I understand we’re in the 2first century and we choose to perform things as conveniently as possible, yet this one you’re going to have to take slow:

You must wait AT LEAST fifteenager days after obtaining a perm to dye your hair and if you deserve to make it twenty, that’s also better, bereason if you don’t, the results can be tragic for your hair and for your appearance.

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Want to recognize how I know?

Since I have actually a sister that is a very impatient perchild. And she isn’t just impatient, she’s additionally intrepid.

She had simply gotten a perm much less than a month earlier. And she did it all for love.

Oh, the points we perform for love!

We’ve been doing this for as long as we’ve been human, simply ask Romeo and also Juliette or King Edward VIII that renounced one of the the majority of effective thrones in the civilization, the English throne, because of his love for the divorced American woman, Wallis Simpson.

My sister’s boyfriend was coming back from a three-month trip to Europe and she wanted to surprise him. She wasn’t content through the beautiful ringallows she had gotten with her perm, which made her look favor a mermassist, so she determined that she also required to change the color.

The thing was she didn’t wait ten days. Not even salso. She dyed her hair two days after gaining the perm.

All Hell damaged loose.

A Hell that also love’s power would certainly have trouble containing. Not also my love for my sister might speak it from gaining out.

A series of screams emanated from the bathroom that really sounded prefer they could have actually been from a horror movie. My heart truly quit for a minute once I heard them.


When I got to the bathroom, the screams had actually transformed into sobs, uncontrollable sobs that break your heart.

I knocked on the door and also since she didn’t answer, I chose to go in. Us substantial sisters are like that; no door could separate me from my sister as soon as I heard that she essential me.

She looked at me and sindicate said, “My hair is a disaster.”

And as soon as I looked at her, unfortunately I had actually to say she was right.

At the roots, the dye looked 3 tones lighter.


If this very same impact had gone to the ends, she would certainly have achieved the perfect ombre, yet obviously that wasn’t the result she was looking for.

Her roots looked stained. And her ends were completely damaged.

The curls from the perm were still tright here.

But, wright here there were happy, luminous, fun curls, there were currently sad, musty, frizzy spirals.

And all bereason of the dye.


So, if you want to dye your hair after a perm, wait twenty days. Or if you don’t wait, you’ll be screaming bloody murder in your bathroom.

You select.

Did you decide already? You decided to wait?

If so, store analysis, I’ll tell you about:

Why it’s a good concept to wait 15 days between your perm and dye task You currently gained a perm and currently you’re wanting to dye your hair? If you don’t desire to damage your hair, carry out this. What can happen to your hair if you don’t wait enough time

Do you desire to know just how I fixed the disaster that my sister made of her hair?

I’ll likewise tell you that, however if you desire a hint, I’ll only say that love won out.

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Why You Should Wait Until 15 Days After Your Perm to Dye Your Hair

Did you know that a perm is a irreversible process?


Probably you already kbrand-new that, and also it’s because it modifies the interior structure of your hair in a long-term way.

That implies that the chemical commodities offered, the solution and also the neutralizer, modify the inner framework of your hair.

That provides it possible so that wbelow tright here was directly hair, a curl is created that doesn’t go amethod for as a lot as you wash your hair, for at leastern for 6 months.

Only the new hair that creates will certainly have actually its organic pattern.

When you acquire a perm, your hair suffers. It doesn’t completely deterioprice, however it does endure.

The chemicals take ameans its moisture and also its elasticity.

When carry out you do as soon as you have actually a fever? Do you continue to be at home or execute you go running out in the rain?

With a perm and also dyeing, the same point happens.

If your hair currently had to undergo the perm procedure with all its chemicals and also then you dye it utilizing dye, ammonium and also peroxide, you’ll just take away more of its moisture.

And when you take the moisture out of your hair, you get frizz, breakage and split ends.


Your hair goes with a lot with a perm, because the internal protein structure decomposes to make it more reactive.

Dyeing your hair instantly after that sort of therapy have the right to overcarry out the procedure, lighten it also a lot or make it so your hair is more vulnerable to breaking.

But additionally, you must remember that you can’t wash your hair for at least 3 days after acquiring a perm, because the neutralizing chemical continues to be in your hair doing its job.

And that liquid likewise interacts via the color pigments in the dye.

That’s why my sister was left with stains in her roots.


And since her hair was currently weakened by the perm, her hair fibers weakened even more via the dye. And once that happened… hello frizz and split ends!

All of that simply because she didn’t wait fifteenager days, and her boyfriend would certainly have actually loved her no issue what, also if she had put a pot on her head.

That’s why you can’t obtain a perm and also dye your hair the exact same day. And that’s why you must wait at leastern fifteenager days in between the procedures.

It’s just around your hair’s wellness, which in the finish, is the many necessary point.


Now, I told you before that gaining a perm dameras your hair and that it can finish up weaker than prior to the procedure.

But, tright here is a means to strengthen your hair in order to minimize the damage brought about by dyeing your hair.

How to Prepare Your Hair for Dyeing it After Getting a Perm

Now that you know that you have to wait fifteen days to dye your freshly permed hair, it’s essential that throughout those in-between days you are extremely mindful.

First of all, be careful with water bereason it’s the major culprit of damaging a perm.

Water damperiods the chemical bonds that are used to your hair to adjust its cuticle permanently.

Avoid washing your hair for 24-72 hrs after your therapy and also after that duration of time, remember to wash your hair via a shampoo and also conditioner that defines curls.

And always usage warm water, not hot water.

Avoid brushing your hair when it’s wet with a comb or brush that isn’t wide-toothed, considering that that deserve to reason your hair to threaten and also break.

And remember that we’re working on strengthening your hair.

Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair and let it air dry.

When you have to dry your hair conveniently, use a hair dryer on its lowest temperature establishing, considering that extreme warmth have the right to additionally damages it, and remember to usage a diffuser to distribute the airflow evenly about your hair.

Almethods use conditioner.

Did you recognize that your hair has actually glands that release a natural oil called sebum?

This oil is provided to lubricate your hair and also make it waterproof.

But via your brand-new curly hair, there’s a problem. The tighter your curls are and the curlier its texture is, the harder it is for the sebum to travel alengthy your hair and coat your whole curl.

That implies that curly hair doesn’t have this distinct layer of oil and also is even more prone to dryness and dehydration, considering that your hair’s moisture deserve to escape easier.

When we talk about hydrating curly hair before coloring it, we expect sealing the moisture into hair. That is, developing a barrier about the hair so the water doesn’t escape.

Do you recognize what you deserve to usage to seal in the moisture and strengthen your curls prior to dyeing them?

A Good lotion that is comprised of emollient, oils and also lipids.

Please, prevent assets that contain alcohols or synthetic fragrances or preservatives. Instead, look for products and also oils derived from plants.


Don’t look any type of additionally because coconut oil is an extremely efficient moisturizer since it can permeate deeply everywhere the hair’s size and also it has actually a high lipid content that helps to soften the cuticles.

So, the the majority of right exercise would be to perform a coconut oil treatment as soon as a week prior to gaining your hair dyed.

It’s not very hard, you simply use it to your hair, and also you let it take impact for at leastern an hour, while you review a book or watch your favorite Netflix series.

That’s all my sister would certainly have had actually to perform to prevent ruining her hair.

Due to the fact that she didn’t wait long after the perm to dye her hair, her hair dried out which damaged her hair and also made separation ends appear.


How did my sister’s story end?

I’ll tell you soon.

This Is What Can Happen to Your Hair If You Don’t Wait Long Enough to Dye It

They had to reduced at leastern three inches off the bottom of her hair and then put Olapex on her hair to help boost its appearance.

And fifteen days later, she gained it dyed aobtain, which ended up functioning perfectly.


Thanktotally, her boyfriend’s arrival was delayed twenty days, and I deserve to assure you that guy is head over heels for my sister.

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He would love her through or without curls, through or without dye, and if he ever before finds out what my sister did to her hair, I think he’d lock her up in a tower so she never before does anything choose this to her hair ever again.

The points we perform for love!

And you, what did you decide? Will you wait fifteenager days to dye your hair?

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