Naruto: Every Akatsuki Member's Era When They Joined & Died Regardless of the Akatsuki organization"s popularity, the pasts of several members are shrouded in mystery, including their periods.

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Naruto is a legendary and also renowned anime stacked via epic characters. A facet of the franchise that made it so captivating and aided its popularity was its villains. From the terrifying and vengeful Orochimaru to the ninja god Madara, Naruto and also friends constantly had powerful foes.

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However, arguably the most significant antagonist of the series was the terrorist organization known as the Akatsuki. Made up of powerful rogue ninja"s hellbent on the damage of the ninja human being, the Akatsuki were a fan favorite. Despite their popularity, the pasts of numerous members are shrouded in mystery, consisting of their ages.

12 Hidan was 22 years old when last seen & as the second newest member, he was probably in his 20s once he joined

Hidan Smiling As He's About To Attack Team Asuma
The cheery immortal Hidan was one of the last Akatsuki recruits. A loyal folreduced of the cult-prefer confidence Jashin, Hidan lacked the raw power of many Akatsuki members, however made it up for it with his immortality.

He plays a significant role in the anime, killing Asuma Sarutobi and engaging in an epic battle through Shikamaru. It"s unwell-known exactly when Hidan joined the Akatsuki. He is technically still alive, hidden underground somewhere. But he was 22 years old when last viewed and as the second newest member, he was more than likely in his 20s when he joined.

11 Deidara was about 14 years old once he joined & 19 years old once he met his fate at the hands of Sasuke Uchiha

The youngest member of the Akatsuki, Deidara was a rogue ninja from the Iwagakure village. After being beat by Itachi, Deidara begrudgingly joined the organization and also was a valued member.

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His explosive kekkei genkai made him a fearsome foe and also his damaging power was a beneficial ascollection. Throughout his time as a criminal, Deidara successfully recorded Gaara of the sand also. Deidara was about 14 years old when he joined and 19 years old once he met his fate at the hands of Sasuke Uchiha.

10 Sasori was recruited soon after he left his village, so around 15 or 16 & died 20 years later on at the age of 35

Sasori Akatsuki
Knvery own as Sasori of the red sand also, the effective ninja was a understand of puppets in combat. At some suggest in his life, he defeated the Third Kazekage, a legendary ninja known as the strongest Kage of the Hidden Sand also Village.

Following the finish of the Third Great Ninja War, the puppeteer was recruited by the Akatsuki, partnering with Orochimaru and also later on via Deidara. He was recruited soon after he left his village, so about 15 or 16. He died twenty years later at the age of 35.

9 Kivery same Hoshigaki was 29 years old as soon as first introduced & died at the age of 32

Kiexact same Finally Shows Himself
One of the legendary Seven Ninja Swordsman Of The Mist, Kiexact same Hoshigaki, was a force to be reckoned with. He was regularly described as "the tail-much less tailed beast" due to the huge amounts of chakra he possessed.

Using this advantage, Kivery same frequently summoned astronomical bodies of water to overwhelm his foe and also his sword, Samehada, could drainpipe the chakra from any kind of ninja. Fans of the display aren"t certain just how old Kisame was as soon as he joined the Akatsuki. However, the ninja was 29 years old when initially presented and also died at the age of 32.

8 Itachi Uchiha joined the Akatsuki at the age of 14 & died at the age of 21 during his fight via Sasuke

An Uchiha prodigy and elder brother of Sasuke, Itachi joined the Akatsuki at the age of 14. After transporting out the massacre of the Uchiha clan, the gifted ninja ended up being a wanted criminal and the Akatsuki offered him a possibility at a various life. However, he was privately maintaining tabs on the organization, ensuring they never before armed the Hidden Leaf.

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During his time via the organization, Itachi completed several necessary objectives, recruited other members, and also partnered through Kiexact same and also Juzo. Itachi died at the age of 21 throughout his fight with Sasuke.

7 Konan joined the Akatsuki around at the age of 18 & died at the age of 35 at the hands of Obito

A beginning member of the original Akatsuki, Konan became Nagato"s most trusted advisor. She joined the Akatsuki about at the age of 18, after the Third Great Ninja War. As an orphan from the Village Hidden by Rain, Konan was trained by Jiraiya for three years.

During this time, she emerged into a capable shinobi, specializing in a paper-type jutsu. In fact, her abilities were so enormous that she practically beat Obito Uchiha. However before, due to his Sharingan, Obito successfully beat Konan, and she passed away at the age of 35.

6 Nagato was approximately 18 years old as soon as he joined the organization & was eliminated by Naruto at the age of 35

Also recognized as Pain, Nagato was the leader of the Akatsuki and possessed unequaled power. The shinobi was around 18 years old once he joined the company. He was gifted with the rinnegan, the many powerful ocular jutsu in shinobi background. With this, Nagato might summon groups of animals, mechanize his body and also bring the dead earlier to life.

He preferred peace for the ninja human being, however complying with the fatality of his cshed frifinish Yahiko, Nagato determined the finest method to attain his desire was by pressure. During his attempted destruction of the Hidden Leaf, Nagato was happily killed by Naruto Uzumaki. He was 35 years old.

5 after redeeming his evil actions, Tobi (Obito Uchiha) died aged 31

Tobi initially showed up to be a comical, clumsy ninja that didn"t take his duty in the Akatsuki seriously. He generally annoyed whoever he was partnering via however was well-known by members as a talented escape artist, always showing up unhequipped no matter the situation.

However before, one of the greatest surprises in anime history revealed Tobi remained in truth Obito Uchiha and also he was subtly managing the Akatsuki organization. Obito played a significant duty in the Fourth Great Ninja War. However before, after redeeming his evil actions, Obito died aged 31.

4 The specific ages are unwell-known, however as the initially victim of Kaguya"s Infinite Tsukuyomi, Zetsu was very old once he joined the Akatsuki & exceptionally old as soon as he died

Zetsu was a valuable member of the Akatsuki, specializing in information gathering. Zetsu showed up to be a loyal follower of Nagato and also Obito, commonly transferring out useful missions.

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However as fans later on find out, Zetsu actually works for Kaguya Otsutsuki and also manipulated many people in order to resurrect Kaguya. His age was unwell-known, but as the first victim of Kaguya"s Infinite Tsukuyomi, the villain was incredibly old once he joined the Akatsuki and extremely old when he died.

3 Very little is well-known of Juzo Biwa when he joined, however he was 31 years old when he died

An regularly forgotten member of the Akatsuki, Juzo was among the legendary Salso Ninja Swordsman Of The Mist who deserted his village to join the organization. He is just watched briefly in the anime, partnering Itachi Uchiha and meeting his fatality in the time of the attempted capture of the 4th Mizukage.

The rogue ninja was just a member of the Akatsuki in the anime, never before featuring in the manga. Very bit is recognized of Juzo, consisting of his age once he joined. However, he was 31 years old as soon as he died.

Alongside Hidan, Kakuzu comprised the Akatsuki pairing referred to as "The Zombie Combo." Practically immortal, Kakuzu was a legendary figure who once fought Hashirama, the First Hokage.

The ninja possessed a rare mastery of all nature aspects and also was feared by many kind of ninja because of his ability. Naruto didn"t administer Kakuzu through much of a backstory, and also it was never before clear once Kakuzu joined the Akatsuki. However, he died at the age of 91. Making him among the oldest Akatsuki members.

1 It has never been stated exactly how old Orochimaru was once he joined the company, however he is still alive

Legendary Sannin and also the first antagonist of Naruto, Orochimaru was terrifying. The Akatsuki member was banimelted from the Hidden Leaf after the Hokage discovered the inhumane experiments he was conducting.

Orochimaru joined the Akatsuki knowing he was cost-free to continue his twisted scientific research whilst assisting the Akatsuki throughout missions. It has never been declared just how old Orochimaru was once he joined the organization. He left after failing to take the body of Itachi and although showing up to have passed away several times, the Snake is still alive.

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