If you have actually low ram, i.e 4GB lamb on a 32bit OS, and also have a ton of other things in the background, then a little.


Otherwise, no really - it"ll simply eat a tiny amount of ram in order come run, but shouldn"t affect you whilst gaming.

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Shot through the heart and also you"re come blame, 30fps and also i"ll pirate your game - Bon Jovi

Take me under to the console city whereby the games are blurry and also the frames are thirty - guns N" Roses

Arguing with spiritual people is favor explaining to your mother that online games can"t it is in paused...


“The worth of a college education and learning is not the finding out of numerous facts but the maintain of the mind come think”


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1.25v, asetek based 360mm AIO, RM 1000x, 16GB memory, 750D with front USB 2.0 replaced with 3.0 ports, 2 250GB 850 EVOs in Raid 0 (why not, only has gamings on it), some tough drives

Screens- Acer preditor XB241H (1080p, 144Hz Gsync), LG 1080p ultrawide, (all mounted) straight wired come TV in various other room

Stuff- k70 through reds, steel series rival, g13, full desk covering mouse mat

All components black

Workstation(desk)- 3770k, 970 reference, 16GB that some critical memory, a motherboard the some sort I don"t remember, Micomsoft SC-512N1-L/DVI, cm Storm Trooper (It"s gained a handle, deserve to you manage that?), 240mm Asetek based AIO, vital M550 256GB (upgrade soon), some hard drives, bowl drives, and hot swap bays

Screens- 3 ASUS VN248H-P IPS 1080p screens mounted on a stand, part old tv on the wall above it. 

Stuff- Epicgear defiant (solderless swappable switches), g600, moutned mic and other stuff. 

Laptop docking area- 2 1440p korean monitors mounted, one AHVA matte, one samsung PLS gloss (very annoying, yes). Trashy Razer blackwidow chroma...I median like the J crucial doesn"t click anymore. I gained a design M i usage on the to, but its time because that a brand-new keyboard. Part edgy Utechsmart mouse similar to g600. Hooked come laptop dock for both of mine dell precision laptops. (not just docking area)

Shelf- i7-2600 non-k (has vt-d), 380t, some ASUS sandy itx board, intel quad nic. Currently hosts mutual files, setup up together pfsense box in VM. Additionally acts as spare gaming computer with a 580 or whatever someone brings. Hooked into laptop dock area via usb switch