGHTS and also DUTIES of THE PARTIES. HOWEVER, v RESPECT TO software application PROVIDED, IF YOU room A CONSUMER and YOU LIVE IN A nation WHERE mmsanotherstage2019.com markets OR disclosure THE SOFTWARE, LOCAL regulation MAY call for THAT details CONSUMER PROTECTION legislations OF YOUR country OF RESIDENCE use TO some SECTIONS that THIS AGREEMENT. IN ADDITION, mmsanotherstage2019.com might SEEK INJUNCTIVE RELIEF IN any type of COURT having JURISDICTION TO defend ITS intellectual PROPERTY RIGHTS. Every OF THE UNITED countries CONVENTION ~ above CONTRACTS for THE international SALE that GOODS and THE UNITED nations CONVENTION top top THE LIMITATION period IN THE worldwide SALE OF goods IS HEREBY expressly EXCLUDED and also WILL NOT apply TO THIS AGREEMENT.

(E) VENUE. except FOR INDIVIDUAL tiny CLAIMS action WHICH deserve to BE brought IN ANY tiny CLAIMS COURT wherein JURISDICTION and also VENUE room PROPER, any type of ARBITRATION, legal SUIT, action OR PROCEEDING developing OUT that OR RELATING to THIS commitment OR any DISPUTE SHALL it is in COMMENCED IN (1) new YORK, brand-new YORK, (2) ATLANTA, GEORGIA, (3) CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, (4) DALLAS, TEXAS, (5) SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, OR (6) LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, and also YOU and also mmsanotherstage2019.com every IRREVOCABLY send TO THE exclude, JURISDICTION and VENUE OF any kind of SUCH PROCEEDING. HOWEVER, for A dispute OF $10,000 OR LESS, friend MAY pick WHETHER THE ARBITRATION IN any type of OF THE SIX local VENUES PROCEEDS IN PERSON, by TELEPHONE, OR BASED only ON SUBMISSIONS.

If you space located exterior of the joined States, or if ar 17 walk not use to girlfriend or is otherwise unenforceable together adjudicated through a court of knowledgeable jurisdiction, then section 18 applies to you:

18. Administrate LAW. This covenant will be governed by California law, without reference to its or any kind of other jurisdiction’s dispute of regulations principles. Any activity arising out of or relating to this covenant may be carried exclusively in the appropriate state or commonwealth court in Los Angeles, California, and mmsanotherstage2019.com and you irrevocably consent come the jurisdiction of together courts and also venue in Los Angeles, California. However, if you are a consumer and also you live in a nation where mmsanotherstage2019.com industries or distributes the Software, local legislation may call for that specific consumer protection legislations of your nation of residence apply to some sections of this Agreement. In addition, mmsanotherstage2019.com might seek injunctive relief in any court having actually jurisdiction to protect its pundit property rights. Each of the United nations Convention ~ above Contracts because that the international Sale that Goods and the United nations Convention on the Limitation duration in the global Sale of goods is hereby specifically excluded and will not apply to this Agreement.

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