My guy is a truck driver and also he swears he never ever picks up various other women ,but when I execute his bed to wash I uncover all kinds of hair ~ above the blankets. I have actually been snotty to him around it, favor saying "who ever before she is she has actually preet red hair." and he it s okay mad and also says ns don"t recognize where that come from. I am like yeah ok, right. And walk away. Ns know plenty of guys who are truck drivers and they all stick together choose glue, nobody tells on another. It is sick. Why carry out they think they deserve to do this junk. Ns repeat all the moment to men when they room talking about a "Lot Lizzard" choose up, ns say Herpies,Siphilis,AIDES! and also they simply laugh.Men have the right to be nasty.

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my husband is additionally a truck driver. One point is that I recognize i trust him. I work-related hard and also I will never ever cheat top top me. Through the means he is at house by day.

well you don,t have actually a problem due to the fact that yours is home at night that does quick runs and comes residence nights.I believe this lady is talking about long hauls..

he does 3 days and also 2 days out sometimes, and also then some times he"s home every night, in ~ times i really believe him, yet other time I simply cant.I am no saying all motorists are bad, among my uncles is & that is a church walk man, and wouldn"t never do anything come hurt his loveing wife .But the people my guy works for space weird,they motorists for that firm goes on a pilgrimage to Tenn. Each autumn to watch the cool Rod Run auto Show,and no wifes allowed to go,due come they may reason a upset through the group!Silly huh!

My husbands a truck driver to and he always says if you desire a diease carry out a lot lizzard , thats no all thats the end there , the overcome dresser are just as negative hanging approximately the rest locations , that don"t let anyone in his van it come dangerous ,theres so much out over there its a life on a roadway of peril , ns guess he has actually seen a lot world killed in wreaks ,people jumping the end in prior of van to kill themselves , dare pulling out in front of them ns don"t see just how they perform it ,I think the only time it made him want to quit was as soon as he saw 3 small children killed it really did job-related on him . However you have to trust them there our husbands do the efforts to make a life doesn"t really average he messing about on girlfriend .

All the truck vehicle drivers are no cheaters. Therefore we should not reference on all truck drivers. You should take some steps to change your hubby activities so that he shall no go for other womens. You room so beautiful. Your husband misses you that night. Not let it occur still in her life. How could you tolerate your husband v a another women. Isnt it therefore strange.
Hear, Hear!! my husband is a van driver, and also although that is an extremely perverse in ~ times, ns trust the implicitly. I know he doesn"t cheat, however if he ever before did, I"d just acquire even. Harping top top him just makes that worse. However I recognize that situation would never ever come up.
Ask that to take a lied detector test. (Yea, ns watch Maury too much.) If he claims he doesn"t desire to take it, he"s probably cheating. Don"t stay with that if he is. No mrs deserves that.
no woman and also no man...excuse me? cheating is bad no matter who walk it...and by the means do you recognize what innocence presumption is? part ppl could find her dignity injured if compelled to go v a check without having done anything wrong...but of food if this to be the other method round i"d be dubbed sexist...all i want is a little of same please...and stop talking around women not deserve this etc...nobody does..and most likely our friend who said this conversation is right, but not for being a woman, however cause she"s found evidence that her husband is cheating...stick to facts please not to prejudice please!
Not all truck drivers cheat. My dad is a van driver--over the road and he doesn"t have the time come eat permit alone cheat on mine mom. The does 4 loads a week and his home Saturday morning and leaves Monday usually. Part do but I"m persuaded they are simply nasty human being anyways. They to be that method before they came to be truck drivers and also they will continue to be that way. dad doesn"t rod up for truck drivers. He level out states some the them space so nasty. There room a lot out there who carry out this to assistance their households not to get away native them.Generalizations are bad. I dislike when people assume all truck vehicle drivers are poor. My dad certain as hell isn"t. I dislike when people assume they every cheat when a most them don"t. I likewise hate when human being assume every men/women in the army on deployments cheat.
I recognize what girlfriend mean. Mine dad was a truck driver and also a little of a charmer. I never knew the totality truth, yet I doubt him to have had a woman in nearly every significant town whereby he stopped. My mum ultimately divorced him, however for totally different reasons, as she supposedly didn"t have actually a clue. Together the son, that wasn"t my location to to speak anything anyway, mostly without proof, only solid suspicions.
My husband to be a long haul driver for many years and also I know it"s tough to trust them. I got so frazzled and fustrated with it every I had to simply say enough. Ns don"t understand for a reality if he ever cheated or not, I have actually my suspicions but I had to do a choice. It comes down to are you happier with them or there is no them. Mine husband now works offshore and its nearly the very same situation. You have to either trust them or not, or either play stupid or not. Everyone has a breaking point. What is that is cheating and also he brings home something to you. What then?
I ahve to be cheated one and if it to be one thing that i learned from the it to be to constantly follor mine gut-feeling, If ns feel that something isn´t right, it most likely isn´t.. In a partnership you need to trust eachother, if u don´t then what´s the point..
I would say relnship can survive or have the right to be life long only if common trust and also faith persists between the two people that is they must be certain that really dont hide something from each other...else both are going to suffer at some point or the other whatever the reason may be ...either break of your marriage or gaining infected v aids in both cases its a finish loos or chaos be at an early stage enough to warn the to bring him ~ above track...
My husband and i both room truck drivers. We have actually never cheated on each other. Most drivers dont cheat on over there wifes bc of every the diseases out there. Have actually you ever been in someof this truck stops and also seen these girls ns not simply talking around the lot lizards either several of the employees are just as bad. And to say that all truck motorists are cheaters is very unfair.We have drove over the road and locally togather and also seerately. He now drives for around 7-8 hrs a day and i occupational for 15 out in a pasture with nothing yet men. That doesnt median i cheat either.
I don"t every one is bad, I have one uncle who is one and he is a Preacher,and loves his wife dearly, and also wouldn"t execute anything to hurt her, but then ns have an additional uncle who messes through anything,I mean even 18 yr. Olds and him 54,now that is gross.And I understand the employee are simply as bad. Mine troubl eis just getting the red hair outof my mind and also the cat hair he has on his blanket,no one has a cat with white fur roughly us or his bosses, yet as I stated it is tough to get that stuff the end of my mind as well as his blankets and cloths.
Actually every truck drivers are behave like that. They need to travel a long journey with difficult work. Van driving is yes, really a risky job as well as they have to travel alone. Travel may take 2 come 3 work to with the destination. So, If they get any kind of opportunity they will gain that to kill their loneliness and also tiredness. .....
There is no pardon if that is married or in a partnership. Walk that typical it is alright because that his wife/girlfriend to have actually an affair also as she is lonely once he is no around?
Perhaps he is informing the truth? Why carry out you assume that he is lying, just since he has hair in his blanket??? that swears he never ever picks up women... Maybe he doesn"t perhaps it is men?
Maybe it"s men? That"s fairly the run from he"s informing the reality to probably he"s not just cheating on you, however he"s additionally homosexual!!
I to be A van driver and my mam is too. We have actually never cheated. You understand your man better than anyone. If her gut feeling is telling you he is then you gotta make a choice.
yep. True. It"s no a generalization i guess. It"s simply that many truck drivers she to know of are like that. Yet truck drivers or not, men and also even women, too - have the capacity to cheat. No nice, bad and sad... Yet most of the time, true. And dbeamon is right, you know your husband for this reason much and also you recognize what he"s doing just by looking in ~ his eyes. Trust your feelings and get some time to talk to your husband.

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I don"t know my grandpa was a trucker and He cheated all the time on mine grandma.... She began cheating ~ above him and he would obtain crazy mad! You recognize that garth brooks song where he drives the truck with the hotel? mine grandpa actually did the . Give thanks to god that did death someone.All I deserve to say is girlfriend married the cheater! noBuy a small Camera that undetectable Hide that in the sleeper once you adjust his bedding and also then inspect it after he gets house . Friend can acquire them at those spy places! I understand it sounds poor but i would need to know ya know?
Hey spy girl, you"re cute! You stated thank god that did kill someone. Did you median he didn"t death someone?
I understand the emotion honey and I hope you and your dad have come to be closer,ehat ever happens ~ above the road is between your father and also mother. I understand my husband is out there and also I hate it. He was married before and also cheated climate he married me left the road since he couldn"t stand to be far from me now he took a job and also he"s only residence twice a month because that 48 hours. My love is damaged but i really shot to retained the kids out the it. They space all adults and only 1 stays at home. This life sucks.Good luck to you and your family
As the wife of a lengthy haul driver, I have the right to tell you that not all of them space cheaters. Ns trust mine husband completely. We have talked around the "lot lizards" once he first got the job. He had actually never heard the term before. The first time he saw one, he dubbed me and also couldn"t protect against telling me exactly how disgusting she looked. He defined her and also he stated he couldn"t imagine anyone wanting to be with THAT.I had heard rumors the these ladies will occasionally be for this reason bold regarding just gain into the truck, also without gift invited and also then no leaving until they get their way. Mine husband and also his companion keep your doors locked as soon as they are off the clock and they stay far away from this dirty lizards.We have a couple of other friends who room truck drivers and one of the males told me the you see a many really sick things on the road. The told me around a time once him and his partner had stopped to get something to eat and also the place had actually a game room. Therefore while he is playing some pinball a little girl comes next to him and asks if she deserve to go back to his truck through him. That was past shocked. This to be a girl around 10 year old, maybe younger. She brother who was also tiny was law the exact same thing! your grandparents were pimping them the end to truckers. And that"s no the worst the it. Shortly after the girl approached the .. The saw an additional truck driver leaving come his truck with her small brother! I wanted to throw up once he said me.My husband won"t also tell me whatever he sees because he states I do not have to know. He to know it will impact me and it"s poor enough the he needs to know about the sick things that go on at these truck stops. For the most part, that tries to stay at the places developed by his agency and not the random truck stops that space for everyone. I"m therefore glad that his truck virtually never stops the long. He drives with one more guy and also that truck continues to be rolling.I understand this discussion is really old but I expect if her husband was cheating, you discovered out and left him.