Whether it"s the Oscar Isaac look-alike at work-related or the barista who offers you life every morning, it"s tough to completely crush on someone as soon as you"re not even sure if they"re available. If she wondering just how to ask someone if they"re single without essentially saying "Hi, I have actually a to like on you," take a deep breath. Dating professionals say it’s in reality pretty simple.

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One easy means to tell? In mine experience, people in relationships will typically reference their "person" in conversation through you in ~ the first four conversations you have with them. This is because people in relationships are usually fine with you discovering that they discovered the elusive "one." So, if you’re no sure just how to asking a guy if he is single, you can probably just wait because that them come say something first.

However, if the person you space crushing ~ above doesn’t referral their SO, it could be feasible that they space in a fledgling situationship, simply shy around mentioning your relationship, or lock are totally single. It"s difficult to be suave when trying to conference this intel, but there space some sneaky, non-awkward methods to uncover out even if it is you’re flirting through an obtainable person or not. No sure how to ask if who is single while still keeping your cool? right here are six straightforward strategies dating experts swear by.

1. Watch Them increase Online

Yes, you"re right, this isn"t so much asking a person if castle are solitary as that is questioning Google if a person is single, however checking who out digital or on society media is the most innocuous and also easy means of finding the end if they’re in a partnership or not. “Ask come be facebook friends v them or follow your Instagram handle and see their past uploads,” recovery and dating professional Cherlyn Chong tells elite Daily. “If they space single, it have to be pictures of simply them, or them v friends.”

Public Instagram? photos of lock cozying up through someone on skiing trips? BAM, relationship. Photos of them with a bottle of wine at a wedding captioned "my date"? BAM, single. Friend will have the ability to find the end if her crush is in a relationship or not.

2. Lug Up miscellaneous Undeniably Romantic

I"m not saying that you have to ask castle "What room you up to this Valentine’s Day?" — though that could work if you"re feeling bold. Instead, casually asking them things like, “how late is also late to show up to a an initial date?” and also say you experienced the concern on Twitter. If they’re coupled up, it’s most likely their prize will referral their very own experience or relationship.

Chong says one more subtle way to discover out much more about someone’s partnership status is to ask them around any notable, recent trips or vacations, and pay close attention to exactly how they respond. “Ask around their last holiday,” she says. “Usually civilization go with far-reaching others, and if they space single, lock will cite going with friends, family, or simply by themselves.”

3. Asking Friends around Them

If you have mutual friends, take benefit of her resources and get some info from a secondary source. “One of the best ways that i personally would perform to gain a straight-forward price is come ask that person"s friend if they to be single,” Chong says. “If you"re conference this human in a social setting, they would be there with friends. And on the rare occasion that castle weren"t there through friends, the organize of the event would likely know around this person.”

Not only will you learn about the relationship status of her crush, a common friend may also be able to give you some insight about their present dating life the could assist you determine if girlfriend really want to go for lock or not. Perhaps they recently finished a relationship and are enjoying solitary life, or perhaps they are actively dating and also looking because that someone to be severe with. Someone that you to trust will give you the details you must see if the moment is ideal to shoot her shot.

Even if you don’t run in the exact same circles or have plenty of of the exact same friends as your crush, the still worth asking around to view what you can discover out. “Find out wherein this human likes come frequent,” Chong says. “If it"s a pub or a cafe, you can ask the bartender or the barista if this human usually come in alone or through someone.”

4. Ask about Their Partner

This isn’t together scary or direct as it sounds. Chong argues making a casual recommendation to your crush’s hypothetical partner to test the waters. “You sort of just want to say ‘Does her boyfriend or girlfriend agree?’” Chong says. “If the conversation walk to points you favor to do, you have the right to hint, ‘Does her girlfriend prefer to do that v you?’” no entirely obvious, right?

5. Mention A date App


Yup, it"s that simple. To speak "Tinder" and see if your cutie desires to start a conversation around this fun Tinder date they go on the various other week. If castle don"t, not all is shed — you can just have actually to get a bit much more straightforward about asking castle what"s walk on in their love life.

6. Be The an initial To recognize You room Single

This is a brave approach. Volunteering that crucial information around your own relationship status can indicate to your crush the you are accessible if they room interested in follow something v you. It’s feasible that they’re wonder if you’re single too, and by casually telling them you’re in reality throwing lock a bone.

Certified date expert and host the the days & Mates Podcast Damona Hoffman tells upstream Daily: “It"s great advice for those who are shy or who are worried that if they to speak something and also do not acquire the desired response, it will certainly make it awkward if they have to proceed to interact (through friends, work or school.)” Ideally, her crush will react by additionally revealing their connection status — yet if lock don’t, no biggie. It doesn’t necessarily typical they’re do not have or uninterested, and you haven’t placed your feeling on the line. “While ns generally uncover that a much more direct inquiry usually gets a an ext direct response, ns think this is a great alternative strategy,” she adds.

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Go forth and also do your detective work, and I great you the finest of lucky in uncovering whether your crush is solitary or not.


Cherlyn Chong, recovery and also dating specialist

Damona Hoffman, certified dating specialist and also host the the dates & Mates Podcast