The actress Kristen Stewart addresses she skinny look during the dramatic pregnant in "Breaking Dawn."


Enjoying part alone time together now that they're married, Edward and Bella play a video game of chess.

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True blue Twilight fans might be shocked at exactly how much weight your heroine Kristen Stewart lost to appear emaciated and ill during Bella Swan’s pregnancy in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn component 1. Sure there was some hollowing and also shadowing face makeup. But at the film’s junket at the four Seasons ~ above Thursday (Nov. 3) Stewart to be asked about the drastic dieting she have to have had to endure to obtain so darn scrawny.

“Digital. Totally. I didn’t have time to lose any kind of weight,” Stewart explained. “All the scenes were so sporadically shot. Together Bob said, In one day, i literally to be a vampire, a human, a pregnant woman, around to gain married. Every little thing was shot completely out of sequence.”

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That made actual weight ns impossible. “We would certainly have had actually to close up door down manufacturing for a pair of months for me to shed the weight or acquire it back, either way. So the does make you feel, ‘Well, ns hope you men do a good job v it since I can’t carry out that part.’

“It can ruin you if you look ridiculous and also obviously, ns don’t,” the initially worried Stewart confided. “Those guys are amazing.

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The Twilight Saga: breaking Dawn part 1 opens up on Nov. 18. Yet you probably already knew that.


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