Although home windows Movie maker 2012 is the latest version from Microsoft, a lot of of human being don’t want to use it because that it lacks a traditional timeline, lengthy time come prepare the video files, frequent crashes, and the inability to personalize effects, titles, and transitions.

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Better method to add Subtitles with Windows Movie an equipment Alternative

There’s a much better way of adding subtitles to videos. Instead of using Windows Movie Maker, you can use That is a an effective tool that is an different to windows Movie Maker. You have the right to easily include subtitles as shortly as you open up the software.

Reasons Why is better:

More title and also font optionsSupports an ext video document formatsComes with advanced editing attributes that encompass Tilt-shift, on slide Screen, PIP, and also Green display screen effects.Color gradingAudio Equalizer and Audio MixerRoyalty totally free music

How to include Subtitle in home windows Movie Maker

The default home windows Movie maker doesn’t have a feature that enables you to add subtitles; you have the right to still location them right into a movie through the use of the location Overlay feature. V the feature, you will be maybe to readjust the font text, position, and color, and the timings and also transitions.

action 1 import the Video

The first step is to open up the home windows Movie an equipment and import the video that you desire to include subtitles. Every you have to do is situate the video document on your digital video camera or computer system hard drive. As soon as you have imported the video, it will be found at the collection folder.

action 2 change to Timeline View

If you desire to adjust the subtitle’s timing and position, you require to collection the check out to Timeline. All you need to do is click on the view tab uncovered on the food selection bar, and also then pick Timeline. When you have adjusted the view, climate you can add subtitle in windows Movie Maker.


Step3 traction Video file to Timeline

The next step is to traction the video clip you want to include subtitles. Once you look at the windows Movie Maker, you will see three timelines that run horizontally across the bottom. The one on top is labeling Video. The one in the middle is Audio. And also the one at the bottom is well-known as the location Overlay. Pick the video record from the collection folder, and also then drag it to the video clip timeline. The video will be presented inside the mentioned timeline.

action 4 use the subtitle Overlay


Click the Titles and also Transitions switch found ~ above the left next of the window. Then select Title top top the selected clip option.


When you are asked to enter the text for the title, intake the subtitles you desire to include to the movie right into the field.


Then click the option change the location animation, and find the subtitle overlay.

Step5 adjust the text Font, Color, and Size


If you desire to readjust the font and color, then select the adjust the message font and also color option that is uncovered in the modify the Title message settings.

A popup home window will appear, and also there girlfriend can adjust the font, color, transparency, size, position, and other options. You can see the changes that girlfriend made at the preview window found in ~ the appropriate side.

step 6 Place caption on the ideal Position


After you are done with the adjustments come the text, click the add Title button to add subtitle in home windows Movie Maker. The inscription will be discovered on the title Overlay timeline. Every you should do is to drag and also drop it to the best position.

When girlfriend right click the subtitle, friend will discover several choices that include edit the text, cut, Copy, Paste, Remove and more.

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step 7 finish the Project

You will repeat the steps until all the subtitles you desire to add to the video clip are inserted and move right into the appropriate position. Then conserve the movie document on your computer as a Movie an equipment Project. You can additionally choose to export the video record as a home windows Media video clip that you have the right to upload online, in addition to the inscription you have included to the video.