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Kill every the guys. Next to the white canister have actually Robin cave from the white bar while Batman cranks the wheel. Then beat that down.

first,attack those wierd hand thingies i beg your pardon wil punctured you come death,then,when the goes p on t the biting chandelure spring thingy,hit the biting chandelure,scarerow will certainly naturaly show up he will allow u come hit him ill he is at fifty percent health,then repeat whatever all end again and also beat him
Honestly i am so frustrated by this level. I have watched the to walk through video clip and quiet I deserve to beat the Scarecrow but I never ever "complete" the level. You re welcome help
Yeah, I"m grounding on this too. Because that the iPad version I to win on the spear things but they don"t seem to be affected. Is over there a trick, or do I just need to save hitting them?

First wait until the goons gain out of your cages. Kill them all and then once scarecrow jumps out knock that out.

Now ns was stuck on this myself however what you need to do is as soon as the big stingers come down they will be stuck there for a tiny minute so then you just punch choose crazy in ~ them however keep doing it.Once you have actually then the light will certainly turn right into some sort of claw and start trying come grab you if happens to acquire you massive damages will ocour(even despite you just have four hearts that takes away favor to of lock so it is what I expected by huge damage)so you have to dodge the irradiate then like the stingers you have to punch the irradiate a couple of times.Then he will be weakend(for some odd reason)and then AGAIN you need to punch him and do the very same thing over and also over till hes dead basic hope this helped!

In lego batman 2 wii to defeat scarecrow you need to keep on killing the minions and attacking the scarcrow however when the throws all three of his canesters the end then you have to develop on to the 2 irradiate blue things and also make wheels. Then spin each wheel once. Then make Batman or Robin your an option hold on to the manage bar. Finally spin the wheel and make the one holding the bar walk up then pull the bar up whereby you room then do the exact same on the various other side that the room. Hope this helped! an excellent Luck!

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