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Mexico gold 10 Pesos Melt Value

The Mexico gold 10 Pesos coin consists of .2411 troy ounces of yellow bullion. The melt value of one Mexico gold 10 Pesos coin is $426.08 based on the current gold clues price.

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Product Description

Mexico yellow 10 Pesos Pesos AGW .2411

Random Year Mexico yellow 10 pesos AGW .2411

Buy Mexican 10 peso Gold Coins together an inexpensive way to add high high quality gold bullion to your stack. The mexico 10 Peso gold Coin contains approximately .2411 troy ounces, roughly 7.49 grams of yellow bullion. The premiums on spring gold like the Gold 10 peso Coin are often much lower than other fractional yellow coins making them an attractive investment for bullion investors.

Diez Peso Mexican yellow Coins were created by the Mexican national Mint, La Casa de Moneda de Mexico. The Mexican 10 peso gold Coins were developed from from 1918-1948.

Buy Mexican 10 peso yellow Coins to include cheap yellow bullion coins to her stack

The yellow Mexico Diez Pesos is the 2nd smallest gold bullion coin indigenous Mexico and also the 2nd smallest denomination. These are a an extremely popular gold coin because that investors and also stackers because of their superior bullion value and are one affordable and inexpensive way to enter into the market.

The Diez Pesos Mexican yellow coin is among the cheapest ways to invest in low-premium fractional gold coins. Mexican yellow Pesos coins space an alloy the combines 90% gold and 10% copper which provides them very durable gold coin.

Mexico 10 pesos gold Specifications:

Minted: Mexico City, La Casa de Moneda de MexicoFace Value: 10 pesos (Diez Pesos)Metal: 0.2411 troy oz (7.49 grams)Purity: .900 (90% gold, 10% copper) 21.6k goldThickness: 1.4mmDiameter: 22.5mmObverse: DepictsMiguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a leader in theWar of Mexican self-reliance from SpainReverse: mexico coat of eight which shows a mexico Eagle eating a line while sit on height of a cactus. The 10 pesos coin shows the eagle dealing with forward.

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