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Has her watch stopped or isn"t functioning properly? You may need to adjust the watch battery, and also are wondering how to perform it. If girlfriend can"t obtain to a jeweller to carry out it because that you, it"s usually easy to change the battery — just follow this comfortable guide.

Read on to find out just how to readjust a clock battery, when to adjust it, as soon as it"s it s okay to perform it yourself, part tips and also more.

Signs you might need to readjust your clock battery

The most evident sign that you require to adjust a clock battery is when your clock has totally stopped. But there are various other warnings the watch can send you before the battery drains completely:

her watch alarm or digital screen has quit functioning. The 2nd hand jumps in 5-second intervals: numerous watches have actually this feature referred to as an "end the life indicator". If you notice that the motion of the second hand is jumping every 5 seconds instead of every second, climate it is time to change the battery. In this case, your watch will continue to keep exact time, however within about a week and also a fifty percent it will completely stop. Your watch no longer keeps the correct time.

Important note: Make certain to change your clock battery (or at the very least remove it) as soon as it operation out. If friend don"t replace it quickly, the battery may start to leak and could permanently damages the clock movement.

How long do clock batteries last?

Watch batteries room designed come not require replacing often. The battery duration will rely on the watch and its features, but a newly purchased watch should last as much as 2 years, or even up to 3 or 4 years in part cases.

In larger watches, the battery must last in between 14 and 18 months. However, it may need replacing sooner for various reasons: The older her watch is, the quicker it will drain the battery. Features such as LED displays, alarms and also chronograph will drainpipe the battery much faster than a continuous analogue watch. If you desire your clock battery to critical as lengthy as possible, we recommend no leaving the chronograph to run all the time. Occasionally a watch battery"s life may be influenced by external components such as excessive temperatures, humidity or waiting pressure.

Important note: we strongly recommend you change your watch battery every 2 years to prevent potential leakages that might damage your watch.

How lot is a watch battery?

The cost of your watch battery will rely on the type of watch you have, indigenous the brand and style come the type of battery it needs. Together a dominion of thumb, the much more expensive your watch is, the more complicated its mechanisms space (and many likely, the much more expensive the battery). Part watches require a much more expensive battery, of up to £100, if a £2-£5 battery will certainly be an ext than sufficient for most simple watches.

Be conscious that any old clock battery won"t do. Clock battery sizes differ and also so walk the voltage according to the specific form of battery (silver oxide or lithium)

Important note: as soon as replacing her watch battery, make certain to usage the correct replacement battery or you might risk damaging your watch.

Always examine the ago of her watch instance as battery specifications room usually enrolled there, or refer to your watch"s accuse manual. If friend can"t find the details there, you will should take out the battery come check.

Should i go to a jeweller to replace my clock battery?

If you don"t desire to readjust the watch battery by yourself, don"t worry. There room plenty the perfectly capable jewellers that will carry out it because that you because that a small fee.

In some cases, going come a jeweller is the encourage option. There are several advantages to having a expert jeweller replace the battery for you: They room experienced and also skilled at transforming watch batteries, and use the suitable tools. It"s much safer come take her watch come a jeweller fairly than risk damaging her watch or voiding any warranty you may have. Some jewellers have the right to mark the instead of battery v a date and guarantee its power for one year. If the new battery dies prior to that date, friend can lug it earlier to them and they will change it in ~ no cost. Replacing the battery have the right to be challenging with some watches. For instance, the town hall that space sealed because that water resistance have to be resealed and pressure-tested after their battery has been changed. Part watches, like musical watches, also have an ext than one battery.

Important note: Be conscious that certain brands and models require service from the original manufacturer (for example, Cartier watches). This option will take it longer and cost more, however you can be assured that your high value designer watch will certainly be in safe hands. Check your watch"s hands-on or service agreement or the manufacturer"s guidance.

How lot does it price to replace a watch battery?

If you select to walk to a jeweller, her watch battery replacement expense will rely on that you walk to and the kind of watch you have.The expense of a watch battery replacement will certainly vary depending upon the brand, the kind of watch, and servicing expenses that come together with it.

For watches the can"t it is in submerged in water, the complete cost might not exceed £10. However, because that water resistant timepieces, the price may range between £20 and £50, and the more facility and waterproof her watch is, the more prices will certainly go up. This is due to the fact that watches through high water resistance have to be resealed properly and also tested after being opened.

How to change your watch battery yourself?

Having her watch battery replaced by a jeweller might not be an especially expensive, but transforming it you yourself is cheaper, conserves time, and, in countless cases, quite straightforward process. Follow the basic guide below, and also you"ll be able to replace her battery in a couple of quick and easy minutes.

Important note: If her watch is still under warranty, us recommend that you examine with her supplier to watch whether they enable you to open the watch or not. Part manufacturers will consider the warranty void if the watch has actually been opened up by someone else.

Step 1: opened the clock case

There space different varieties of clock cases, some of which require special devices to open: Snap-on cases. These encompass a little overlap or lip somewhere around the perimeter. Instances secured through screws. These have actually screws around the perimeter. Screw-on cases. These have a number of notches spaced about the external perimeter the the case.

This form of watch situation can be opened without tools:

Slot cases. These just have a groove on the ago of the watch case.How to adjust a watch battery using tools

Some watches call for the use of a small tool come open. Us recommend using plastic tools rather than steel tools to stop an electric shock or scratching your watch.

Tools you"ll need: instead of battery Watch instance opener or a knife Tweezers/small driver Gloves to stop damaging the within of the watch

Snap-on cases

The most common type of case is the snap-on case. To open up it, you require to discover the lip ~ above the ago of the watch case. Insert the watch situation opener under the lip, and also twist the tongue so the the back unclips native the clock case. You can now background the watch ago off the case. If you don"t have actually a watch instance opener, a thin knife will execute the job, but you have to take care to not scrape or damages your watch.

Cases secured through screws

With a small screwdriver, undo the screws on the ago side of your watch. Currently remove the ago case, and make certain to save the screws in a safe ar so that you don"t lose them.

Screw-on cases

If your watch has actually a screw-on case, we recommend friend take her watch to a jeweller or the watch manufacturer so girlfriend don"t damage the watch and also its waterproof abilities.

How to adjust a clock battery without devices

Slot cases

Watches with a groove on the back of the situation are the most basic to open. To open up the situation back, all you should use is a coin - a 50p coin will execute the job the ideal due come its shape and width.Hold her watch tightly, with the confront resting down on a smooth flat surface, a cloth, or in her hand, in order to avoid any scratches. Insert your coin right into the groove on the back of the clock case. Twist the coin anticlockwise until it opens. On some watch models, you should press top top the side of the case back to open it fully.

How to adjust a pocket clock battery

If her watch is a bag watch, here"s how to open up a pocket watch to replace the battery: upper and lower reversal over her pocket watch The ago should one of two people be either secured through screws, have actually a snap-off case back or a screw-off case ago If your pocket watch has actually screws, usage a small screwdriver come unscrew castle If your pocket watch has actually a snap-off instance back, making use of a slim knife blade, on slide the blade under the earlier of the watch and pry it turn off gently, being careful not to scratch the case If her pocket watch has actually a screw-off case back you can simply unscrew in one anti-clockwise direction indigenous the seam.

For an ext on bag watches, including species of pocket watch and what to look for, check out our Pocket clock Buying guide here.

Step 2: recognize the battery

Now the you have actually opened the clock case, the following step is to identify the exactly replacement battery. In most cases, girlfriend will uncover the battery part number either inscribed top top the back of the watch case, within the watch instance or on the battery itself. As soon as you have actually it, you deserve to use it to identify and also buy the correct battery, one of two people from a jeweller or online.

Step 3: remove the old watch battery and also insert the brand-new one

Identify which side of the old battery is dealing with upwards, so the brand-new one have the right to be mounted correctly. Carefully remove the battery making use of plastic tweezers if it doesn"t pop the end easily. If you see clips stop the battery in place, use the tweezers come lift them.

Step 4: Insert the brand-new battery

Use tweezers to location the brand-new battery into place v the appropriate side up, and, if applicable, lower the clips back, too.

Important note: prior to closing the watch case, inspect if the clock is working. If not, girlfriend should examine you"ve mounted the battery correctly.

In some cases, you deserve to put on the case earlier to watch if that makes the battery sit appropriately in place. If this doesn"t settle your issue, you need to go come a clock repair shop or call the manufacturer or the place you"ve bought it from.

If it does work, then you have the right to go to the next step.

Step 5: near the watch case

When closeup of the door the clock case, be mindful not to shed or damage the rubber ring seal to save the clock watertight.

Cases secured with screws

Put the watch cover ago in that is original location and, with a small screwdriver, include the screws.

Snap-on cases

Most snap-on situations have a little raised lip top top the back. This little indent is a slot because that the winder shaft. Don"t forget come align the indent through the winder before pressing down. As soon as you"ve checked that the sheathe is in the correct position, push down on the watch earlier using both thumbs until you hear that click into place.

Slot cases

To nearby the clock case, insert the coin into the slot and also turn it clockwise. It need to be totally closed, without any type of gaps. Make sure it"s in place before wearing the watch.

Now you"re done. All that"s left is to collection the correct time and also to enjoy wearing your watch!

A beneficial tip on just how to preserve your clock battery

If friend really want to preserve your clock battery and also avoid watch battery replacement costs, we have actually a small tip on how to expand the battery life. You re welcome note, this is a reminder for those who very own a arsenal of watches that they don"t stay or usage all the time.

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When her watch is not in use, the crown have the right to be pulled the end (as if friend were about to collection the time) - if you leave it like this, that will stop the watch. This method you won"t need to readjust the clock battery because that longer!

When you"re prepared to wear the again, just push the crown ago in and set the time.