If you space here, climate you probably shed your manual, and also now you need to know just how to fee your remote-controlled helicopter. Some might think the it is as basic as plugging that in and letting the go, but much more often 보다 not, world will disregard the warning labels created in the booklet or pamphlet and end up resulting in injury to themselves or damage to the helicopter.

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How do you charge an RC Helicopter via USB? There space three viable means to fee your RC helicopter. You deserve to charge it v the remote that it come with, the computer, or through a constant outlet. Using any USB charger is ill-advised due to the fact that the one it comes v is made particularly for that model.

It is not hard to uncover a power source for all our electronics these days, however what human being fail to establish is that the warnings typically presented in bold space for your safety and protection. Anyone that refrains from following the accuse is topic to endangering themselves and also anyone else in the vicinity.

Charging with USB

Make sure the strength switch is in the “off” position before plugging the in. Regardless of what power source that you decide to use, plug the cord right into the helicopter first. As soon as you plugin the various other end, a light must turn on, indicating the it is charging successfully.

If you select to plug it into the wall, you will require an AC adapter the will enable you to use the outlet. When the helicopter is fully charged, the indicator light will rotate off. The all at once charging time is about 50 to 60 minutes to complete. The paris time is based upon the time the takes come charge and can last around the same length depending on the brand, size, and also model.

Also, save in mind the if you decide to use the controller to fee the helicopter, you will certainly most likely need to switch the end the batteries in the controller due to the fact that those require continual batteries and not the rechargeable ones.

Use Caution once Charging

Make certain the helicopter is under adult supervision while the is on the charger and also not left alone. Do not put it or the cord approximately any resource of water, the charging area must remain dry and also well ventilated. It is necessary that you carry out not use any kind of universal USB to charge it, just the cable that comes v it. Many universal chargers are not the type of “charger” that an RC helicopter have the right to safely use. To protect against any kind of damages within the circuits and also on the exterior design, fee it on a level surface ar where it is less likely to fall off. Do not tamper v the battery unless you room looking to change it. The batteries are flammable, therefore make sure they don’t overheat as they have the right to explode damaging your helicopter or injuring others. through that also, it is best to wait until the batteries have cooled down after flying before plugging it in to protect against overheating.

Mishandled Charging

The factor you must not usage a universal charger is that while a cell phone power cable might be labeled as a charger, that is not the correct term because that it. The genuine charger is currently within the phone; the cord is merely a 5V leg for the power to cross over on.

Most RC helicopters need a 100mAh lithium polymer cell, and also to charge; it takes a current of 0.1A—the voltage at a max that 4.2V. If you have actually a strength cord that puts too much power through it can reason your battery to warm up and also possibly to explode or record on fire. 

Lithium ion fluid is a highly reactive chemistry that can easily record fire and also explode so preventing overcharging your RC battery will keep you native damaging your battery too as aid protect friend from the battery exploding and also a fire starting. 


Problems might arise every now and also then, and when the happens, girlfriend will desire to settle it as soon as possible. Right here are few of the worries that might occur, add by basic solutions you can use to fix them.

1. No Holding a Charge

The voltage could be incorrect. Examine the voltage v a multimeter; it have to not exceed or it is in under whatever particular voltage your RC helicopter was made come handle. If the is not at the exactly voltage, you can use a warehouse discharge and try charging the again. This is specifically common concern if you just recently readjusted out her battery and didn’t make certain that the very same size of battery was used. 

You may simply need brand-new batteries if the troubles proceed. Or, it might be that the batteries are overcharged. You need to not leaving it charging unattended, additionally for safety reasons. Make certain to eliminate it indigenous the charger as shortly as the is fully charged.

Too much liquid exposure—whether the accidentally plummeted into a pond, pool, lake, or you charged it near the sink and also people who were not cautious repeatedly splashed the helicopter. Execute not fee it close to the sink or all over that is thought about a high splash zone. It’s also important come know how much battery life you have actually left If you space flying her helicopter close to water. You definitely don’t desire to it is in hovering your helicopter over a lake or stream and also have that drop in the water. 

2. Slow response Time

If girlfriend are about other RC helicopters, your controller can be ~ above the exact same frequency as theirs, i beg your pardon confuses your helicopter. Either fly in other places or alter the frequency to a various one. 

The slow solution time could additionally be brought about by the battery in her remote control being nearly dead. Most remotes will have actually 9v batteries in them therefore that would certainly be the an initial thing to inspect if your response time is not functioning right. 

3. Just Not functioning

If your helicopter isn’t relocating or working at all it is most likely one of two things. It is either a power concern or an digital issue. If your helicopter was freshly crashed or dropped and also the trouble starts some digital component can have to be damaged or jarred loose. In this situation it’s a good idea to open up your helicopter and check the wiring and also other components for damage. 

The power worry is most most likely an problem with your battery ~ above the helicopter but can likewise be an issue with the battery in the controller. Most batteries deserve to be replaced fairly inexpensively so if you space having problems replacing both batteries is a good an initial step. Friend can additionally take this as an chance to upgrade the battery in the helicopter yet make sure to no exceed the manufacturer’s referrals for the battery sizes. 

Battery Replacement

If nobody of the troubleshooting helped to relieve any issues, it might be time to acquisition a new battery as a whole. Lipo batteries selection from expensive come inexpensive, however you will want to one based on the features of your previous one.

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This is an extremely important. The same way a charger is chosen based on the specifications, so will certainly the batteries be. These space the points you should think about when purchase a new battery so to avoid any type of complications or injuries come both the chopper and to you:

The voltage – The number mentioned in the packaging is the only number the voltage have to be at. Anything above or below will perform nothing however damage your RC helicopter. The capacity – A larger helicopter will have various power source requirements 보다 a smaller one. The bigger the capacity, the more heavier the battery, which consequently will impact the lot of time the chopper can be in the air. The weight – whatever weight the previous battery were will certainly be the precise weight you desire your new batteries to be since you desire the chopper to continue to work as well as, if not better than before. The flight time – Make certain to recognize if the brand-new battery you space buying will market you the same or longer trip times 보다 the one you room replacing.

Video Help

If seeing someone change their battery is much easier for friend then inspect out the two videos below. They provide some general tips and show you precisely how to readjust the battery on that RC helicopter model.