All accessories additionally come in 12-foot lengthsSiding is offered by a “builder square”. Which space 100 square feet.

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Two squares every box, for most types.

example: 10 feet through 10 feet.

So a whole box of siding is 2 squares or 200 square feet.

How lot Siding because that a Gable End? exactly how to figure siding for gable finish of home?

Total height X total width = ??? separated by 2 = ?? basic right.


Let’s say you have actually a Bi-level house and also it’s 50 feet long. Without measuring, the 50 feet part is easy, yet measuring the height is a little bit more involved. You need to recognize that you have eight-foot floor ceilings, right? Let’s do this: you have actually the floor joist because that the very first floor, the floor joist because that the second floor, and each one is around 12 inch x 2 to add your 2 levels (walls)
8 feet (96 inches)

2 floors (joist) = 2 feet

2 walls (levels) = 8 feet for a total height the 18 feet high.

So your house is 50 feet lengthy by 18 feet high. Main point those 2 numbers and also you acquire 900 square feet.

Now you’re thinking, “but I have windows and a large sliding door…” and also you’re right, yet remember, the one thing you want to make sure of is that you have actually enough and also you don’t desire to begin using tiny pieces in the direction of the finish of the job.

This is exactly how I order. I gain the total square footage and see what that comes to. Each crate of siding comes through two squares in a box so you’re managing even numbers. If we have actually a complete of 900 square feet, climate you stimulate ten squares. Which will be 1000 square feet and five boxes? no 9 1/2. Remember, that 1/2 crate is more likely to get damaged on delivery and also hanging about until you usage it, for this reason it’s no worth not acquiring it. When you’re done, girlfriend can always return complete pieces making use of that long empty crate that you currently have.

On the various other hand, let’s say you have a total of 825 square feet that you need. And you have some windows, and also a door or two. Then I would order 800 square feet (four boxes).

J channel. This is the trim that goes approximately the windows and also doors. I choose to order 2 pieces per window and 3 per door no matter how tiny or big.

In this example, I just showed you one wall. Opportunities are, you will be doing much more than simply one side of her house. Simply use the exact same vinyl siding formula on the other walls.

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