From being cut off in rush-hour traffic to being stuck behind a vehicle driving 15 miles listed below the speed limit on our morning commute, we’ve all experienced careless vehicle drivers at one suggest or another. In fact, even the an extremely best drivers among us have actually made a least a few mistakes while behind the wheel.

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However, periodically a driver’s actions crosses the heat from being a mere wrong or “bad manners” come a much an ext serious offense: reckless driving.

What is Reckless Driving?In Arkansas, reckless control is characterized as steering in a path “that suggests a wanton overlook for the safety of persons or property.” the a serious charge, and also a reckless steering conviction have the right to have a lasting impact. A convicted driver may face fines, prison time, and also license suspension. More importantly, reckless habits is likely to cause injury or even fatality for an additional person ~ above the road. Arkansas police and judges take it reckless driving seriously since it poses together a high danger for the innocent drivers and also passengers who space sharing the road.

Which habits are taken into consideration Reckless in Arkansas?It’s a lengthy list, because any type of behavior that display screens that “wanton disregard for safety” deserve to be reckless.

Reckless behavior may include:● Participating in racing various other vehicles, whether or not you initiated the race● Attempting come evade police or refusing to pull over as soon as a police officer make the efforts a website traffic stop● steering 20 miles every hour (or more) over the posted speed limit● Refusing to stop at website traffic signals or avoid signs● fail to use rotate signals once appropriate● Driving when distracted through a cell phone or other digital devices● Driving there is no regard come weather or road problems (such as building and construction zones)

What space the Penalties for Reckless driving in Arkansas?The severity the the penalty because that reckless control in Arkansas depends, in part, ~ above the outcome of the driver’s actions. If a human is physical injured together a result, the reckless driver might be sentenced to 30 come 90 days in prison, a fine ranging from $100 to $1,000, or both.

Upon a second conviction whereby a person has actually suffered physical injuries, that conviction carries a punishment of 60 days to one year in jail, a fine ranging from $500 come $1,000, or both.

If the driver’s reckless actions walk not cause physical injury, the penalty is less severe, though still serious. The first conviction returns either jail time of 5 to 90 days, a fine of $25 come $500, or both.

If the driver is convicted a second time within three years, that driver might be imprisoned for 30 work to 6 months, fined $500 to $1,000, or both.

You will additionally have to address the realities that paying greater insurance rates and having the conviction noted on her driving record and background checks.

How have the right to I stop Reckless Driving?If you a driver, that pretty simple: stay concentrated on the task at hand and also follow every national and local steering laws.

The bulk of people who get behind the wheel each day in Arkansas space rational, kind people. Vehicle drivers are not typically charged through reckless driving for driving a few miles over the rate limit or forgetting to use a turn signal when turning onto an empty street. However, that doesn’t make those actions ok. If you do it a habit to push the limits of traffic laws, you may find yourself pushing them further and further – and the results deserve to be reckless.

How deserve to I avoid Other drivers who are Reckless?That inquiry is more daunting to answer. The fact is that wherever you space – morning or evening, weekday or weekend, nation road or city street – an additional driver might make a reckless decision that puts girlfriend in danger. Yes no way to totally avoid that danger unless you protect against traveling altogether.

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Summer does seem to be specifically busy time for transit in Arkansas, however. With present low gas prices, longer daylight hours, summer destinations, and family road trips, many people traveling ~ above Arkansas roadways. It is why it’s specifically important to it is in alert and focused, both ~ above your own driving and on the other cars roughly you.

What need to I do If i am the Victim the a Reckless Driver?If friend or who you love has actually been injured by a reckless driver, you may have actually legal civil liberties to compensation. The personal injury lawyers at Taylor King regulation work every day to assist Arkansas accident victims choose you. When you speak to 1-800-CAR-WRECK, you’ll acquire a totally free consultation with Taylor King and also professional advice about your case. Through 5 locations throughout Arkansas we’re easily available if girlfriend would prefer to speak v an attorney challenge to face. Visit us at any of our offices in Arkadelphia, tiny Rock, Jonesboro, fort Smith, or Springdale. We’ll be on your side, by her side, every action of the way. She one speak to away or a quick drive from getting assist today!