Dome and also Map lights are one of those components you can forget about, yet they are crucial for the safety of her Ford truck. This simple guide will certainly walk you through the process of replacing these Lights.

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This article uses to the Ford F-150 (2004-2014) and F-250, F-350 (2005-2014).

The dome light and also map light are functions on your Ford F-150 or F-250 at sight Duty that you don"t want to live without. These lights occupational in conjunction through your internal lights, head lights, control lights, and door bright for safe night operation. Next from help you uncover things in her truck, the dome and map can aid "light up" your auto if you run into an emergency in ~ night. Think it or not, you deserve to receive a fix-It ticket if this lights room not working!

If you have a dome or map light that has burned out, opportunities are the various other OEM lights will easily follow, leaving friend in the dark. Instead of the Dome Lights and also Map lamp is a really easy fix. The following steps will certainly walk you with this basic fix.

Materials NeededNew bulbsSmall Flathead screwdriver

Step 1 - remove the retainer cover

Figure 1. Remove the retainer cover that surrounds your dome lights.

For safety purposes, before removing the cover, be certain to rotate off your lights. Also, make certain your visors room out the the way. Insert the tongue of the screwdriver right into the notch ~ above the behind edge the the Dome and Map light. Tenderness pry turn off the translucent cover.

Step 2 - install the brand-new bulbs

Figure 2. Download the new bulbs.

Your OEM bulbs will cost around $6.00 for a two-pack that dome lights, and also $5.00 because that a two-pack of the map lights. If you currently have the sheathe off, that is finest to walk ahead and also replace them all. Your overall OEM lighting system should work-related for around two years. Closely remove the old bulbs, as they may break, and also then tenderness insert your brand-new bulbs.

Pro Tip

LED lights are more cost effective than one OEM light, since they last longer are brighter. You may want to take into consideration this option for her Ford F-Series.

Figure 3. Reattach the cover and also test the light.

Before the cover is affixed, check these bulbs out. Rotate your lights back on, open up the van door, and open her truck door. If everything is working, reattach the cover.

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If your dome or map lights execute not come ago on, it could be a sign of a greater problem in your truck. Friend may have to check your fuses, wiring, and door switches, i m sorry activate lights when the door opens and also closes.