If her clutch pedal doesn"t have any type of more free travel in the or it"s difficult to obtain your truck in gear without grinding the gears in the transmission, climate its time to execute a clutch adjustment. In this short article I will go with the actions on exactly how to adjust your Eaton easy Pedal layout clutch.

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The very first thing you should do is eliminate the investigate cover plate from the bottom that the transmission"s clutch housing. Take a rag and wipe the loose grease out of the housing. Now examine the grease clumps for any kind of pieces that metal(clutch springs).

Hopefully you didn"t find any type of metal in the grease of clutch housing, but it you did that means you need a new clutch!! lets say the clutch is ok. Your next thing to look for is the adjuster bolt top top the clutch. Make sure the adjuster is at the bottom to be you can reach it through a socket and also ratchet.

With your buddy in the truck, have actually them push the clutch pedal all the method down to the floor and also hold the there. Take a 5/8" socket and put that on the adjuster bolt head. Push on your ratchet v a screwdriver or pry bar. If pushing subsequently the adjuster bolt come the right(follow the arrow on the clutch plate). Simply turn a pair of transforms at a time. NOTE: when you start to rotate the bolt prevent pushing on the so it have the right to lock at the next lock position.

After make a couple of turns and the bolt has actually "popped" back out come the lock position have actually your girlfriend let off the clutch pedal. Take it a long(about 3 the 4 customs long) bolt through a 1/2" head top top it and put it in between the clutch brake and throw out bearing. If the bolt head fits in over there loosely climate the clutch brake adjustment is were it requirements to be.

Now you need to examine for "free travel" in the clutch pedal. ~ above a Peterbilt 379 it need to be around 2 come 2 1/4 inches of movement before there is push on the pedal. On all the other trucks out there you will need to measure it in ~ the throw the end bearing and also clutch fork. There need to be around 1/8" between the bearing and also fork.

If you require to readjust the complimentary travel in the pedal all you need to do is readjust the clutch link under the cab or at the firewall.

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socket and wrench set flash light a lengthy bolt through a 1/2" head lengthy screwdriver/pry bar friend to help you

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