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I have a 03 dmaxChanged the injectors, and fuel present on it and also got that all earlier together and got that fired increase today and it ran for like.10seconds and shut off.Before beginning it i primed the filter and also pumped thevplunger top top the fuel filter prior to beginning up. An now i i do not know seem come start again. Ns guessing it has air in it. Any input/help/tips/ideas? lot appreciatedRandy Swanson

Yes. After ~ the ;plunger gained hard i opened up the bleeder beside tge plunger. Is that the bleeder your talking about?Just a dumb question. Do i need to have actually the vital on while trying to execute this?
Open the bleed tab on the filter and also prime the fuel filter until fuel comes the end steadily. Once it flows great close it. Element filter till it gets tough to push and start the truck. It may shut off one an ext time. If the does only prime it again till its hard and start her up
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Open the bleed tab top top the filter and also prime the fuel filter until fuel comes out steadily. Once it flows good close it. Prime filter till it gets difficult to push and start the truck. It may shut off one much more time. If that does just prime the again it rotates its hard and also start her up

its the tiny black plastic tab on height of the filter body, use a bigger blade screw driver to crack it open, no require to completely remove it, simply crack it open and pump away, as soon as fuel starts to run out, screw it tight again, hope this helps.
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All waiting is bled out of device i execute beleive.. It remains running now. However has genuine loud knock, and also rough idle.What the craps the trouble now? im frustrated beyond my limits... Lol
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